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Uryu sat in the classroom, alone, eating his lunch. This was the usual for him lately, well, ever since the mere mention of Ichigo Kurosaki's name sent him into a spiraling depression. He sat there, gazing out the window with lifeless eyes.

"Hey, guys, where's Uryu?" the short, black-haired girl asked. Ichigo looked down at his lunch and shrugged, "Dunno." The red-haired girl beside him lowered her eyes, which now held a sorrowful look, and Chad gave her a knowing glance. Rukia looked at all three of them and instantly knew there was something they weren't telling her.

"Alright, guys, what's up? What are you not telling me?" The steely eyed teen demanded. Orihime shifted her gaze to Rukia and said, "I'll tell you later. Now is not the time," her voice holding a fake happiness. She nodded and continued to eat her lunch. The rest of lunch break passed quickly and as the students were heading back to class, the redheaded teen fell back with Rukia walking beside her. She spoke quietly; making sure no one around them could hear her.

"Uryu is going through a hard time right now… He's making the wrong choices to deal with his life. Chad and I know, but Ichigo doesn't."

"What do you two know?" She questioned, "Why doesn't Ichigo know?"

"Uryu isn't himself right now, and neither is Ichigo." She replied solemnly, "I think that Ichigo and Uryu are having a fight, but it must be something big, because they've never gone a few days with out making any kind of comment to eachother…"Orihime wanted to avoid telling Rukia all she knew, but she'd find out soon enough, so she thought it would be best to make it less of a surprise.

"Uryu's destroying himself… Both Chad and I have tried to talk to him, but he doesn't listen. He keeps saying everything is fine… when it clearly isn't." The black-haired girl was confused by all of this, she didn't know what exactly was going on and she didn't like that. She didn't like that at all.

"Orihime, what exactly is Uryu doing?" She said in a demanding tone as she stopped walking. She crossed her arms and waited for an answer. The brown-eyed girl sighed and turned to her.

"Don't say anything to Ichigo, or anyone else… but Uryu's…" She took a deep breathe and looked at the grey eyed girl, "addicted to heroin." Even though Rukia wasn't exactly great friends, or even really friends at all with the raven-haired teen, she felt an unbelievably strong sense of rage surround her. She thought to herself, "Why would he do this? What the hell would lead him to that?" She wasn't close to him, but she knew he wasn't the kind of kid who'd do that type of stuff just for fun. Something must have caused it. She nodded and then quickly said, "Alright, we have to get back to class… We'll be late." The rest of the day passed with out incident, and soon, the group went their separate ways, heading home. As Rukia walked home, she decided she'd text Renji. It'd been a long time since they'd really talked and she was actually missing the pink-haired man quite a bit. She took out her phone and scrolled through her contacts, finding Renji's and selecting 'new message' from the options. The short girl typed in a quick message of "Hey, how have you been? How was your day?" Just as she got home, her cell phone buzzed, and she checked the message from her childhood friend.

"Hey. Not much up here. The day was pretty boring, nothing really happened… actually, all my days lately have been that way… but your brother said to tell you hi for him. How was your day?"

Rukia smiled, but then the thought popped into her mind, "Wait… why is nii-san with Renji?" but she quickly pushed that thought out of her mind. She punched in a reply, "Hi nii-san… My day was pretty shitty… drama, drama, drama, that's all school is. Found out something I would like to forget now…" Only after sending the message did Orihime's words echo in her mind 'Don't tell Ichigo, or anyone else.'

"Oops… Well, it's Renji. It's not that big of a deal…" she said. It was pretty late in the evening and the steely-eyed girl had had a long day. She ran the bath water and sunk in, trying to forget about the stressful day, and accidentally fell asleep. About an hour later, she woke up, and got out. As she dried off and got into her pajamas, she looked at her phone. The screen lit up again, with writing across it saying "New Message: Renji" After dressing, she layed down on her bed and flipped open her phone.

"What's up? You're actin' weird, Rukia. What happened?"

"Uryu. He's bein' an idiot and destroying his life. Dunno what brought him to do this shit, but he's gotta stop it."

"How's he destroyin' his life?" Rukia paused, she pondered briefly whether or not to tell him or not, but figured it was too late not to.

"Heroin," was her one word reply. Renji was laying down on his own bed, Rukia's brother, Byakuya, sitting in the chair next to him, playing with the dark pink strands of hair that were splayed across the pillow. When Renji's phone rang and he read that one word, he shot up, nearly yelling "WHAT!" at his phone. Byakuya looked at him, "Renji, what's wrong?"

"That fuckin' idiot, Uryu is doin' frikin heroin!" the tattooed man said angrily.

"Renji… calm down," said the soft, but powerful voice of the older Kuchiki as he placed a hand on the other's shoulder. The maroon-eyed man took a deep breathe and texted back, "I'll be over tomorrow. We need to talk to him." Sure enough, when the next day came around, Renji showed up at Rukia's door and the two soon went in search of the bespectacled teen. Luckily, he was home, and the two were greeted by him instead of his father, who thankfully happened to be out. Before Uryu could say anything, Rukia gave him a good whack on the top of the head.

"You IDIOT!" She yelled at him. He backed away from the door, trying to close it, but Renji held it open and he and Rukia walked in, only closing it after they were in the entryway.

"What the hell are you thinking? Fucking heroin, Uryu! Why?" The two friends said, Rukia being the one yelling, Renji only slightly calmer.

"Shut the fuck up! You wouldn't understand! Neither of you would!" Uryu yelled back, getting defensive.

"Then explain it to us!" the short girl screamed at him. Uryu shook his head and clenched his fists.

"No! Why should I! I don't have to explain anything to anyone! It's not my fault that I'm hurting so bad that nothing else helps! If you wanna blame someone for what's going on, then blame—!" He stopped, the words he was about to say, that name, got stuck in his throat. No, he couldn't say that name, he couldn't. He'd end up breaking down and letting the secret slip, though he didn't know why he still kept it a secret. Rukia and Renji looked at eachother, confused.

"Who, Uryu? Who made you do this?" Rukia asked, "What could have possibly happened that would have led you to this?" Uryu was on the edge now, he wasn't in his right mind, his eyes shut tight, his fists clenching tighter and he screamed at them, "No! Shut up! Get out of here, now! You wouldn't fucking understand… You wouldn't UNDERSTAND!" He felt them, welling in his eyes, tears, again.

"Just leave me alone… You wouldn't understand any of it…" Uryu hid his face, "Get out now…" Renji took a step towards the other boy, but as soon as his foot hit the floor, Uryu yelled for them to get out again.

"No, not until you tell us what did this to you." Rukia said firmly. The bespectacled teen shook his head, "No, you wouldn't get it. I know you won't understand. Just leave me alone." Rukia quickly stepped in front of Uryu, grasping his shirt collar and pulling his face down so she could look in his eyes.

"Would you quit it with that fuckin' line? I understand more than you think!" She yelled at him. He shook his head, tears threatening to stream down his cheeks.

"No, I know you wouldn't understand…" He whispered, and the short girl raised her hand, and in the blink of an eye, had slapped him across the face, a small, hand shaped red mark forming on his cheek. His navy eyes were wide with surprise as he shifted his gaze to her.

"Let us help you, damn it," The female Kuchiki said softly, "We can help, I know we can. Whatever you're going through, one of us has probably been through it too." Uryu was still in shock from the sudden slap, his eyes shut for a moment and when they reopened, he whispered, "Rukia… I don't need any help… I'm fine how I am…" Rukia's jaw clenched and she shook him.

"Uryu! You do need help! Don't tell us you're fine, you're not! Let us help you! We're not the only ones who want to help you either. Orihime, Chad, my brother, even Ichigo—" Uryu cut her off when that name slipped past her lips.

"Don't say that name!" He almost yelled, bowing his head so his hair hid his eyes, his jaw clenching tightly after. Renji and the young girl looked at him, surprised and then at eachother, confusion replacing the look in their eyes.

"Uryu… Did something happen with Ichigo?" Renji inquired as he took a step forward. The pink haired man had a feeling about this, something had happened between them, something that the pale teen didn't want to admit, something that he didn't want to acknowledge. The bespectacled teen turned his gaze away from the two with a quiet "No." The tattooed male looked at the raven haired girl and whispered, "Mind if I talk with him, in private for a minute?" A questioning look graced her features but she hastily let go of the collar of the sapphire-eyed man's shirt and left the room. Renji drew closer to Uryu, and knelt down before the other teen, who was leaning against the couch.

"Uryu, what's happened between you and Ichigo? I can tell you two were more than friends. It was especially clear from your reaction. What happened? Did he hurt you?" He thought, 'Sorry for thinking this, but I gotta know, Ichigo,' "Did he abuse you? Did he force the drugs on you?" The midnight haired teen shook his head, "No, nothing like that." Renji let out a small sigh of relief.

"Alright. Then, what did happen? Did he cheat on you?" He continued to question the broken male, who shook his head. But then, was completely still, his mind began to race.

'Wait… what if… what if that's why he broke it off so suddenly… maybe I wasn't enough for him… Oh god, what if he was cheating on me...' He thought and that was it, the flood gates were slammed open and tears began to flow from his eyes. Renji gasped lightly and placed a hand on the other male's shoulder.

"What? What's wrong?" He asked, slightly panicked. The pale-skinned teen covered his eyes with his palms, "I don't know. I don't know if he was cheating or not!" He sobbed. Rukia overheard him yelling through his tears and she burst in to the room.

"Ichigo wouldn't have done that! I can guarantee you that he wouldn't ever cheat on someone!" She said, her voice raised. Renji shot her an angry glare, but she ignored it and ran over to the two men.

"Uryu, I know he wouldn't have cheated on you, he wouldn't be able to even look at you if he did." She said softly, trying to calm him down. Uryu was a mess, but knew he had to stop this meltdown. His eyes shifted to the clock on the wall, 4:49. His father would be home soon, and if he came home to his son bawling like a baby, another man comforting him and a teenage girl trying to calm him down, he'd be unbelievably angry. So the navy-eyed teen dried his tears and said softly to both Rukia and Renji, "You two need to leave… My father will be home soon… He can't know that you were here…"

"But we haven't helped at all, we've only made things worse, please, let us fix this." The female Kuchiki said.

"No, you have to leave, now. I'm sorry," was his quiet reply. The two friends looked at the teen, his eyes red and slightly puffy, and Renji sighed.

"We'll be back later, okay?" The tattooed man said as he placed both hand on Uryu's shoulders. The midnight-haired teen nodded and stood up, using the couch to brace himself, then watched as the two walked away, Rukia looking very small compared to Renji. Uryu leaned against the couch as the door closed and covered his eyes with the palm of his left hand.

'What the hell just happened? God, I must seem like such a little kid… Why did I break down like that?' He thought. It was about 5:15 when Ryuuken got home and the pale teen was in his room, laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. His mind was blank; then, a knock on his door snapped him back to reality.

"What?" He said, not bothering to look at the door. His father's voice was muffled by the door, but he could still clearly hear the man saying, "Are you coming down for dinner?"

"In a bit," was his simple reply. He heard the footsteps of his father slowly grow softer and softer. Uryu stayed in his room, staring at the ceiling for another ten minutes, before his stomach growled at him. The midnight-haired teen sighed and rolled off of his bed and headed down stairs. As he approached the table, his father looked up at him from behind his glasses. His eyes were cold and harsh. The bespectacled teen felt as if his father's eyes were burning a hole right through him.

"Uryu, I have something I want to talk to you about." The older male said calmly, but it was just covering up the anger in his voice. The teen's sapphire eyes quickly fixed on his dad, "What is it?"

He didn't see Rukia or Renji again for a very long time…

Uryu awoke in the middle of the night. After making sure that Ichigo wouldn't be woken also, he sat up quietly. His hands found his forehead and he then dragged them down his face, rubbing his eyes in the process. The sapphire-eyed man shook his head and sighed. His gaze shifted now to the tan male laying next to him and he whispered, "What am I doing? Where do I even start with them two?" To his surprise, there was a reply.

"Well, I would start with Renji," Ichigo whispered back, his chocolate eyes now focused on the pale, stressed man, who stared back.

"But where? They were really the last two I spoke with… except for… him… " Uryu sighed. His mind was swimming, but no answers were being produced. He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder and turned to face the man it belonged to. The orange-haired man smiled softly, and pulled the other male closer.

"Well, just start with the beginning. But before that, you need to get some sleep. It's going to be a long day. But I'll be there with you through it all." His smile widened, still showing kindness. He raised a hand and pulled the midnight-haired man closer, pausing before their lips met to whisper, "I'll stay by your side, no matter what… I promise… Uryu, I still… and always will…" another pause, his voice almost inaudible now, "love you." With that, he gently captured the navy-eyed man's lips. Uryu's heart was beating like a drum. How long it'd been since he'd heard those words spoken to him. How much he'd wished and waited for the day he'd hear them again, but he also feared that day. He was vulnerable again. As soon as those words were thrown into play, his walls came crashing down, leaving him completely exposed. The pale man was brought back to reality when he no longer felt the other's lips on his. Dark blue eyes stared into chocolate eyes with a look that inquired why the kiss had been broken. Ichigo chuckled softly and whispered, "C'mon, you should sleep." With that, he layed back down, dragging Ishida down with him and wrapping his arms around the other man. Uryu's thin fingers groped at Ichigo's shirt and he clung to the fabric. He felt as though he had just been stripped down to nakedness in front of the entire world.

"Ichigo…," He whispered softly, "Ichigo, you'd better… keep that promise…" The pale man's face was buried against the strong chest of the cinnamon-skinned male, who smiled softly and whispered in reply, "forever and always…" He began to feel small spots of wetness form on his shirt as it pressed against his chest and he knew that the fragile man was crying again. Ichigo's arms tightened around the softly weeping male, and it wasn't long before both were fast asleep again.

The morning came quickly and when the first streams of bright morning light danced upon the tan male's eyelids, they fluttered open, revealing his chocolate irises. Ichigo blinked several times before rolling his head to the side and looking at the clock.

"Hm… 10:42…" The tan male thought as he rolled his head back to the other side so he could see Uryu. He ran his fingers through the midnight colored hair and whispered softly, "Uryu, it's time to wake up. C'mon, we've slept late enough." Placing a light kiss on the now exposed pale forehead, Ichigo smiled as Uryu's eyelids slowly opened, and his sapphire eyes quickly found the one who had awoken him.

"Nn… Good morning, Ichigo…" the thin male yawned as he snuggled closer to the man with the orange hair. Ichigo smiled softly and kissed Uryu's cheek.

"C'mon, time to get up." Uryu shook his head, "Uh-uh… I don't wanna…" Ichigo let out a sigh and slowly sat up, picking up the smaller man and placing him in his lap. He lightly traced his fingers down the porcelain-colored chest and whispered "Uryu, c'mon," in the thin man's ear, his breath ghosting over the other's neck, sending a shiver through Uryu's entire body. A buzzing began to ring through the room and Ichigo looked around to find the screen of the other man's phone lit up, a familiar name under the "Incoming Call."

"Hey, it's Chad. Do you want me to answer it?" He asked the still half-asleep male in his lap, who just nodded and yawned before snuggling back up to the warm cinnamon skin.

"Good morning Chad, what's up?"

"Oh, good morning, Ichigo," the strong but soft voice said over the line, "I just wanted to let you and Uryu know that I know where Renji is. My guess is that Rukia's with him, too, seeing as how her brother and Renji are together."

"Woah, so they did get together? Good for them. Can you give us directions to where we could see them?"

"Of course, that's why I called." Uryu was listening to the conversation between his friend and his, well, I guess you could call him his boyfriend again, and soon began to ignore it. He was worried now. He didn't know how to face Renji, let alone Rukia and her brother, too. Nervousness began to cloud his mind and he was lost in it.

"… Ury… Uryu… Hey, Uryu, you alright?" Ichigo asked. He was now off of the phone and was looking at Uryu with concerned eyes. The pale man nodded, "mhm." The orange haired man raised an eyebrow, not believing that the other was alright, but still said, "Alright, C'mon now it's really time to get up. We have places to go today," and got up, pulling Uryu up also. The raven haired man whined, "I don't wanna go…." And went limp so that the stronger had no choice but to hold him up or put him down. Eventually, Ichigo managed to successfully wake up Uryu, who now was muttering something incoherent about how the tan man was a "no good, annoying, jackass," as he got dressed. By the time both men were dressed and ready to leave, it was 11:30 and the weather had taken a bit of a turn for the worse. It had been snowing for most of the morning and was now starting to pick up a slight bit, not making it dangerous to drive, just a little bit more difficult. After wrapping his scarf around his neck and putting his gloves on, Uryu was waiting for Ichigo, who was still putting on his coat.

"If you don't hurry up we'll get there at midnight," Uryu said bitterly. He hated going out on snowy days like this, it made him nervous. Ichigo rolled his eyes and replied "Yeah, enough already okay? I get it," and he stood up ready to leave. The two locked up and were off on their trip. It was too long of a car ride to stay quiet the whole time, seeing as how it was about an hour with clear roads; it was going to be at least another half hour due to the weather. The radio was on for most of the way and Uryu sang quietly along with the songs he liked, while Ichigo did the same for his favorite songs. The two didn't converse much, but halfway there, Uryu dozed off into a light sleep. The rest of the drive went by quickly; ten minutes before getting there, Ichigo woke up the sleeping dark-haired man in the passenger seat. They pulled into the drive way, the snow crunched beneath their feet as they made there way to the door and rang the bell to announce their arrival. If Uryu hadn't been fully awake moments before, he certainly was now. As soon as the door had opened and Rukia saw Uryu and Ichigo standing there… together, all hell broke loose. She screamed and pulled them inside; Renji came running into the entryway and grabbed Uryu, who was stumbling backward as Rukia went off on Ichigo.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!" She roared as her small fists hit the taller man's chest angrily, "YOU SAID YOU'D AT LEAST WRITE TO ME, OR GIVE ME A CALL OR SOMETHING! And what have you done? NOTHING! IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE ONCE IN A WHILE!" She turned to Uryu now who saw the look on her face and became instantly terrified.

"And you! What's YOUR excuse! We haven't heard from you in two and a half years! I've been worried sick about you!" She continued to yell, advancing towards the thin man, but a strong, pale hand held her back by the shoulder.

"Rukia… Calm down. That's no way to greet guests." Byakuya stood behind her, calm as could be. A sigh of relief could be heard from both Ichigo and Uryu as Byakuya and Renji escorted them and Rukia back into the living room, where the tall black-haired Kuchiki had their guests sit down, Uryu on the sofa, and Ichigo in the arm chair across from the younger Kuchiki and next to her was Renji. Rukia was fuming, if she'd been any more enraged, she would have burst into flames. They could all tell this wouldn't be good. An awkward silence filled the room and it only broke when Byakuya walked in with tea, which he proceeded to pour into the five cups he had also brought in and handed them out to everyone. No sooner had he sat down and taken a sip of his tea did his sister and his lover stand up and start yelling at Ichigo.

"We've got some questions for you, Ichigo! Why did Uryu end up on heroin! What did you do that had made Uryu turn to it! Huh? Why did it take you so damn long to get back with him and sort the whole thing out! Why did you even do it in the first place!" they yelled in unison, not giving him time to answer, he just sat there stammering. They continued on, their rage apparently knowing no end.

"Hey, shut up! I didn't force him to do it! It may have been because of something I did, but I didn't give him the idea to!" Ichigo yelled back. Out of the corner of his eye, Byakuya saw Uryu sinking into the couch, as if trying to blend in to the fabric and disappear. His face was knotted into an embarrassed, uncomfortable look.

"Rukia, Renji," Byakuya glared at them, sending chills down both their spines, "Sit down and be quiet. I don't think Uryu came here to hear all this yelling. You, too, Ichigo, sit down." All three sat without hesitation. Though he was always a very calm man, the look in Byakuya's eyes told them all he was not pleased. He then looked to the raven-haired man sitting next to him and nodded, the anger gone from his eyes. Uryu gulped and quietly said "Thanks." He looked at the two sitting across from Ichigo.

"I'm sorry… for not contacting you in two and a half years. After you guys had come by my house, my father got home and well… Everything went downhill from there… He kicked me out, so I ran. I ran as far as I could," He paused and looked at the small table between them all, "I'm clean now; I have been for a while. I know I have no excuses as to why I didn't at least call you once since then." He continued solemnly.

"I turned to it back then because when Ichigo broke up with me, I had nothing. He was the only one who cared about me; my own father didn't even care half as much as he did. I had nothing after that. I was lost, confused, I didn't know what to do, and the constant pain was too much to deal with…" Rukia's voice came across soft, "That's not true. You had all of us who cared about you. I mean, you made Orihime worry so much, even Chad and I… Renji too, we were all concerned for you." She got up and walked over, perching her self on the arm of the couch.

"You're never alone, Uryu. If you need help or don't know how to deal with something, talk to us. Any of us, we're here." She said in a concerned voice. Uryu nodded and he looked from her to Renji, "Guys, I'm sorry. I didn't know if I could go to you then or if you'd understand… I know now if I want to talk, I can count on you guys." A slight smile pulled at Uryu's lips and he felt a small hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks you guys. I really appreciate you sitting down and hearing me out." He said as he looked at Rukia, then to Renji, who both smiled.

"Would you two like to stay for dinner, it won't be until about 4:30, but on days like this we usually eat an early dinner." Byakuya said, looking at Ichigo and awaiting their answer.

"Sure. We'd love to," the tan man said after looking at Uryu who nodded. The rest of the time till dinner flew by; Uryu helped Byakuya in the kitchen, while Rukia, Ichigo and Renji were in the living room, talking, more like yelling at each other, being obnoxiously loud. By the time dinner was ready, it was already 4:15 and they were all called into the dining room. Dinner held a lot of laughter and funny conversations. It didn't fly by but it felt like it had to Uryu, who by 6:30 was feeling quite tired. Once everything was brought back into the kitchen and washed and put away, Ichigo and Uryu decided it was time they headed out. They said their goodbyes, but when they opened the front door and looked outside, all five of them were awestruck. Three feet of snow had built up over the course of their visit and there was no possible way to get to the car, let alone leave the doorway. Renji laughed and turned to the two guests, "Well, guys, looks like you're hanging here tonight!" and he closed the door.

"I'll go get you two some pajamas," he said as he left the room. Byakuya led them to the spare bedroom.

"Towels are in the closet, and the bathroom is the second door on the left down this hallway," Byakuya continued as Renji walked in with two t-shirts, and two pairs of flannel pajama pants. Placing them on the bed, he turned and said "Uryu, they might be a bit big, sorry, but it's what we got." Uryu nodded and bowed slightly, "Its fine. Thank you both for letting us stay here tonight."

"It's no problem. There's no way you'd be able to get home in this weather. We'd rather have you stay here than try to go home with those conditions. Our room is next door, and Rukia is directly down the hall." Byakuya said, pointing to the door at the very end of the hallway.

"You might want to stay away from her room though; she gets nasty when she's woken up." Renji said in a hushed voice, laughing after. The elder Kuchiki shook his head slightly and then pulled the pink haired man out of the room, "You two get comfortable, if there's anything you'd like to do, just say so," with that, the door closed behind him and the two guests were left alone in the room. Uryu flopped down on the bed; it was soft, and comfortable, he didn't want to move now. He let out a sigh as he closed his eyes and sank in to the bed.

"Uryu, it might help to get changed before you go to sleep. Here, get changed or I'll change your clothes for you, okay?" Ichigo said as he handed a t-shirt and a pair of the flannel pants to the tired raven-haired man, who groaned and reluctantly got up and left the room to go change in the bathroom. While he was gone, the tan man changed into his set, they fit fine for him, but he knew they'd be huge on his boyfriend. Moments later, the thin male walked into the room, the t-shirt nearly hanging off of one of his shoulders, the pants seemed only a little big, but the shirt was huge on him. Ichigo looked him over and came to the conclusion he looked kind of like a child… It was cute. Uryu didn't find it very amusing. He yawned and crawled into the bed, curling up under the covers. He didn't know why he was so tired, he just was.

"I'm gonna go to sleep. Is that alright, Ichigo?" He asked, looking up at the other man with heavily lidded eyes.

"Of course it's alright; I'll be out in the living room with the others for a while. If you need anything, just call me, okay?" Uryu nodded and pulled the covers up to his nose, but Ichigo pulled them back down beneath his chin, quickly placing a small kiss on the other's lips and he whispered, "Good night… I love you," and got up and left the room, closing the door behind him. In moments, Uryu was asleep. It wasn't until about 10:00 that Ichigo finally went back to the room to go to bed, and he found the pale skinned man exactly in the same spot he had been when he left. Ichigo smiled and climbed into bed next to the sleeping man, moving close to him. He was taken by surprise when Uryu's arms quickly wrapped themselves around his torso and pulled him flush with the pale man's body. He smiled softly, and kissed the porcelain forehead before him and soon fell asleep to the silence of the snowy night.

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