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To Hide Emotions

Rosalie P.O.V:

The rain thudded down onto the window of my bedroom. It showed my emotions, the weather. It seemed to read me. When I was happy, the sun would be shinning, couples enjoying the weather and taking picnics into the woods outside our house. When I was sad, it would be cloudy and cold, people only leaving their house because they have too, bracing the cold weather for a reason. But when I was angry, the rain would pound on every window of our huge house, letting out silent screams of water running down a sheet of glass.

Shocker, this time it was Emmett's fault, again.

I didn't get along with Emmett most of the time. He could turn a romantic night, just me and him and a couple of candles into a night the Devil would find scary. One time, I came home to an empty house, Emmett cooked dinner, served wine, burnt the chocolate cake, just how I like it, then, when I needed to go to the bathroom, I returned to find that I was on my own… Four hours later, he came home with Jasper. Jasper had called him to see if he wanted to go for a drive to pass time, and he thought I'd be 'cool' with it.

I picked up the computer chair, thinking of the memory, and threw it at the door. It went straight through, and I knew I'd be paying for a new one.

Tears of anger closed over my eyes. I rubbed at the balls of water running down my face, sniffed and looked in the mirror. My mascara smudged all down my cheeks and eyeliner running into the corners of my eyes. I rested my hands on the oak table in front of my mirror, and tried sobbing the anger out of my system. I picked up a picture of me and Emmett, when we were madly in love, his arm locked around my shoulder, I was smiling… I hadn't smiled like that in four years. Carlisle took the picture, he had said at the time that we were the perfect couple, if only he knew what was going on between me and Emmett right now.

Bella, Alice and Esme were so lucky, they had met the love of their life and knew they'd always be with them… But, I was falling out of love with Emmett.

And I didn't know if he felt the same way…

Edwards P.O.V:

I wrapped my arm around Bella. We had gone to a film she wanted to see… Something about punching people in the face, she just told me it was 'An inside joke' but I didn't get it.

She was watching the film intently, watching every movement, every gun shot. She winced at every sight of blood… I think she was preparing herself for the life of a vampire, but I had never said I'd change her, she just presumed.

"Would that hurt, for a vampire?" she asked, as the main character got a gun rammed into the dent in his neck and two bullets were sent flying into his flesh.
"It would hurt, but you wouldn't die." I put my fingers through her hair; the silk like material easing back into place like it didn't appreciate my touch.

Back at my house, I eased the car around the corner and Rosalie's thoughts filled my head. Emmett had done something, but that's all her thoughts were saying to me.
I held my jacket above Bella's head as we ran into the house. I held her hand as I walked up the stairs. A chair filled the space of the hallway, and I thought twice about confronting Rosalie on this one, Alice normally did this… She probably had a vision, but Alice had also probably seen be helping Rosalie out and thought she'd leave it to me.

"Go to my room," I kissed Bella's cheek, "and stay there."

I stepped over the broken door frame, Rosalie knew I was there, but she was giving me the cold shoulder.
"Rosalie," I coughed, thinking what I should say next, "you can talk to me."
"You won't understand. You're life's perfect, and I don't see your boyfriend being an asshole and not reading your feelings." She dropped the picture of her and Emmett, the glass cracked right over Rosalie.
"Rose, if your not going to tell me, I can get it out of your head soon enough." I sat next to her, not making eye contact.

"He's a prat. I don't know what I'm wasting my time on," she put her head on my shoulder, and her arm around my chest, "Emmett's just lost his personality… He's all about himself. He's just using me for sex." She spat the words… I tried not to show that this topic was extremely awkward.
I put my arm around her shoulder, her body replacing the space Bella had claimed time and time again. My hand caressed her shoulder, making soothing circles on her cold skin.

And for a couple of moments of her sobbing into my black shirt, I was actually thinking what I would do if she was the love of my life, and how I'd treat her…

Then, Bella brought me out of my fantasy with a quiet cough from the door.
"It's getting dark," she said shyly, "Could you drive me home, please?" She looked uncomfortable.
"Um," I looked at Rosalie who had brightened up quite a lot, "Yeah, met me in the car." She nodded and left us alone once again.

I stood up, Rosalie being my mirror.
"I'm always here." I whispered, and brought Rosalie into my arms. I could feel her nose on chest, and this almost felt right…

Now I realize, this might have changed the way I look at my 'sister'.

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