Six degrees of separation Final Chapter 13

A/N Final Chapter What if after Sex and Violence, Sam left something behind on their hunt for that siren besides a false name?

Spoilers: minor through season 5,


After they reach the van, Sam briefly regains consciousness. Staring at Stretch he asks, "What the Hell is that?"

"Who actually. That is your son Sam your very own son of Sam." Smirks Dean as Sam once again passes out.


"Wow, he really does look a lot like me, even in that condition," says Stretch climbing in and taking a seat beside Sam in the van.

"I'd say you look like him and you think you look alike now and you should have seen him 20 or so years ago. You might have passed for twins," Deans comments with a smile not realizing Sam had seen just such a picture. Sam just smiles while Dean turns toward the front of the van and points out, "I have no idea how bad he is this time so let's find the closest hospital and have the rest of this little reunion there, huh Jeremy?"


Later at the hospital Sam awakens to see James sleeping nearby, "Who's that?"

"I guess you could say he's a friend of the family."

"Oh, he's awake. I'll go get the others and let you two talk," says Jeremy as he hastily leaves the room.

"So how ya feeling Sammy?"

"I feel lousy and it is Sam thank you very much. I think I've been hallucinating cuz I could almost swear I saw myself at one point. Thank goodness you got there when you did and killed that thing."

"Guess you realized a little late it was a ghoul. Huh" says Dean with a slight grin.

"All the signs pointed to witches and ghosts. So I figured it was a ghost disturbed by the construction. Or maybe even a ghost that might have taken possession of some witch to get its revenge. I was searching the warden's for information when I got jumped. I should have waited..."

"Yeah, You should have waited."

"Hey, at least I sent a text telling you where I was headed even if I didn't wait for a reply. " Sam says in a sulky voice with just a hint of anger.

"I never got a text. Bitch."

"Jerk," is Sam automatic response before a slight pause, "You never got the text?"

"Nope, Sorry. Not you fault on misreading the ghoul thing. It had us fooled for a while as well. A ghoul eating someone who wanted to be a witch to get revenge and is now seeking that revenge itself. Weird combination. Dude, is there some reason ghouls like vengeful people."

"Not that I'm aware of. Besides if you're recalling Adam it was the ghouls that wanted revenge not Adam."

"You can say that after the whole mess with Michael and Zechariah?"

"Actually I don't think Adam was vengeful, at least not until after he and his mother got killed. Before that he didn't know about us, the supernatural, or really even Dad. He was just another innocent casualty. Another fatherless son like the guy the ghoul ate."

"Did the ghoul tell you why he wanted revenge?" asks Dean with a weary sigh.

"Yeah, it did. Apparently a large part of the reason the jury convicted Condro was because he was so openly derogatory of the father who abandoned him and then just happened to turn up dead. That thing was crazy because it tried to accuse me as well."

"We were kinda afraid of that. You see the thing is…"

"We?" asks Sam as James enters the room followed by Bobby and Jeremy. "Oh, so couch boy is your friend, Jeremy?"

"Not really. You haven't told him yet?" asks Jeremy.

"I've been tryin' but I just couldn't quite figure out how to break the news."

"Let's see," grins Bobby "Oh, I got it. You realize how close you cum this time to getting yerself killed fer not waiting on backup, idjit?"

"Good to see you too Bobby"

"How we gonna do this cuz he'll be here in another moment or two," prompts Jeremy.

"He?" questions Sam glancing at his brother.

"Yeah, um Sam, what do you recall of the rescue?"

"Just bits and pieces. I must have been pretty out of it because at one point I could swear I saw myself." Sam mutters.

"What about when we got you to the van?" asks Dean.

"Sorry, Dude. Nothing" replies Sam with a shake of his head after a slight pause.

"But you do remember why the ghoul was angry?"

"Yeah, he said he wanted revenge for all the fatherless sons, but I can't think of any sons we've left fatherless recently or even not so recently, most monsters don't have kids."

"Not monsters, humans."

"Dean, I can't even remember the last time we killed a human much less created a fatherless son. Killed the monster that got the father maybe but that wouldn't be our fault the father got killed and I can't even really think of any of those either."

Sam glares at Dean who turns with a pleading glance to Bobby who is still standing by the doorway, "A little help here?"

"Why? It is so much more fun to watch you try."

"Look you guys may be trying to keep him from freaking out because of his wounds and trauma but Sam will be here any moment. So maybe you could stop playing games and just tell him the truth. Is it really that bad or is it just too weird?" blurts James clearly impatient with all of them.

"Kid, we've dealt with bad and weird all our lives. We've pretty much seen it all and very little surprises us. Well other than something really odd like that combo that got me this time. The chances of catching me off guard again with something weird in the near future are slim." States Sam in a very bland tone of voice before glancing at the others who are sharing a significant look. "Okay, spill."

"Bobby, you brought 'em, here" points out Dean.

"They came to me," retorts Bobby.

"But you agreed to bring them along" points out Jeremy.

As the room descends into chaos, Sam shouts "Enough will someone please just explain why this kid keeps staring at me because it is starting to creep me out especially as I'm pretty much totally helpless at the moment. I assume you tested him. So who is this guy and why he is here?

The others share a thoughtful look while Jeremy answers, "Actually they didn't test me. They tested my friend though and the reason I'm here… the reason we're both here is to find and meet you."

"To meet me?" asks Sam bewildered.

"Yeah. Well you see. Uh…" James glances desperately around the room as he realizes the enormity of what needs to be said.

"Not so easy is it, kid?" suggests Dean with a smirk.

"Okay, just what the Hell is going on that nobody has the nerve to tell me. Have the doctor's said something that will change my life?" asks Sam glaring around the room only to pause a moment later with the realization of, "No, that can't be it because the kid here was saying he and his friend came looking for me and you tested the friend."

"Yeah, both of them even," replies Jeremy.

"So why? Just what kind of monster did you mistake the friend for? I'm correct in assuming he's actually an ordinary human."

"Of course I'm human, not sure about the ordinary part though, but even my mother would agree I'm human. Here's your coffee by the way, Dean," states Stretch walking through the door and across the room to hand Dean the cup.

Turning to face the bed with a slightly lopsided grin Stretch comments, "Hi, I am Sam. The other Sam everyone has been talking about," then after a quick glance around the room and a brief hesitation he adds, "Or not."

At Sam Winchester's look of total shock and confusion Sam Roberts continues, "OK, awkward."

Stretch steps back away from the bed. While trying to stand as straight and proud as possible in his best formal voice he says, "Good afternoon sir, my name is Samuel Stiles Roberts, my mother was Dr. Cara Roberts and you Sam Winchester are most likely my father," as the silence in the room continues Sam shifts nervously then shrugs adding, "Congratulations, It's a boy," wearing a sheepish grin and pleading with puppy dog brown eyes for his father's acknowledgement and acceptance.

At Sam's continued stunned silence Dean speaks up, giving his little brother another few moments to process the shock clearly apparent on his face. "Welcome to the family, Sam but to avoid confusion. I'm still gonna call you Stretch. Jus so ya know."

"You… Um… Sam… Well…Stretch… I… Err… ah… welcome to the Winchesters… I guess," Sam W. stutters out looking sheepish and a little frantic.

Sam R. looks around seeing nods from Bobby and Jeremy and a huge grin on Dean's face. Then he looks back to see Sam W. own nod, shrug, and slight smile as he says, "So tell about yourself kid."

"What do you want to know? Beyond the fact I was born on October 31, 2009 to Dr. Cara Roberts in Bedford, Iowa. I lived there most of my life until Mom finally married last year. I grew up mostly happy, fairly normal," then looking directly at Sam Winchester, Stretch utters the final words, "and almost entirely safe."

"Almost?" demands Sam immediately.

"Yeah, well when I was about 10, I fell off a bike and broke my arm," Stretch says with a grin and the tension finally breaks. After that the conversation dissolves into question and stories.

After about an hour, while everyone is still chuckling over a story Sam turns and in a serious tone asks Stretch, "So now that you know monster are real, that I'm real, what do you plan to do?"

Stretch glances over at James and nods slightly, "We don't want to hunt, but as a doctor and lawyer who know the 'truth', we could help patch folk up and cover for them.

"Well, I guess I could help with the 'family business' as there's still work to do obviously," says Stretch with a grin, but at Sam thunderous look he quickly continues, "but I'd rather stay in school and study law at Stanford and maybe psychology. Because you, Dean, Bobby, and other hunters have kept the monsters in check I'll be able to have the life you always wanted and maybe even find a 'Jessica' for myself."

After a short pause Stretch adds, "but I'd like to keep in touch and see you occasionally if that's all right."

"Sure, kid and welcome to the family," says with a pleased smile knowing everything will be alright or a least as alright as life ever is for a Winchester."


A/N Hope you liked it. Though it could at some point have follow up stories following James, and Stretch. This is the end for now and definitely the end of this story of how they met the Winchesters. Sorry it has taken so long. I've learned a lot about plotting, planning, and monster hunting along the way.

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