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Chapter 1

Tsukune woke up slightly dazed. His alarm had been blaring for the past thirty minutes and it was only now that he had managed to force himself awake.

"Crap!" Tsukune cried out as he saw the time.

Quickly jumping out of bed he ran into his shower and turned it on. Making sure to clean himself swiftly. He then proceeded to grab a small amount of food and exited his room, making his way down towards the school itself.

"Hmm, it sure is quiet today" Tsukune commented as he continued walking towards the school. "I mean usually I've been jumped by either Kurumu or Mizore at this point."

It was then that Tsukune realised what was wrong. There was absolutely no one around. The campus seemed to have been vacated leaving only him still on the grounds.

"What happened to everyone?" Tsukune questioned as he continued to walk towards the school. It then struck him that he should be going to find the headmaster first.

After all, the headmaster rarely ever left the grounds so he should still be around. Feeling good about this hunch he shifted his direction from the school to the headmaster's office.

Entering into the empty hallway that lead to the headmaster's office, Tsukune could tell that his mission was going to be a failure. Pushing forwards anyways he proceeded to the door and knocked twice on it. Much to his disappointment it opened without any issues revealing an empty room that had seemed to already be torn apart.

Holes were apparent in a large portion of the room and it seemed as if there had at least been a struggle in here at some point seeing as there was fresh blood splattered across the ground. Refraining from gagging at the awful stench that suddenly permeated his senses Tsukune backed out of the office and made to leave the building.

As soon as he exited the office Tsukune heard what sounded like someone running behind him and he instantly flipped around to see whoever was running. When no one was made visible to him he relented and changed his objective. Now he needed to check the school and see if there was anyone still in there. Satisfied with his current decision Tsukune made his way back to the school.

Starting with his homeroom, Tsukune checked every single room that was around him to no avail. There were signs of slight struggles, but nothing severe enough to be called serious. He also found that everything was left in its proper places or not there at all, as if none of the other students or faculty at the school even existed. There were no apparent signs of struggle like there was in the headmaster's office which led Tsukune to believe that the damage in there was more recent than he thought originally.

Continuing on to the rest of the first floor classrooms he found some of them completely empty. The Home Economics room was devoid of anything that would detail what it was before (Tsukune actually had to double take when he walked by it). And the washrooms were as pristine as if they had never been used. The cafeteria was still the same and so was everything outside of the building.

After a few hours of this, Tsukune had cleared the ground floor and had only the second and third floor rooms to check through. Deciding to take a quick break he leaned against a wall and slid down till he was seated on the ground. Laying his head against the cool concrete wall, Tsukune began to doze off as he contemplated where everyone else had gotten to.

"Hey wake up!" a familiar voice called to Tsukune, forcing him awake.

"Wake up now!" the same voice said again as the owner violently shook Tsukune to wake him up.

Focusing his vision Tsukune saw the form of a familiar red head attempting to wake him up.

"Kokoa? You're still here?" Tsukune questioned out loud as the vampire leapt back in slight shock.

"Of course I am. Why on earth would I not be?" she asked haughtily. "I'm more interested in why you managed to stay around while Onee-chan disappeared."

"So they are all gone" Tsukune uttered dejectedly.

Kokoa looked down at the still sitting boy and found her mind beginning to wander before she immediately caught herself and began barking at him again.

"Even Kou-chan is gone. How on earth am I supposed to defend myself without him?" Kokoa continued, eliciting a sigh from Tsukune.

"Kokoa just calm down; with the two of us here we'll be able to work out what happened and get everyone back" Tsukune told the red head as he picked himself up off the floor and looked at the stairway they were near.

"So did you check upstairs at all?" Tsukune asked Kokoa.

"Crap! I didn't even think of doing that" Kokoa replied.

Tsukune smiled kindly as he gestured towards the stairs. "You want to go check?" he asked.

Kokoa reluctantly nodded in consent and Tsukune led her to the second floor where the two of them once again began their search.

"Hey I found something" Kokoa called out soon after they reached the top floor. "It looks like a trail of blood and a very familiar smelling blood judging from the aroma."

Tsukune rushed over to where Kokoa was crouching and took a look at the blood.

"So should we follow the trail?" Tsukune asked her, only to be glared at as if it was a stupid question.

"Of course we follow it so come along now or else we'll miss whoever left this fresh a trail for us" Kokoa said as she began running down the halls, following the blood.

Tsukune rushed to keep up with her, but in the end was no match for her pure vampire speed and decided to take to speed walking the rest of the way to their destination. That changed when he heard Kokoa scream. Tsukune was not used to the sound, but instantly knew that he needed to get there immediately and bolted down the hallway to meet up with the red head vampire. Upon reaching Kokoa, Tsukune saw what had caused her to scream. Lying across the teacher's desk of that room was a dead student, their blood having been taken and etched across each of the walls with a single sentence repeating over and over.

'The Game is on'

End Chapter 1

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