Time Out! Substitution!

Chapter 1 - Prologue

"Satoshi-kun…" Ritsu moaned as she lay in bed with a moist towel on her forehead. She then turned to me, sitting at her bedside with a serious look on my face. "Seems I won't heal in time…"

A fit of coughing then ensued, making the towel slip from her brow. Today was the day of Sakura-gakou's cultural festival and Afterschool Tea Time was supposedly going to have a performance. The two of us there knew all too well that the band wouldn't be able to play well without a drummer, so Ritsu must've felt really bad about catching whatever she caught at such a critical time. This was where I came in.

"Don't stress yourself sis…" I said, trying my best to sound as reassuring as I possibly could. Reaching for the slipped towel, I put it back on her forehead making her smile.

"You do remember everything I taught you…" Ritsu continued despite my request that she rest up, "We drummers are the rhythm of the band. We are the ones who urge the others onwards."

"I know, I know…" I said, "You taught me that when you were teaching me the drums…"

Indeed, for almost a year now, my sister had been teaching me the basics of drumming. I had learned a lot in that one year and grew attached to the drum set. Now at my sister's time of need, it was time for me to step up my game. I was going to replace her in today's performance. However...

"Alright then." She said, ruffling my hair a bit, "So, now you know what to do."

This particular substitution came at a price. A heavy one.

Hanging on the doorknob of her room was the fall uniform of Sakura-gakou, an all-girl's school in suburban Osaka. The uniform consisted of a skirt, a blouse, a blazer and a ribbon. Exactly why am I going through the trouble of describing this particular uniform? Well... in order to perform today, that was the uniform I would have to wear. That's right... I had to cross-dress. I hope my consciousness will forgive me tomorrow...

Gritting my teeth, I stood up and headed over to that doorknob, collecting the uniform and slowly putting it on. The blouse, the skirt, the blazer, the ribbon… I put all of it on. Then, I took a brown wig on top of my sister's study table and put the damn thing (regretfully) over my head. Finally, I put on Ritsu's favorite headband. In that moment of mixed solidarity and scrutiny, I looked almost exactly like my sister Ritsu. The girl who had been so sickly a moment ago then started laughing hysterically.

"Cross-dresser!" She teased

"Shut up!" I countered sharply, "I'm doing this for you okay?"

"Alright…" Ritsu said sticking out her tongue, "Thank you Satoshi-kun."

"Don't mention it…" I mumbled as I put on my elder sister's headband, "And I mean literally, don't freakin tell anyone cause I'm gonna be so mad!"

"I won't, I won't." She chuckled weakly, "So go ahead. They're all waiting for you."


Pouring her another glass of water by her bedside and preparing some of her medicine, I took my leave and started walking towards Sakura-gakou in my sister's uniform. In the pockets of her blazer, I fished out a set of drumsticks and held onto them tightly. The things I do for love... I can see why those philosophers call love irrational. I mean, what kind of a man dresses up as a girl for his sister's sake? Freud would have a field day with this... Hopefully, I don't embarrass myself... too much.

Walking briskly through the town, not a person looked at me strangely thanks to the brunette wig my sister had loaned me. Despite that, I felt really weird walking around in girl's clothes! Any man would feel weird doing that anyways, but given my situation, it was still something else. I mean, damn these skirts are breezy! How do they manage going to school in these all year? Being used to the male gakuran as the standard-issue uniform in school, wearing blouses and skirts was waaaaaay out of my comfort zone. Sheesh. Not having time to ponder the peculiarities of female fashion any longer, I found myself at the entrance of Sakura-gakou. This was it... let's get it over with.

As I walked through the entrance though, I would soon find out that I wasn't the only one dressing up as someone else that day. Walking almost as nervously as I was just a while ago, someone who looked an awful lot like Yui Hirasawa, the band's guitarist, passed me by. Her uniform was the same as Yui's. Her hairstyle was the same as Yui's. The only thing was, she wasn't Yui.

"Ui-chan?" I called

"Satoshi-kun?" She replied

Realizing the predicament the two of us had landed into, Ui and I could only sigh. It was going to be a long day.

To Be Continued

Author's Notes: For those of you familiar with my other K-ON work "Reaching for the Stars", you may notice the similar narration style. Satoshi barely evaded having to cross-dress in Reaching for the Stars. Now he has no escape! Haha! This is a little project of mine I made up one boring day. I figured that I should make a K-ON only story too, and this premise came to mind. Hope you all enjoy it! Please R&R! I'll appreciate it!