Mandy's eyes were wide. Did she get hurt? Would she die? Her heart beat fast and her breathing was getting harder. She was panicking. No Don't panick, Mandy. He won't hurt you; he won't hurt anyone, he won't hurt the animals. Oh my god, what if James walked in? Would he shoot James? Her faith was that James decided not to come back.. to abandon her, just once...
Mandy wanted to scream. Scream her lungs out, scream her heart out. She wanted to yell " HELP ME! ". But this man would shoot her... there were so many things she wanted to do that she could not.
The man was edging torwards the cash register. He slammed Mandy into the side of the wanted to scream, but she didn't. She only flinched. She felt hot gazes on her. "DON'T MOVE!" he said, his harsh voice meaning that he meant it.

She wanted to move. She wanted to run, she wanted to scream. Horrified, she sat there, afraid to move, afraid to speak, afraid to do anything but breathe. She kept her eyes on the man. He was wearing a dark jacket. His face wasn't visible and his eyes were a tough darker brown. He had a hoodie over his hair and a mask on his face so you couldn't see who he was. He had a voice... a voice like a P.E. teacher... so scary; so horrifying.
She shuttered and his brown gaze was on her, the gun pointed. He could sense if she had the softest movement; there was no way she was escaping.
"I SAID DON'T MOVE!" he said, and the whole room was silent. Then he pointed to Mrs. Hope. "Where's the Money?" he said, a lower voice and the gun pointed at her.
"The money? A-Animal Ark is a non profit organization... We-we only have a couple hundred do -" but he cocked the gun. "THEN WHERE'S THE COUPLE HUNDRED DOLLARS?" he said in a sterner voice.
"Cash register." she said blankly, and he stuffed the last of our money in his pockets. He bent over, no longer visible. He probably couldn't see me.
Mandy shuddered and moved her hands, to test it, and he didn't move. A door was opening behind her, but she couldn't hear the creak. James' scent filled the room, and Mandy knew he was here... to help. 'Leave, James, Leave,' she thought with a jolt. 'I don't want you to die, James.' A crowbar hit Mandy's side and she looked up desperately at the swift James. He was inching toward the man. His crowbar in his hand. 'No James!' she forced herself not to speak. Even a movement could send poor James to his death.
His eyes were slightly narrowed, and he ran, fast as she'd ever seen him, and the SLAM of a crowbar hit the man. "O- WHAT THE -" another slam interupted the mans speach. Only an inch more and James would have died... The slam was James hitting him with a crowbar. Everyone was all quiet. But Mandy was standing.
"J-James!" She said, and ran up to him and give him a almost-slow-motion hug. "Oh my god, James... you... you saved my life." she choked on her own tears, and realized she was sobbing.
James did not answer, but wrapped his arms around Mandy. "I saved all of your lives, Mandy..." but she wasn't listening. She kept hugging him... she would hug him until the police came. She would hug him until he ordered her to stop... In a swift movement, everyone was out of the room. Mandy and James were alone, behind the cash register, with a man at their footsteps. Mandy let her arms go and met eyes with James. They looked so loving... so sweet... so kind. She looked away when she noticed that she was staring. "W-We should probably call the cops..." she said lowly, but his eyes were trying to meet with hers again. "Already done," he said, not once out of focus.
"Th-" but she couldn't finish. As soon as their eyes met, directly in mid-sentence, James' lips met with hers.
And she kissed him... not just kissed him, but kissed him. For 47 seconds.

E n d