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Hail the Conquering Heroes

"Hail!" Naruto cheered drunkenly, and laughed as he threw an arm around Sasuke's shoulder and stumbled. "Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail!"

The word so amused him, that he tripped over himself laughing and almost brought Sasuke down with him. Normally, Sasuke would have been very upset that he had almost met Certain Doom in the form of a bench to his face, but his cheeks were flushed and he was laughing just as hard. "Hail!" He chortled, and hiccupped.

Sakura had started out as the responsible one that evening, but now she much too busy dancing on a table (consequently the same table Lee was passed out under) to care about her dignity. Ino was happily engaged in the same, with less clothing (if it were possible) and had already managed to kick about half the drinks off the bar. None of the owners of the glasses seemed the littlest bit upset, besides a mild confusion when their groping hands met air.

Kiba and Akamaru were engaged in a thumb-wrestling contest, but were having a very difficult time of the whole affair as they couldn't figure out where Akamaru's thumbs actually were. Choji has long since sprawled himself against the wall next to Shikamaru to discuss the ever important affair of exactly what shapes the bubbles in their drinks were making and the significance of them in their lives, philosophy, and the errors of the world in general.

Shino and Hinata were sprawled over a table, letting out shrill giggles and singing songs they hadn't known before they had taken a drink, loudly, and off key.

Neji had somehow convinced Tenten that he had dropped a peanut in her mouth, and was thoroughly employed in fishing it out.

Kakashi grinned. And Suna said they didn't know how to throw a party.


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