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Naruto is deathly afraid of empty rooms.

He doesn't know what it is about them, but it's only the truly echoing rooms that frighten him. No furniture, no people, no nothing except wooden floorboards and blank walks. There is simply something terribly unsettling about the whole affair—something that awakens something old and deep within him that digs its claws into his belly and twists.

He explains it away to himself by saying he always used to be alone, now he just wants to make sure he isn't, that's all.

But something shadowy in his memories screams of a night in a crib in a blank room waiting and waiting for someone to return, and they just never came.



Sakura has a mild terror of spiders.

…That occasionally goes beyond mild.

When she was young she screamed when she saw them, and refused to even be in the same room with them. She had been so terrified after reading a book in which there was a spider the size of a dinner plate she insisted having the comfort of her parents to chase away the images of spiders on the walls.

Now, she has decided it was a childish, girlish fear, unbefitting of her new station as the Godaime's apprentice. Now, she crushes them into tiny, twitching bits whenever she sees them and only lets out the occasional squeal.

Naruto finds this endlessly funny, and will leave plastic spiders sitting on her desk and laugh when she squeals when they just don't die.

She gets him back by punching him through a wall.



Sasuke does not know what he fears.

He knows Naruto's power unsettles him, and he knows that he is uneasy around Madara, but he refuses to see it as fear- because fear is a weakness, and he has long since buried his weakness in his hatred.

Never again will he have to use pain to make himself move. Never again will he tremble against stone. Never, ever again will he feel that heart-stopping weakness that froze his breath.

No, Sasuke fears nothing. Not Naruto, not Madara, and never his own weakness.


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