- - Mandy - -
Mandy sat in the Animal Ark clinic. It was the weekend; James, her best guy friend - rephrase that, Best friend - was walking Blackie, his over energetic black lab. Moreso, Blackie was walking him. She watched as he walked up and down the animal ark clinic with Blackie leading the way. From inside, she couldn't hear exactly what he was yelling at the dog, but it was something along the lines of, " STOP! HEAL! BLAACKIE! " she laughed as he finally stopped, James caught his breath, and Blackie saw Mandy and bolted inside the Animal Ark with licks on her face.
"BLACKIE! Stop! Ahaha!" she laughed as he pushed her down and covered her with licks all over her face. "Blackie, Blackie!" James called and tried to pull him off. For the first time he succeeded. "I think I'm becoming a good dog trainer, if I do say so myself!" Mandy whiped the dirt off her skirt and laughed. "Yeah James. Great dog trainers get pulled down the road with their dog and let them trample their best friend." She said sarcastically.
James cocked his eyebrowl and smiled. "I know right. Lemme run home and put Blackie up, then i'll help you with your Chores in Animal Ark." As soon as he said 'run' Blackie pulled at his leash.
"RUN!" She called to him and he bolted. "Hurry back!" Mandy said, laughing.
Mrs. Hope walked out of the door.
"Mandy come on; you have to do your chores. We have two underfed hamsters, two cats, and one shih tzu who broke her paw." she said the words clustered together to where you could barely hear them, and it sounded like more work than it really was."Okay Mom!" Mandy said, walking into the clinic and hearing an enormous barking. "ARE YOU SURE thats a Shih tzu, and not a Labrador?" she laughed and walked to the back where the dog was still barking.
"Sh sh sh, little one... no need to be afraid." she said and petted him through the bars. The dog slowed his barking, but still slightly whining.
"Now Now, pup... stay here, i'm going to go get you some water, okay?" still petting his head slowly, she walked over to the cat section to see the cats. They both were flopped down beside eachother, curled up in a ball. There was blood seeping out of one of their bandages.
"Oh my..." she said and walked to get some water for the shih tzu. As she finally got the water, she heard someone coming back to the clinic."Hey Mandy." said a voice she didnt recognise. She dropped the bowl instinctively. "Who's there?" she called, her back to the entrance. A scream errupted from the entrance, and she figured out this man was not the greater good.
"Wh-who are you..." She began to turn around, and felt a arm around her neck and something on her head. "DONT MOVE!" her eyes got wide and her blood ran cold. "Who are you?" she called, careful not to move a muscle but her mouth.
"NOONE. NOW SHUT UP." he looked to everyone else and said. "If you move this female gets it." Mrs. Hope froze, her eyes slowing shifting from Mandy to the collapsed father.

How much she would give to see the police walk in and arrest this man.