Yuji had always gone about his business looking as if dark, heavy clouds visible only to himself were about to drain the ocean onto him, and from this most assumed he was naturally sullen. It occurred to him that this fell under the category of "woeful misconception" - he spent more days feeling like whistling was a legitimate response to the day than he spent bogged down with melancholy - but it did not, in fact, occur to him that a shit could or should be given in his particular situation.

There were, however, the eyes he never saw, though he'd looked for them and found nothing but impressions - a sudden chill on the back of his neck, a piercing dread in the middle of an otherwise safe, gray class. Yuji didn't know who would want to watch him - he'd be kidding nobody with any sort of eyesight if he were to claim himself exceptionally handsome or even particularly interesting, and even his own family knew nothing about his quirk.

(He had allowed the spirit of a little girl to use his body for closure with her father, once; when he came to, he was faced with a very serious woman who was more interested in understanding his feelings and his past than his girlfriend had been. He also remembered that he'd had an unnatural desire to grow up to be Sailor Venus for an entire week after. Yuji wondered when all the ghost movies about that were going to make it out of production hell.)

It had been...interesting. Waking up with a sock puppet on his hand, with all those mysterious cold spots and random pangs of dread explained. Nonplussed the hell out of him, but sure, it had been a bit of a marvel.

(He'd been wondering where that particular sock had gone to for months now, and in all his months of guessing he hadn't even considered "gone off to make itself pretty." Odd how socks always turned up where they were never meant to be.)

When the sock started using Yuji's vocal cords to tell him that perhaps he would like to take a goddamn Polaroid rather than waste its time gawping at him, Yuji decided to just roll with it. Clearly it was just going to be one of those days.