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"You've never seen The Defiant Ones?" Anthony DiNozzo asked Timothy McGee incredulously.

"No, Tony, I have never seen it." McGee answered the aggravation obvious in his voice. He wasn't in the mood for Tony's endless movie references. It was bad enough they had to stay at the crime scene out in the middle of nowhere, alone. Tony was like the big brother McGee never had and like a big brother; sometimes he could drive Tim up a wall.

"What's wrong with you, McCranky?" Tony asked his sulking partner. Tony didn't even have to ask. He knew why McGee was in a bad mood. It was the same reason they all were. They had been working tirelessly to find the murderer of a young teenage girl who was the daughter of a high ranking naval officer.

Gibbs had received a call while they were at the crime scene; he and Ziva left immediately after the call to chase another lead, leaving Tony and McGee alone at the crime scene for hours. Once they were finished processing the area, they began their two-hour journey back to the office.

The roads were long and seemingly deserted. They hadn't passed another car in over half an hour. They were only an hour outside of DC but the roads were so uninhabited that Tony really wasn't sure where they were going anymore. Not that he was going to admit that to McGee.

McGee notices Tony looking around and sighed. "Are we lost?" He asked tiredly.

"No, we are not lost." Tony insisted. "I know exactly where we are going." Tim rolled his eyes but dropped it. Tony wasn't going to admit he was lost.

The long, curvy dirt road they had been on for a while now finally came to an intersection. Traffic lights were absent but it wasn't like they needed them on this road anyway. They hadn't seen anybody for a long time and they didn't expect to now. Tony slowed down anyway just to be on the safe side.

He looked out of McGee's window to see if any other cars were coming. He could see a long way into the distance to find nobody coming. He turned to look out his own driver side window to check for cars there too. There was a turn right before the intersection so he couldn't see that much of the road before it made the turn. There were a lot of trees and the road disappeared behind it so he couldn't tell if anyone was coming.

"That's dangerous." Tony murmured to himself as he put his foot on the gas pedal and began to cross the intersection.

They hadn't gotten halfway through to the other side before they heard tires squealing as a car went around the corner way to fast. Tony didn't even have time to react before he heard McGee yell his name. He heard the sound of metal crushing metal, glass shattering, and wheels screeching before pain engulfed his entire body; the darkness was soon to follow.


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