Oriana felt like she was floating...

She felt utterly weightless, drifting through a steady stream. The water was freezing cold as it bit at her bare skin, and the sky was a wavery blue color, much like the glass tank she spent the early years of her life in. And it was odd, because she was suspended in place, floating without touching anything. She did a double take and saw with dismay that she was back inside the lab that bred her. A faceless head was looking at her, trying to figure out what it was looking at.

"What did you do?" The face was blurry, but calm, however, the voice was on the edge of hysterics, "What did you do? You stupid cow, what have you done?"

Oriana tried to answer that she had no idea what the face was talking about, but no sound came out, only frantic air bubbles. The face began pounding on the glass with black, shadowy hands, trying trying to get to Ora in order to hurt her. The glass cracked, shattering in slow motion. Oriana fell from the tank to the ground, just like when Luis saved her. Only this time, not only was she unconnected to anything, she had skill and about a second to prepare an attack.

"Get out of my head!" She commanded, shoving the face to the ground with her.

The face grinned as if it was waiting for that to happen, "I knew you were just like me. I knew that you rage against me, try to fight me...But do you want to know a secret?" The face giggled like a small girl, "This fight will determine which one of us is to be the real Oriana!"

She fell back off the face as the solid blackness that made up its body changed into the form of Luis Sera. Oriana gasped, knowing in her head that Luis was dead, but her heart still wasn't ready to accept that yet. Not even after six years...

"Now, how about I kill you in this form? Luis was the one who saved you, was he not? How fitting that the man who began the life you know and now live shall be the one to end it!" Luis ran at Ora, hands poised to tear her eyes out.

She willed her knees not to buckle as she dodged Luis's attacks, "Please, forgive me. I know that you're dead...I've been to your grave too many times...But you were...My first love. I can't forget you..."

She sobbed, taking a blow to the stomach. She couldn't face Luis, not like this...

Chris was having a hard time by himself, Wesker's superhuman strength as strong as ever...

"Just die, Chris." Wesker had him in a stranglehold, his feet dangling in the air just like their encounter at the Spencer Estate.

He struggled, trying to break Wesker's grip. Just after setting Oriana down, Leon assisted Chris, flinging himself into the blonde anti-superman. He dropped Chris and began scuffling with Leon as well. Carlos shot the locks on the others over his shoulder, tossed Ada a first-aid spray, and kept his back turned from the battle to make sure Oriana would make it through...

Oriana fell to the ground, hacking up a lung's worth of blood and bile between tears...

Her eyes closed as Luis slammed his elbow into her ribs, cracking them unevenly. Her vision started to fade as her head was repeatedly bashed into the floor. She saw Luis, not the one killing her, but the one she remembered. He was standing above her, holding his hand out and smiling. The sun was burning behind his back, but it didn't bother her, because all she could see was him. That was the moment she knew she loved him...

"Ora, what are you doing?" He asked, differently than the way she remembered.

"I'm sorry, I can't harm your image..." She looked down in defeat, ashamed to face him.

He lifted her chin, "Hey, I'm already gone. Go to town on that little bitch..." He smiled, warming her from the inside-out, "I can't have you die yet, you still have so much to live for!"

She tried to protest, but he held his finger to her lips, "Sorry sparky, you owe someone a date..."

It wasn't Luis who said that: It was Carlos. His image had replaced Luis's, and instead of the sun behind his head, it was the moon.

"Yeah, I guess I do." Seeing Luis want her to move on gave her the strength to want to survive another day.

She laughed and sat up, bloody beyond recognition, "You're such a sorry thing. Why do you want father's approval so badly? You know he'll only use you..."

The Luis before her eyes flickered with white-hot rage, changing into Ada's petite form, "Why do you want mother to acknowledge you so badly?"

She shook her head and chuckled, "No, it's different. You want father to pick you up, be proud of you. You want to be his daughter. I, on the other hand, know that Ada will never be a real mother, not to me. I only wish for us to be close, to know each other."

The other Oriana changed for the last time, turning into a mirror of the original, "You really think that everything will work out, do you not?"

"I do, actually." She was certain that if she won this battle, everything would work out in the end.

"Umph, your hopeless," The fake shook her head, "I almost pity you."

Oriana opened her arms, "I really do pity you. You honestly think that this has to end in bloodshed."

She shrugged, "Well, to each his own."

"Let's end this!" She tackled the pitiful creature, pinning it to the ground and snapping its neck.

It was all over now...

"Chris!" Jill shouted, jumping on Wesker's back.

He threw her off, only to be kicked in the face by Ada. He cracked his neck back into place and fired a shot from his faithful Samurai Edge at her. Leon pushed her out of the way, taking a bullet in the exact same place as before. Wesker turned his attention to distracted Carlos and threw his fist at his chest, aiming to kill him in one move.

"Carlos!" Jill screamed, working with Ada to deliver a double mule kick at Wesker's back. Chris healed Leon with his last first-aid spray.

He looked back just in time to see Albert's black-gloved fingertips centimeter away from his irises. "Don't you lay a finger on him!" Oriana was instantly between Carlos and Wesker, the center of her chest ran through, "You'll have to kill me before you hurt anyone else here!" Her blood dripped on Carlos's face as she glanced back at him with a flirtatious smile, "This makes three."

"Such a dissapointment," Wesker retracted his hand, sure to make it as painfull as possible for his daughter, "You had such potential."

She spat the blood out, getting a large portion all over him, refusing to let him wrench himself free. As he struggled against her iron grip, she held him back from hurting the others. They saw that and took the opportunity to mortally damage him on all sides. Oriana, once she could no longer hold him back, flung herself backwards and fell on one knee, blood running freely from the gaping hole in her chest. She ignored her pain and returned the blow, knocking him into a circle to be pummeled from all around.

Once his body had started to metamorphosed into something completely unrecognizable, Oriana broke the chain, "Wait," She rested her hand on Carlos's shoulder, "Let me end this..."

It was not a request.

She held her father's head between her hands, gently for a moment before twisting his neck. But she didn't stop there; she tore his head off his body and threw it back over her shoulder, "It won't last forever, but he won't bother us for a long time. Let's get out of here, together."

They left; Chris, Jill, Oriana, and Carlos in the boat, Ada and Leon taking the back door...

"Hey, maybe we'll see each other again," Ada winked at Oriana before leaving with Leon, a long talk in store for the both of them.

"Maybe," She smiled back, hoping that someday everyone would forgive her for everything she's done to them...

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