CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Sasuke/Naruto, slight Kakashi/Iruka and Zabuza/Haku. Will be other slash and het pairings, but the three first are the main characters.


WARNING: AU, violence, mentions of rape, abuse, neglect

This is a mature, M, story meaning that you have been warned. It will contain some Sasuke/Naruto action and others too, so if that's not your cup of tea then you've been warned. For you others who wants to read, enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Sorry! Am I late?"

"Detention Mr. Uzumaki. With me, after school."

"WHAT? What did I do? That's Kiba who's late!"

"Well, Kiba is your friend, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"As a friend I think that you should take his punishment. And you failed last week's test so you WILL stay here after school with me."

Naruto could only stare at his English teacher. The legend and Ice prince, Sasuke Uchiha. The man was 26 year old with dark hair and dark eyes and stood at least 6 feet 3 with a lot of muscles on that body. He was the one that got the girls to study instead of dating boys and got the boys off the street to sit home in study groups. The secret? Scaring the shit out of them. Nobody messed with an Uchiha and lived to tell about it.

Naruto sighed and then let his head drop onto his desk. Another detention. Ever since he and his friends started their last year at high school that teacher-teme had been after him, yeah him. Naruto Uzumaki was the blonde loudmouth in class. Some called him offensive, others annoying. But most knew him as the Sexy Genius who usually competed with Shikamaru, Neji or Hinata in class and on tests. So it was a shock that Naruto had failed a test.

"How could I fail?"

"To pass you were suppose to get at least 90, but you Uzumaki got 81. That's a failure."

Stunned silence.

"Now class, open up on page 114 and-" And so the day progressed with the class in shock. Nobody yelled in class, nobody sent notes or even try to talk to each other. Their math teacher and homeroom teacher Iruka was frowning at the class that were sitting silently listening to him rant about some problem.

"Okay class. Somebody who wants to tell me what's going on?"

"Naruto failed a test."

"Oh okay."

(Iruka keeps writing on the board but then stops.)


The whole class jumped when their teacher screamed and then stared at him.

"Class, that's it for today. Everyone except for Naruto leaves."

Kiba looked sadly at Naruto just as Ino and Hinata did before they left the classroom. Iruka closed the door with a quiet thud. He walked up to Naruto who was sitting in a desk up front and sat down next to him and smiled gently.


"So what?"

"Going to tell me why you, the nr.1 surprising student, failed a simple English-test?"


"Uzumaki, my classroom right now." Iruka and Naruto looked up to see Sasuke standing there in the doorway. Iruka stood up and walked up to Sasuke and stared at him.

"Going to tell me why you failed Naruto, Sasuke-sensei?"

"Hn." With that Sasuke held a stack of paper out and Iruka started to look through them. When he was done he turned and stared at Naruto.

"What?" Naruto growled out and then tore his gaze away to stare out of the window. When he heard a chair being pulled he turned back, only to come face to face with Uchiha. He saw that Iruka-sensei had already left and sighed.

"What do you want?"

"Now, now Uzumaki-kun. We're about to start this detention and when we're done you will pass that test we have tomorrow."

Oh shit.

Sasuke noticed the startled look and sighed.

"Don't tell me that you forgot about that?"

Naruto could only smile sheepishly and then bowed his head. Sasuke sighed again and then stood up.

"You're hopeless. I'm done, you can go home." With that Sasuke stood up and walked. He completely missed the heartbroken face of his pupil who let his head fall. Naruto slowly stood up and grabbed his bag before he walked after the teacher. Sasuke slammed the door shut as soon as Naruto was outside the classroom and then locked the door. Without another word he walked away and left his student standing alone in the hallway.

When Naruto stepped inside his home he didn't even have time to put his bag down before the first blow came.

"Bastard! Why are you late? Huh? I want my food on the table every day and that's your task."

Naruto slowly sat up and rubbed his cheek. He looked up at his so called father with hate in his eyes. The man had long, dirty black hair and sickly looking yellow eyes.

"I got detention."

"Again? Well I'm not surprised. Your real father got into trouble all the time too just as your whore of mother." Naruto gritted his teeth and slowly started to get up but was kicked down.

"Oh no boy, I'm not done." For hours he kept hitting and kicking the blonde, even after he lost conscious. With a look of despise he gave the still body one last kick and smirked when he heard a bone shatter. He dragged the boy to his room and threw him on the bed before he shut the door and locked it.

He should survive without food tonight and tomorrow. It's not like he hasn't been without before.

Hours later Naruto woke up on the bed he heard moans, groans and a bed hitting the wall next to his.

Kabuto must be over. Eeeeeew…

He rolled over onto his back and bit into his pillow so he wouldn't scream out. He didn't want his stepfather and Kabuto to come in here and let him join them in their "fun-time". He shuddered when memories from other times started to surface. He tried to think of something else and soon fell asleep with only the nightmares to accompany him.

…Next day…


Silence met his ears and Sasuke lifted his eyes and scanned the room with a frown. No blonde, loudmouth.

He probably skipped the day, typical. Does he really think that I'll fall for that? Well, let's see how sick he is when I knock on the door later today…