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1.) Tell her George Orwell didn't mean to put her in the book; she was just there to be the bratty teenager.

2.) Tell her that her issues are petty.

3.) Steal her sugar.

4.) When she asks to be in a pageant, deny her entrance.

5.) Get her a job as a wild horse in Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron. Then tell her there is no sugar in the movie.

6.) Prod her with a cattle prod every time she tries to go to the other farm.

7.) Get her a job in the army as a war horse. When she complains, give her grass to shut her up.

8.) Destroy her name spelt in sticks.

9.) Like stealing her sugar, steal her ribbons.

10.) Embarrass Mollie at her sweet 16 birthday party. Though I'm not sure when that'll be in a horse's life, go along with it.

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