The room was silent apart from the damned witch's cackling. Dean motioned for his brother to get to the other side of the door. Sam nodded, dropping to his haunches, gun held expertly in one hand. He aimed it in the dark room, trying to pinpoint the witch's location.

He watched Dean give the countdown, after which he would storm the door and get a few shots at the nasty evil old Witch. Dean mouthed, and Sam stood up and ran into the room, flashlight on and beaming around in the darkness.

The witch screamed and barrelled at the youngest Winchester, but Sam was too quick and fired, sending a range of lead her way, hitting her shoulder and sending her whipping round to the side, falling to the floor.

Before Sam could reload, the witch was up. She pointed at Sam and started muttering out an incantation.

Dean ran into the room, caught sight of the witch and his little brother, he ran to Sam, and just as the witch finished her spell, sending a flash of red Sam's way, Dean leapt in front of him, taking the spell full blast in the face.

There was a deafening crash, like a thunderbolt, and a fierce red light engulfed the brothers.

As the red light faded and the sound fell away, Sam uncovered his eyes and looked around.

The witch was no where to be seen, and with a jolt, Sam realised that Dean too, was no where to be seen.

'Dean!' Sam yelled, looking with his flashlight around the room, trying to find his older brother, to see if he was ok.

He was just about to walk out of the room to search the other part of the house when he heard a sound that made him stop dead in his tracks.

He heard crying. Soft, gurgling crying.

'Dean?' Sam asked warily, aiming his flashlight lower to the floor, so it skimmed the old red carpet of the room.

After a while he came upon a mound of clothes in the carpet.

Sam gingerly bent down and parted the clothes so he could see what was in the pile.

He gasped when he finally uncovered what it was.

'Oh you have got to be kidding me...' he muttered as he uncovered a small, wriggling baby. Well, not a new born, but he looked like he was about 5 months old.

The baby was laying amidst Dean's shirt, jacket and leather jacket, as well as his Jeans.

'Oh Dean...' Sam breathed, gently picking up the small child in his long arms and cradling him to his chest.

Dean looked up at Sam and gave the cutest little smile Sam had ever seen. He chuckled and brought his face closer to Deans, rubbing his nose with Dean's tiny one.

'What are we going to do with you then?' he asked, not expecting baby Dean to answer.

Sam sighed and bent down, picking up grown up Dean's clothes and tucking them under his arm.

He then manoeuvred Dean to a more comfortable holding position, and then walked out the room.

He climbed the stairs, careful not to drop Dean or hurt him.

As he walked to the impala, he had a very dark thought. I have no idea how to look after a baby.

Dean was the big brother, he had experience, but now the tables where turned, now Sam was playing the older brother, and he just had no clue about what to do.

He opened the car door, and got in the Impala gingerly. Obviously he didn't have a baby car seat, so he would just have to balance Dean on his lap for the very short journey back to the motel.

As Sam entered the motel room, baby Dean in tow, Dean began to cry.

'oh Dean, Don't cry, shushhhhh' Sam cooed, sitting on the bed and laying Dean on the bed next to him, Dean's face was scrunched up, his face red, and boy did that kid have a set of lungs on him.

Sam bundled Dean in his arms and stood up, cradling him close to his chest, swaying and moving around, saying 'sushhhhh' over and over again.

After a while Dean stopped crying and just stared up at Sam, seemingly mesmerised by his face, as Sam continued to make soothing noises to try to get him to sleep.

Sam watched Dean's eyes droop, and after a few minutes he was fast asleep, making really cute noises from the back of his throat, eyes moving behind his lids as he dreamt.

Sam blew out a long breath, and stopped swaying.

That was easier than he expected.

But he sure did have a mountain to climb- what about food, clothes, baby things, and oh yeah...getting Dean back to his normal age and size?

Sam shook himself. Now wasn't the time to worry about that. Tonight he would just make sure Dean was safe and comfy, and worry about everything else tomorrow.

He looked down at Dean, his little big brother.

He looked so peaceful lying there, and Sam suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling of protectiveness.

Is this what Dean feels like when I'm in dangerous position? Was this how he felt when he watched over me when I was a kid?

Sam didn't know, but these new, strange feelings felt...kinda nice.

He smiled down at his brother, and carefully crossed to his bed.

He stripped off and put on his pyjama bottoms, watching the sleeping Dean every second.

He then got into his bed, Dean in his arms. After he got comfy he laid Dean to the side of him, and put a protective arm underneath him to prevent him from falling. He then lay down and tried to get to sleep.

The last thing Sam Winchester saw before he went to sleep was Dean curl his tiny hand around his thumb, pressing his cheek against his hand as he adjusted to his new surroundings.

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