Reunion Adventure II

Cajun Strong Man 2

After we we saved Thor an the other Norse gods, I decided that I wanted to continue the reunion that started when I went to my home world. I made the decision to ask Bobby and Angelica to come with me back to my current home world.

So we went back to the Justice League's world.

Before we went back, we had to go and get the twins from the X-Mansion. When we told Professor-X, he said that he had no problem with it. We I did not expect was Shadowcat wanting to come with us as well.

So, the four of us went to Warren's business and the four of us went back.

When we arrived, I touched my communicator and and said, "Spider-Man to Watchtower."

"Watchtower, J'onn here, Spider-Man."

I asked, "Is Ice on the station?"

He said, "Yes, Her and fire are on monitor duty."

I said, "Four to beam aboard."

He said, "Three minutes."

I turned to Bobby and said, "I have someone to introduce you to."

I did the same with Kitty.

Three minutes later, we were on the Watchtower and they were amazed at it and its view of the earth. A moment later, J'onn Phased through floor.

I looked at Kitty and said, "Yes, he is an alien and he can phase through things like you."

We went into the monitor room where Fire and Ice were on duty.

I called Tora over and said, "Tora, I have someone to introduce to you."

She said, "Who would this be?"

I said, "This is Bobby Drake."

I looked at Bobby and said, "Show her."

He did his thing and became Iceman.

I could see that she thought he was attractive.

Fire looked at Angelica and asked, "What are your powers."

Angelica raised her arms, gave up her heat and changed into Firestar.

As we talked there was a pen that dropped which rolled under the table.

Kitty said, "Oh, let me get that." she crawled under the table and phased her arm through and placed on the table.

When she went back to her seat, I looked directly at J'onn and said nothing.

After the meeting, as we were walking back to J'onn said something strange, "Yes I have many other powers and I thank you for being attracted to me."

I looked at Kitty and said, "He reads minds."

Kitty blushed and said, "I thought I hid my mind good. I was taught to do this by the Professor."

He said, "It was not your fault for I believe that our minds are linked.

I had a feeling that Kitty wanted to stay with J'onn to explore this seeming link between them.

Bobby, Angelica, and I got to the teleporters and went back to Gotham.