Author's Note: This is dedicated to my very good FanFiction author friend The Whisperer's Song, whose story Torchwood MSN inspired me to write this. May the fun begin!

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LizardGirl: I can't believe you convinced us to do this Connor! We're all in the same room!

TempleOfDinos: I know, but it's fun! Look at all the cool names we have! Well except for Soldier Boy… What is with the boring name Becker?

Captain Becker: It's my name Connor. Therefore that's what I have called myself. And anyway, I thought I told you not to call me Soldier Boy?

TempleOfDinos: No,I specifically recall you saying that to Danny. You said nothing to me.

Captain Becker: Well, Temple, I'm saying it now. Don't call me Soldier Boy!

DannyBoy: Oh Becker, you're such a spoilsport! Connor, what we discussed…

TempleOfDinos: OK Danny, commencing plan now…

LizardGirl: Why does this sound extremely inappropriate and very possible illegal?

Captain Becker: Not to mention the fact that it's going to be something to do with me, and not in a good-

Captain Becker has signed out

LizardGirl: Becker?

DannyBoy: Just you wait Abby, this was planned since Connor mentioned setting up a team chat room.

LizardGirl: I would expect this of Connor, but you are meant to be in charge of us Danny!

DannyBoy: And? That means I can't have a little fun with my team-mates now and again?

LizardGirl: We are NOT your 'team-mates'.

DannyBoy: Aww, please Abby!

LizardGirl: Fine…

SoldierBoy has just signed in

SoldierBoy: CONNOR!

TempleOfDinos: Oh dear…

SoldierBoy: Are you forgetting I have access to the ENTIRE ARC ARMOURY?

TempleOfDinos: Um, no, definitely not… You wouldn't shoot me Becker, your job is to protect me.

LizardGirl: Connor! What have I told you about hacking? And using government machinery as well! But I was right! Inappropriate, illegal, who needs a crystal ball?

SoldierBoy: Change it back this instant!

LizardGirl: Can't you do it yourself?

SoldierBoy: He's blocked the 'change screen name' function.

TempleOfDinos: hee hee hee :D

DannyBoy: Well done Connor! I didn't think you had it in you!

TempleOfDinos: You know me Danny, always ready and knowledge equipped for a prank. Especially on Becker.


TempleOfDinos: I'll think about it.

James Lester has just signed in

DannyBoy: You're kidding me! Another boring name!

James Lester: You may not remember, but each of you has a job to do which is very important to the future of this country.

TempleOfDinos: Not until you change your name to something fun:

James Lester: I am not belittling myself for the amusement of childlike layabouts who should really be doing their jobs!

DannyBoy: Oh, go on Lester…

James Lester: Fine, but just to get you to do some work for a change!

James Lester has signed out

TempleOfDinos: So, what do you think he's gonna call himself?

DannyBoy: Dunno, what do you think Becker?

SoldierBoy: Oh I am not getting involved! I am still mad at you two, and that will not change until my screen-name does!

TempleOfDinos: Yes, yes, we'll get round to it. Abby? What do you think?

LizardGirl: Something to do with suits, definitely.

ItalianSuitMaster has just signed in

TempleOfDinos: Brilliant Lester!

DannyBoy: Seconded! It's so true too, keep it like that Lester!

LizardGirl: Am I psychic or am I psychic?

ItalianSuitMaster: I am assuming you will get on with your work now?

TempleOfDinos: You assume wrong! And yes, Abby, well done again *rolls eyes*

ItalianSuitMaster: You know, I could always fire you. Believe it or not, Temple, you're not irreplaceable.

TempleOfDinos has signed out

ItalianSuitMaster: That goes for the rest of you too! Go on, skedaddle!

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ItalianSuitMaster: My work here is done. ;)

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