Waiting rooms sucked, it was that simple.

The only people to ever be in them were people in danger of losing someone close to them, someone they cared about. The walls were always plain, white, and depressing; there was always the distinct smell of disinfectant, that sterile smell that could only be associated with hospitals.

As the time ticked by, McGee's moment of hope that Tony would be all right was fading. Every time the hands on the clock ticked by the minutes and hours McGee found he was losing hope.

No. He couldn't think like that. Tony would be all right, he was always all right.

It hadn't taken that much time for McGee himself to get the all clear. His leg was fractured but not completely broken so they didn't even have to set it. He had a concussion but it was only a mild one so they didn't admit him. All in all, he had been very lucky. He had pretty much walked away without a scratch unlike Tony who was currently having lifesaving surgery.

Gibbs and Ziva were restless. They paced the small waiting room, passing each other as they went back and forth. McGee wished he could join them in their vigorous vigil of the door but he was wheel chair for the next six weeks so all he could do was sit there and worry silently, thinking about the man who had been like a brother to him, an annoying older brother who plays pranks on him and humiliated him whenever he could, but a brother nonetheless.

Ziva's mind was racing as she paced the floor of the waiting room. She could not believe this had happened. Everything was fine, Tony was fine; he just had to be. She had felt physically ill when she had seen the extent of Tony's injuries; especially the metal in his stomach from the explosion, McGee had already explained to them how Tony received that injury. She had been injured on the job; they all had, but never like this.

Gibbs wanted to punch something, or someone, but the only person he could punch that would actually make him feel better was dead, killed by Ziva. He still wanted to hit something; he was seriously starting to contemplate the wall. He would never admit it to anyone but Tony was like a son to him. His whole team was his family but more specifically Tony had become the most like his own family. Losing DiNozzo would be like losing Shannon and Kelly all over again and he didn't think he could handle that again. Actually he knew he couldn't handle that again; DiNozzo better make it out of surgery…alive.

All agents were lost in their own silent worlds of worry and pain when the doctor finally entered the room. She was a young doctor, probably no more than thirty but the thing that stood out to the three agents was the blood spattered on her light bluish green scrubs. They didn't need to be told whose blood it was.

"Are you all here for Anthony DiNozzo?" She asked looking at the disheveled group.

Gibbs walked up to her, Ziva not far behind and McGee trying to maneuver the wheel chair in the small space. They should really make these rooms bigger, McGee thought to himself as his struggled continued.

"Yes, we are." Gibbs asked. "How is he?" He asked impatiently.

"He survived the surgery." She informed them, noting the relief in their eyes for the simple fact that their friend and coworker was simply still breathing and maintaining a heartbeat. "His injuries were extensive and he still has a long road ahead of him but I am cautiously optimistic that he should make a full recovery in time."

Gibbs simply nodded asking, "What is the extent of his injuries?"

"Oh yes, as you all know, when he came in he had a piece of metal impaled in his side, we were able to remove it and it hit nothing vital. He did however lose a lot of blood from that injury, which we are currently replenishing intravenously. He also had some internal bleeding, mostly likely caused by the force of him hitting his abdomen on the steering wheel during the crash. The damage was a tear in his spleen, we were able to repair it but it may cause some problems for him in the future." Gibbs had to stop her there.

"What do you mean problems?" He asked, giving her a watered down version of his infamous Gibbs glare.

"I mean his spleen may become enlarged which could be benign if that happens but also could mean we would have to remove his spleen at a later date. Remember, this is only a possibility now but may never happen." She added when she saw some of the concern return to the older man's eyes.

"He also has a minor concussion which should resolve itself within the next couple of days." She finished when she heard the younger man in the wheel chair begin to speak.

"Why did he have a seizure?" The wheel chair bound man asked quietly.

"Sometimes severe blunt force trauma to the abdomen can cause shock, which can cause seizures in some patients. It's fairly uncommon but is still possible. Although it may look rather unnerving there really is no cause for concern anymore now that the shock has been treated properly." That seemed to put the injured man at ease a little so she nodded and said, "Do you have any more questions?" She asked, "Oh, my name is Dr. Morrison."

"Gibbs." The older man replied holding out his hand which she took. His grip was strong but so was hers and when they let go Gibbs couldn't help but think this young doctor looked an awful lot like what he imagined Kelly would look like if she had been alive.

"Can we see him?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes you can but only one at a time for right now, he's in the ICU until further noticed and their pretty strict about the rules up there." Gibbs was about to follow her when he turned back at McGee.

"You should go, McGee." McGee nodded once and, as quickly as he could, followed Dr. Morrison. Once they arrived at Tony's room Dr. Morrison stopped and allowed McGee to enter the room alone.

As soon as he went into the room he noticed how impossibly still Tony was. It wasn't normal, Tony should be doing what he was always which included making jokes and never staying still. He rolled right to the edge of the bed and took in Tony's pale complexion. There were wires and IVs connected to so many places on Tony's body that he couldn't believe the man in front of him was expected to make a full recovery. There was also a nasal cannula snaking under Tony's nose.

He just sat there. Waiting for Tony to wake up, thinking about what Tony had said to him in the ambulance. After what felt like an eternity, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see who was there with him, finding Gibbs standing behind him.

"He just looks like he's sleeping." McGee said, staring at the pale face of his friend.

"Well, yeah, McGee. That's probably because he is." Gibbs answered lightly.

"That's not what I mean." McGee said in barely a whisper.

"I know." Gibbs replied. "What happened out there, McGee?"

"I don't really know," McGee started. "We were driving back from the crime scene when we were t-boned on Tony's side. The other car hit his door, Gibbs. I must have hit my head because the next thing I remember is Tony trying to wake me up. "McGee paused and Gibbs waited for him to continue.

"He said he didn't know if he was fine at first, then tried to cover it up by insisting he was. I don't know what happened, it happened so quickly. He was in so much pain all of a sudden, maybe he had been the whole time, I honestly don't know." Gibbs wasn't surprised at all to hear that Tony had tried to hide his injuries. He just wished his senior field agent didn't have so many injuries to hide all the time.

"I knew he was really in trouble when he passed out. I tried to get him out of the car through his door but it was too badly smashed. I got him out through the passenger door. When he woke up he saw the bomb strapped to the bottom of the car. He was practically dragging me along the whole way; I don't know how he managed to do that." Gibbs knew, he knew as senior field agent Tony always felt like it was his job to keep the team safe, especially McGee. It was the same way he got when his team was in trouble.

"When the bomb went off, we got knocked off our feet. When I woke up again, I found him with the pipe in his stomach. That's when he had the seizure." Gibbs needed to know more, but McGee's voice kept getting quieter and quieter until Gibbs had to strain to hear the junior agent.

McGee was going to continue when he saw Tony's fingers twitch. "Gibbs, I think he's waking up." McGee pointed out.

It didn't take long before Tony's eyes blinked open. He closed them again with a groan. Gibbs was at his side in a second.

"DiNozzo, ya with us?" Tony groaned again but opened his eyes once again.

"I'm with ya, boss." Gibbs nodded approvingly and stepped back. McGee leaned forward as Tony turned his head towards him.

"Probie," Tony started, "Thanks." McGee was confused at that. He didn't' know why Tony would be thanking him.

"Why?" McGee asked, honestly not knowing.

"Keeping me alive out there," Tony said simply.

"I didn't do anything, Tony; you were the one who kept us alive."

"In the ambulance," Tony continued. "Not sure if I could have held on if you hadn't been there." That touched McGee deeply. He had always known they were friends but this experience had really helped their brotherly bond.

Gibbs was touched by his agents' friendship as well. He knew they were going to be ok, they would also always have each other; they would all have each other. Gibbs started to walk out of the room when he turned around.

"And don't either of you even think about doing that to me again, or you'll both be on desk duty for the rest of your careers." The look on both of his agent's faces was priceless. Gibbs exited the room with a smile and feeling that everything was going to be all right.

At least, for now.


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