Dean groaned, rubbing his head and sitting up, moving his jaw around. His head felt weird, sort of heavy.

He looked around him, frowning as he found himself in Bobby's living room. He looked at the watch on his wrist.

'Huh' he muttered to himself he had seemed to have lost more than a week.

He shook his head, trying to remember what had been happening.

He remembered the two of them staking out that dilapidated house for that damn witch, he remembered running in front of Sammy, and bright red light, but after that, his mind was a total, utter blank.

Dean glanced around again, this time for the purpose of trying to pinpoint Sam.

Where had the kid got to? Was he hurt? What had happened to him?

Dean sat up when he heard feet running heavily down the stairs above him.

Sam stopped once he reached the floor, and then made his way carefully into the living room, making sure not to wake his brother.

He stopped for a second time when he saw that his brother was awake and sitting up.

'Hey are you feeling?' he asked, smiling with relief, sitting next to him on the sofa.

He had been so worried about him, but he was glad he was up now.

something seemed different about his brother now, familiar somehow.

'Fine. I guess... my head feels a bit heavy, but I'm ok' said Dean, giving Sam a look.

Dude looked kinda spooked...

'Are you look like you've seen Bobby when he gets up first thing in the morning!' Dean grinned, raising his eyebrows saucily at his little brother.

Sam chuckled, staring at Dean. He had definitely grown in the short space when he had been asleep...maybe, he had stopped changing.

Maybe he was the old Dean again.

'Sammy! Hey! Are you sure you're ok? What, have I got something on my face?' asked Dean, moving his face round to let his brother get a better look.

Sam shook his head, still trying to work out whether his brother was 'his' brother again.

Now Dean was staring at him.

Dean wondered what was wrong with his brother; could he have been cursed by that witch? He quickly went down his mental checklist that he stored in his brain whenever Sam could be hurt.

No obvious bruises. Check.

No weird looks...well...

Dean stood up and surveyed his brother, frowning slightly as Sam gave him a weird look.

Then, without warning, Sam suddenly walked up to his brother and hugged him tightly, smiling into his brother's shoulder.

Now he was sure that he had his old Dean back, it meant the absolute world to him; he wasn't going to let him go next time. He would make sure of that.

'Are you sure your ok?' he asked Dean, pulling back from his brother slightly.

'Yeah Dean I'm sure...are you?'

'I just said I was fine! What do I have to do, spell it out for you?' asked Dean, a perplexed look on his face/

Sam stood up. 'What do you remember?'

This question caught Dean by come Sam thought he couldn't remember anything, when he really couldn't?

'Well, I remember the witch hunt, then a flash of red and a loud noise, but after that-nothing.' He said a little sadly.

'Why, what happened to me?'

Sam didn't know what to say; did he tell his brother about his stint as a child, then growing up, or did he keep his mouth shut and spare his brother the embarrassment?

He wasnt even sure that Dean would even want to know about what had happened to him

Besides, he liked having something about his brother to keep to himself...they shared everything else.

'Not much, the witch ran off, she must of put you in a deep sleep or only just came round' Sam sighed, sitting back on the sofa, avoiding eye contract with Dean.

He hated lying to his brother, perhaps sometime he would tell him, but he wanted to keep the memories to himself, for just a little while longer.

'Is the drunken bastard awake yet?' Came the deep sound of Bobby's voice from the door.

He chuckled as he moved toward the living room, but like Sam, he too stopped in his tracks when he saw Dean.

'Dean...' he breathed, staring at the old, familiar Dean that he remembered.

'Hiya Bobby' smiled Dean, his smile turning to a surprised look as Bobby threw his arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug.

'Ow, Bobby...can't breathe!' he stuttered, before letting out a slight sigh of relief as Bobby let him go.

'It's great to see you kid!' Bobby said tears of happiness in his eyes.

'I guess it is...' frowned Dean. He looked back at his brother, then back at Bobby.

'Am I missing anything here?' he asked.

'No, its were out for a long time' lied Sam, feeling guilty as soon as he said it.

'Right' said Dean, sitting next to his brother.

'Say...what have you been two been up to whilst I've been out?' he asked, looking from one man to the other.

'Well...this and that... not much really...' they said, working off each other to get the answer right.

'Right...' said Dean, not entirely believing either of them.

Later that evening, as Sam and Dean were packing up and preparing to leave Bobby's, something stopped Dean from walking down the stairs.

'I'll be down in a minute' he called, answering Sammy's puzzled look. Sam nodded and walked down the stairs alone, looking back at his brother's back, frowning slightly.

Dean crossed the hallway, dumping his duffel bag on the floor.

He entered Bobby's spare bedroom, it was if he was drawn to the room. He had a strange, almost calming feeling about it; he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

How come he didn't remember anything from the past week? Surely something had happened, but Bobby and Sammy sure weren't letting him on.

He would ask Sam later, the dude seemed kinda spooked just seeing him.

He opened the closet, and gave a small start of surprise when he pulled out a dusty, but new-looking baby crib.

'What the...' Dean frowned, before looking round the room for other evidence, but he couldn't find anything.

He still couldn't shake off this feeling, but it was a good feeling. He felt safe, protected and cared for, but he just didn't know why.

'DEAN! YOU READY?' Sam yelled from the stairs.

He turned to Bobby, who was waiting by the door, a sad smile on his face.

'Well, it was good while it lasted, weren't it kiddo?' he asked.

Sam nodded, and then hugged his surrogate father, squeezing tight.

'Stop it Sam, you'll get me all teary...' Bobby said thickly, Sam chuckled as he let go.

'I'll never forget this Bobby, never. You've got my eternal gratitude...thank you so much!' he said earnestly, meaning every single word.

Bobby shook his head, muttering 'nah' at him, but Sam nodded.

'I'm telling's not too late- you'd make a great Dad!' he said.

Bobby chuckled and patted Sam's shoulder, 'nah, I'll think I'll leave the baby-making to you young boys...but I warn ya...I'm expecting grandchildren!' he joked, before hugging Sam again.

They broke apart when they heard Dean walking down the hallways, both looking sheepishly up at him as he climbed down the stairs.

'Aww how sweet!' said Dean, pretending to look fondly at the couple.

'shut it...idjit!' Bobby chuckled, before he hugged Dean again.

'What is this...national hug a Dean Day?' asked a bewildered Dean, before smiling at his brother.

'Are you ready?' he asked, motioning for the door.

'Yeah, ok' smiled Sam, letting Dean go through first.

Dean shrugged on his prized leather Jacket before he left the house, turning his nose up at a funny smell from the lining. It smelt like powder, a clean...kinda baby fresh smell.

'Hey, has a baby slept in my jacket?' Dean asked, and without waiting for an answer he hopped out the door.

Sam and Bobby looked at each other, smiling.

'I'll be seeing you kid!' he smiled, before patting Sam on the shoulder.

'Yeah you too' he replied, before walking out to the Impala, he was kinda thankful he had taken out Dean's car seat; he hadn't had to use it for a while.

He had given it to the local children's home for when they had babies, as well as Dean's other baby stuff.

'Are you ready now sasquatch?' asked Dean from the driver's seat.

Sam nodded and slipped into the passenger seat, comfortable to be riding shotgun for once.

He looked across at his brother.

'You good?'

'Yeah I'm good-lets hit the open road!' Dean grinned, before slapping Sam on the leg and starting the engine.

Sam waved at Bobby as they turned the corner and headed out on the highway, before settling back in his chair, completely content to listen to Dean Sing 'You Shook Me All Night Long' really, really badly next to him.

Sam smiled as he looked out the window.

'Man it's good to have you back Dean...' he muttered to himself.

The end.

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