Sprinting down a cold, dark stairwell, Carlos Oliveira, self-proclaimed heartthrob, was hot on the heels of the mysterious marksman that had thrice saved his life...

In a distant and relatively unknown slice of earth, BSAA agent Chris Redfield was dropped off at a paramilitary base, his convoy leaving him alone to meet up with his partner, Jill Valentine at the village temple. The man in charge of the unit was one of short build and an even shorter temper. Chris was eager to be away from him as soon as possible, and the rest of the men staring him down like a hawk. His green tactical vest grew heavy as the sun and mixed intercultural music of the land beat down through the beige tent.

"Henry Inboni. Agent Redfield," The man in charge gazed distantly at the American with misplaced and instant contempt, "You have already been prompted on the current situation, correct?"

Chris shook his head at the strained English of the French-accented man, "No, I haven't been told a thing since I arrived."

"Your guide can fill you in, as he so pleases. Oliveira!" The heavily accented Henry pointed at the only man in the square make-shift office not glaring daggers, "Carlos, you know where to go, so you can take the...Agent."

Chris didn't like how he said that, but his beef was not with these people. He looked over at Carlos, surprised to see that he was not the only lost one in the room. "Let's go."

Carlos grabbed a radio off the table and headed out of the open tent flap. Chris followed, glad to be away from Henry and his men. Carlos looked back at him, "Hey, I thought that there was going to be a foxy lady along for the ride?"

Chris shook his head, struggling to imagine his partner as a woman, let alone a 'foxy' woman, "You mean Jill? She should already be at the temple."

Carlos groaned in disappointment, not thinking that the Jill mentioned was the Jill he had escaped Raccoon City with, "Aiee! Well, come on then. Careful, this land's dangerous. Cursed. Or so the locals say."

They crawled up a low wall, the only way around it being a five day walk. The rocky terrain made things slow, but not impossible, especially for our heroes. A dark blue thin ribbion of a stream flowed alongside them for a way, wrapping around an ancient oak tree before vanishing underground outside the base of Henry Inboni. Swampy marshes and pits of quicksand surrounded almost every step they took, and were they not crossing on the round stone bridge leading to their destination, they surely would have perished. The sky turned slowly cloudy, overcasting the sun.

"Cursed? What does that have to do with anything?" Chris failed to understand the meaning to Carlos's chatter, short of being idle conversation, as they reached the end of the cicada buzzing bridge.

"Nothing...And everything. There have been reports of rampant B.O.W.s, the reason you are here if I am not mistaken, and the people here are saying that the Gods are cursing them, but yet, no one in the village has died. Yet." Carlos was deeply disturbed by that oddity, focusing more on that then looking down at the rickety bridge suspended a hundred feet over a natural spike deathtrap, "In fact, the village has been very quiet this day. Do you know why?" Carlos waited a moment before continuing, but after crossing the swinging logs of death in one piece, "Because everyone is gone. They just vanished without a trace."

Chris frowned deeply, a crease settling temporarily on his brow as he looked ahead at his guide, not the ground below, "Do you think that the B.O.W.s are responsible?"

"No," Carlos shook his head, stopping to take shelter in a shallow alcove as rain began to beat down from the heavens, too heavily for humans to see through, "I've looked over the houses, the church, and there were no clues about what had happened."

Once the freak rain storm had slowed, they continued on their merry way.

Agent Redfield was both intrigued and crestfallen at this news, "So, there was nothing?"

Oliveira smirked, scaling carefully around the side of a large bolder wedged between a giant chasm, "I didn't say that. The villagers may have vanished, but their things were still there. I saw the log of the inn, and apparently, a single guest had checked in and paid for a month in advance. It was noted in the diary of the Innkeeper's wife that the guest was very odd.-"

03 de diciembre 2010. Un desconocido entró en la ciudad hoy en día. Es un tipo raro, pero muy ricos. Nos otorgan todos los privilegios de ciudadanos, por una cuota generosa donación. El desconocido pagó bastante buena gana, e incluso agregó extra para mantener el anonimato en los registros del pueblo.

04 de diciembre 2010. Pero una persona extraña! Jamás en toda mi vida he presenciado un acontecimiento tan extraño en una persona. Era como un arsenal humano! Las armas estaban en todas partes cuando me vino a limpiar la habitación. Casi me da un ataque al corazón! Cualquier persona física o pequeño, pero un pequeño ejército podría haber sido suministrado! Entonces, de la nada, se nos pidió a ... Bueno, mientras escribo esto, puedo sentir la mala intención, no importa cuán amable es nuestro invitado. Le pregunté a mi marido para eliminar el desconocido a la vez, pero el tonto codiciosos no me escuchan! Sólo sé que esto no acabará bien ...

06 de diciembre 2010. Esta es la primera oportunidad que tengo que escribir. Nuestro último ... ... Aldeano ha solicitado que todos se reúnen las leyendas y la historia de este lugar ... Pero era la forma en que fueron abordados que realmente me molesta. Le he dicho a mi marido a todos mis dudas, pero él se encoge de hombros ... Lo puedo sentir, esta persona es pura maldad! El diablo reside en esa abominación impía!

09 de diciembre 2010. He perdido ... me enfrenté al demonio, y se llevó mi marido de mi parte. Muerto, mi amado es ... muerto. Enrico, mi dulce, sólo tiene que esperar por mí. No descansaré hasta que yo o esta Hellspawn-*

The diary ends there, blood splattering the pages.

"-And she suspects that her husband was killed by this 'evil incarnate'. The diary ends suddenly, and it was the freshest blood I could find in this entire place. The blood...was at least a week old by the time I found it."

Chris followed Carlos, stopping just on the other side of the massive grey boulder, "Then...they were murdered?"

Chris looked at Carlos. Carlos looked back grimly, bowing his head in respect. So, they did die. But what happened to the bodies? Because of his past experiences, Chris, and Carlos, couldn't help but think back to the Raccoon City Incident. Zombies. Or living experiments for the twisted scientists at Umbrella. Neither found the options very appealing.

"I sent the blood back for analysis, but my boys couldn't dig up a single thing. Whoever this guy is, he's off the maps." Carlos didn't like the sounds of that.

Chris liked that even less, his mind jumping straight to one particular answer, "Wesker!" The events of a year ago played freshly through his mind, "But he died in Kijuju..."

"The blood wasn't coagulated, so he's alive, whoever's responsible." Carlos thought to what Chris had told him earlier, "But I can't guarantee that your partner is."

"Jill can take care of herself...Why?" Chris had the feeling he wasn't going to like where this was going.

"Because the only place to go from the village is the temple..." Carlos had grievances with going anywhere near that temple, and Chris saw that.

"What? Carlos, what is it?" He looked at his guide with uncertainty.

"That temple...El Templo de la Diosa-muertos...The Temple of the Undead Goddess...That place..." Carlos feel to his knees, terrified at the very name of the temple.

Arriving to help the locals, Carlos had been sent to the Temple of the Undead Goddess. He had been sent inside the labyrinths to retrieve and idol of the Goddess for the village shaman to purify. However, not all went as planed...

Armed with only a handgun, Carlos Oliveira set off into the Temple...

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And last but not least:

The translated (by Goggle) diary entries:

December 3rd, 2010. A stranger came into the town today. An odd fellow, but very rich. We granted full citizen privileges, for a very generous donation fee. The stranger paid willingly enough, and even added extra to keep anonymous in the village records.

December 4th, 2010. But such a queer person! Never in all my life have I witnessed such a strange occurrence in a person. It was like a human armory! Weapons were everywhere when I came in to clean the room. I almost had a heart attack! Such a small person, but a small army could have been supplied! Then, out of nowhere, we were requested to... Well, even as I write this, I can sense the evil intent, no matter how courteous our guest is. I asked my husband to remove the stranger at once, but the greedy fool would not listen to me! I just know that this will not end well...

December 6th, 2010. This is the first chance I have to write. Our newest...Villager...Has requested that we all gather the legends and history of this place... But it was the way we were approached that truly bothers me. I've told my husband all of my misgivings, but he just shrugs it off... I can feel it, this person is pure evil! The Devil resides in that unholy abomination!

December 9th, 2010. I have lost...I confronted the demon, and it took my husband from me. Dead, my beloved is...dead. Enrico, my sweet, just wait for me. I won't rest until either I or this hellspawn-