Hello all, welcome to my first White Collar fanfic. I have several chapters written, and hope to update often. Please read and enjoy!

As always, the wonderful characters inspire my work, but alas, they are not mine.

Peter Burke was somewhere beyond exhausted. Neal Caffrey, felon turned consultant, had been missing for the fourth day now, and they had run out of suspects. At least no one was doubting that he had been taken against his wishes, not with the surveillance tape showing him being knocked unconscious and thrown into the back of a completely unassuming black Lincoln. Oh no, there were no doubts, and unfortunately, no answers either, as to how this had went so wrong.

At Hughes insistence, Peter had been dropped off at his house to get some rest. Although he wouldn't admit it, he needed a moment to just breath...and to let the well used mask of stoic Federal Agent drop for just a moment. He could do that with Elizabeth-her warm embrace giving him the support he needed. He could see the concern mixing with fear in her blue eyes. She had been with Peter long enough to know this was probably not going to end well for their friend.

Staring at his reflection in the upstairs bathroom, Peter slowly shook his head, a small smile crossing his lips as he thought of that word, friend. At some point, Neal Caffrey the con man, art thief, forger, and whatever other questionable activity he had committed, had become his friend. It wasn't an easy relationship, but then again what relationship worth having was.

He heard his wife call up from downstairs, and although he didn't hear all of the question, the word coffee was in there, so he yelled down a confirmation. He should grab something to eat as well, but his appetite had disappeared with Neal.

The doorbell rang then, and he heard Elizabeth going to answer it. Peter glanced at his watch, noticing that Jones was a few minutes early. They were all anxious to get their consultant back, and Peter had to admire his fellow agents dedication.

Peter was throwing his suit jacket back on as he headed towards the stairs when he heard Elizabeth gasp. Instinct had him reaching for his service weapon as he ran the rest of the hallway to the stairs. His wife yelled out his name, urgent and pleading, coming into his view as he reached the end of the hallway.

"Oh my God...Neal..." Peter gasped, shock holding him in place.

Bright blue eyes glanced up in his direction, a look of satisfaction on his face. "Hey Peter..." He whispered. "I think I'm going to pass out now-"

Elizabeth reached out to steady the younger man as Peter ran down the stairs, arriving just in time to catch Neal as he did, true to his word, loose consciousness.

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