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To Hide Emotions – Chapter 9

Edwards P.O.V

The door burst open; Emmett strode in giving a look that would've killed a human.
"Emmett? What's wrong?"
"As if you don't already know." I should have expected that really. He wouldn't just put that I had feelings for his girlfriend, and soon to be fiancé if I hadn't gotten in the picture behind him. I wrapped up the paper I was reading and settled it on the glass table Alice had bought the day before.
"Emmet, come on dude. Rosalie's gorgeous, don't blame me."
"If you hadn't forgotten, Rosalie was mine at the time you twisted her fragile little mind into thinking dirty things about you rather girlish figure." Emmett slammed the door behind him, but I went after him.

"Girlish? This is the figure that Bella Swan fell in love with. Oh, and Rosalie Hale." Emmett gave me a look of stone, "She's a keeper."
Emmett suddenly had me pinned up against the wall. His fists were centimetres from my face and I didn't want or need them any closer.
"If you shut up now, I'll leave you in one piece." His words stung my face. Rage was building up in my body and it was going to release sooner or later.

"Okay. I'll let you pack your things and then we need to talk." I flashed a forced smile and waited for him to drop me to my feet. When he did, I dusted off my shoulders and sat on his bed to make sure he didn't take any of his… Oh, my girlfriends things.

When he was done, he walked calmly down the stairs with his bag. I read his mind, and he had no intention of speaking to me, so I flitted after him. He was putting his things in the car when I grabbed him by the back of his collar and threw him to the floor.

"Your twisted, Edward!" he shouted, spitting in my eye as he did so.
"I'm twisted? Really?" I straddled his chest and arm, "I thought I was your replacement. Oh, I understand. Rosalie twisted guys, that's why she went for you in the first place"

I couldn't help myself. I lifted my hand, clenching my fingers and forced every muscle in my body to help my hand to do as much damage to his face as it could.

One of his teeth went flying over the ground and I was impressed in myself. It took decades for Vampires to grow teeth back.

I felt hands underneath my armpits, pulling me to my feet. I attempted to push myself back on top of Emmett but whoever was pulling me up wasn't having any of it.

"Edward. Stop. You don't know what you're doing." Alice dragged me back into the house as I struggled to get back to Emmett and knock a couple more teeth out. I watched as Carlisle picked Emmett up and find his tooth. I hadn't thought. Carlisle's a doctor, he would know how to make is look like Emmett hadn't been punched in the mouth by a vampire.

I'm just glad Rosalie wasn't here.

I was sitting on the sofa with Rosalie. Her petite body was sitting on my lap. I kissed her shoulder once every five minutes, she would giggle and tell me to stop, just for me to it again a couple of minutes later.

She wasn't over Emmett. She thought about him on a daily basis, but it was expected.

Alice jogged into the room turning the television on and setting it to the Jeremy Kyle show. I sighed, knowing what would happen when Alice and Rosalie disagreed on one of the true stories.

"I'll be back soon, babe." I kissed Rosalie just under her ear lobe and settled her down next to Alice.

I thought what I might do with my time for this fine day, when Carlisle came out of his office, grabbing my elbow and pulled me into the small room.

"Edward," he whispered, "A word."
"Yeah, no problem. What's wrong?" I rested on his desk, only to be shooed into a chair.
"It's Emmett," I prepared myself to stand and leave the room, but something in Carlisle's eyes showed me this was serious and I should stay.

"What about him?" I never wanted to say his name again.
"As you know, he wasn't fond of you after finding out about you and Rosalie, and you know as well as I do that he wanted revenge," I sank back in my chair, expecting something 'He's scratched your car' or 'He's left school' but what Carlisle said was very unexpected, even for a mind reader.

"What's he done?"
"You know what I mean. He's with Bella know."
"He's with Bella." I practically shouted, and was hushed by Carlisle who didn't want to cause a scene.
"Edward, please don't give Emmett the satisfaction. He wants you do be angry and so does Bella. They're the perfect couple for dark eyes."

Why was I feeling such emotions. Anger and jealousy were shooting around my brain, but why? I didn't love Bella, I loved Rosalie.

"Wait till I see them on Monday, I'll give them a piece of what I think of their relationship." I muttered and watched Carlisle roll his eyes.
"Please, warn Rose. She deserves to know too."

"Right. Thanks, Carlisle." I put my hand on his shoulder, giving him a sheepish grin and turned for the door.

"Rose, sit down."
"What's wrong?" She looked concerned. She probably had It in her head I was breaking up with her.
"Nothing. I just got to tell you something."

She sat in front of me, her knees crossed and her hand resting in her lap.

"It's about Emmett."

She nodded.

"He's in a relationship with someone you know and…"
"I'll kill her!" She shouted, lunging for the door. She thought it was Alice. Oh shit.

"Rosalie! Stop!" I ran after her, but by the time I had gotten to her, she already had Alice pinned up against the wall.

"You bitch! I hate you!" She was screaming in Alice's face. Alice looked like a child, fear filled her eyes.
"I didn't do it." The words sounded so small as they escaped her lips.

"Rose, it's not Alice."
"Then who the fuck is it?" She shouted, releasing her grip on the small girl.

"It's Bella."

I bit my lip and Rosalie's golden brown eyes, turned to a hard black.

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