He felt violently, physically sick, as though someone was punching him in the gut a good few dozen times. He had just watched a good few dozen people get disintegrated by Davros' "Reality Bomb", which was about as close to an absolute perversion of nature as he had ever seen, but that wasn't why he felt sick. He felt sick because he was still regenerating, and even as he thought about it, he vomited more regenerative energy.

The only thing he felt regarding Davros' machine and his tests and the murder of those innocent people was a feeling of intense anger. Intense, but very cold anger. He would not rant or rave. He would be very, very quiet about the whole thing.

"A successful demonstration," Davros concluded, his voice calm and collected, as if he had just watched a simple experiment. Which to him it was, of course. To Davros, the Doctor had long ago realised, everything that wasn't Dalek was simply an abstraction, an enemy or an experiment opportunity, to be analysed and exterminated.

"Dissolved the electrical fields holding matter together," the Doctor said, the process fairly simple by comparison to some Time Lord sciences. "Which I imagine you then transmit, destroying - well, everything."

"What, like the whole universe?" Donna asked, clearly terrified at the prospect.

"Bigger," the Doctor said.

"Indeed," Davros smiled, insanity in every little pull of his facial muscles. "The transmission will break through the rift at the Medusa Cascadeā€¦"

"Destroying everything, everywhere," the Doctor concluded. "Nothing would survive. No parallels, no anything. Impressive on a technical level, I must admit," he added, making Rose glare at him, "but insane. Absolutely insane."

"What makes you say that?" Davros asked, grinning madly. "Sanity, Doctor, is a limit on genius. As Dalek Caan would probably tell you."

At that, the Doctor looked over at Dalek Caan. Ever since arriving here, the last of the Cult Of Skaro ha been disturbingly quiet. Too quiet. So quiet in fact that the Doctor was tempted to ask if he was still alive. Instead he looked at Davros.

"I suppose 'sanity is a limit on genius' is a handy excuse for being mad enough to create so many weapons of genocide, Dave," the Doctor said, the cold anger still tingeing his voice.

"Genocide is the ultimate power, Doctor," Davros replied softly.

The Doctor gave him a look that Donna couldn't read.

"Understand, Davros," he said, "that when I get out of here, I'll prove how wrong you are."

"Your petty, limited views disappoint me, Doctor," Davros smiled. "And now the successful test has been completed, it is time to begin final transmission."

The Doctor looked worriedly at Rose and Donna.

"I'll be honest," he whispered at them, "I've got nothing here. I don't know how we can stop him."

"Well that's great, you're just useless, aren't ya?" Rose muttered.

"Yes, thank you!" the Doctor snapped. "Anything constructive?"

"Charlie boy's been quiet," Donna said, pointing at Dalek Caan, and the Doctor looked at him.

"I noticed," he replied, nodding. "You notice that Davros?"

"What?" Davros asked, looking at the Doctor.

"Dalek Caan's been keeping schutm, hasn't he?" the Doctor pointed out, raising his eyebrows as he looked at the maddened Dalek. Davros tilted his head, considering this for a long moment.

"Perhaps you have a point," he conceded. "Dalek Caan?"

"Wrong," the last Cult member said. "All this is wrong."

The Doctor tilted his head, looking at Caan with a new confusion evident in his face.

"You alright, Caan-y boy?" he asked.

"Wrong," Caan said. "Wrong. All is wrong. This is wrong. Time is wrong." Before the Doctor could ask further about what the insane former Cult of Skaro member meant, however, a Dalek called out into the vault.

"Alert!" it barked. "Incoming transmission from planet Earth!"

And with that, Martha Jones from UNIT appeared, and the Doctor smiled, realising that his old friend was still in the fight. Good old Martha. Suit and converse - how easily he compartmentalised his past, but that wasn't important right now - really had been very harsh to her when she first started, something he really should apologise properly for one of these days. He shook his head clear as she spoke, demanding to see the Doctor.

"He is right here, child," Davros said, using his good arm to indicate the Doctor, who waved sheepishly.

"Hello, Martha," he said.

"Doctor?" she yelled. "You've... changed?"

"Daleks can apparently aim now," he said, still sheepish. "I know, it was a surprise to me, too. Quite a painful one at that."

"Much as explaining Time Lord biology would be fascinating," Davros put in, "I would like to begin conducting my tests and I assume, Miss Jones, that you have demands?"

With that, Martha explained the Osterhagen key to the assembled humans, Kaleds, Daleks and Time Lord. Weapons that would annihilate Earth. The Doctor's eyes widened in shock, as he felt Donna stare at him. Had he made Martha that? Rose was grinning her approval of the plan - Rose who had been carrying a massive gun. The Doctor looked at Donna, who didn't seem to know what to think.

Just then, another transmission came, this time from within the Crucible itself. And to the Doctor's amazement, it was Captain Jack, Sarah Jane, Mickey and Jackie.

"Hey Doctor!" Jack called. "Good to see you!"

The Doctor frowned. He had expected Jack to come rescue him, not find a bunch more people. But what was important right now was the fact that Captain Jack was holding a warp star. As the Doctor watched, he explained that he had it wired up. One false move from the Daleks and he'd detonate.

Except he never got the chance. The Doctor knew the old "keep them talking while you foil their schemes" trick of old but he never imagined it would be used against him. But there it was, all his friends - and the TARDIS - were teleported to the Vault. More than one of them looked at him in confusion.

"Ah, now we see the truth of the Doctor," Davros said, a mad grin once again gracing his features as he surveyed the captured associates of the Doctor. "You may rail at me for making the Daleks, Doctor, but this is what you created. Your Children of Time, turned into weapons. Are you proud?"

The Doctor looked at Davros, and then, unexpectedly, he smiled.

"You know," he said, his tone of voice exceptionally light, "it just occurred to me that there's a certain friend of mine isn't here. A friend that's going to be vitally important to me."

"Going to be? What friend?" Davros asked, not quote following.

"A very important one," the Doctor said, and he smiled, and looked over at a small computer bank. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and a large haze of smoke.

The Crucible systems started shutting down, as if someone was pressing buttons, albeit haphazardly. And then a few bolts of energy shot out from the smoke haze, taking out the force fields holding the Doctor and his companions in place. With that, Jack and Mickey ran to the TARDIS to retrieve the large laser weapons from earlier.

And as the haze cleared, the Doctor sauntered up to it with a slight grin.

And out of the haze stepped a woman - somewhere around forty-ish, tall, with long curly hair. She smiled at the Doctor, almost playfully, and then spoke.

"Hello Sweetie."