Pure Intentions

By MonkeyGirl1996


It was all ready. The de-aging potion, a bag full of wizard money, a fake birth certificate, transfer papers from a small wizard school in England that closed down in the summer of 1944, a cover up story, the freely given Unicorn horn, a thorn pulled out of a lion's foot and most importantly: The Spell. All that she had left to do was say good-bye, to everyone, except for Ron he already knew.

"Hermione I love you, you love me. We've known each other forever and I don't see why well..." Ron knelt down on one knee, "Hermione Jean Granger will you marry me?"

"I love you too Ron but… I just can't marry you. Not right now. I'm going away for a while, and I don't know if and when I'll be back. I'm sorry so Ron, please forgive me." And with that Hermione fled from the room before he could see her tears.

She shook her head to clear the memory; he just had to ask right before she left didn't he? Oh well, in a few hours she was going to meet with the Weasleys, Neville, Luna, Harry and Ginny. And then she would go to an open field, where she would perform the spell and make her way to King Cross Station and most likely, her doom.

By 3 o'clock everyone was gathered in Hermione Granger's living room, the owner of said living room got up, "I'm going to be going away for a while," she said holding up a hand to stop her friend's interruptions, "don't ask where I'm going, I won't tell you, nor will I stay even if you beg me too. Harry, Ginny since you just got married and don't have a house yet, I would love it if you would stay here until I get back. I love you all but I have to go now. Harry would you come help me get my bags?"

"O.K." Was all he could say, everyone in the room but Hermione was dumbstruck.

When they reached the master bedroom Hermione sat down and beckoned Harry to join her. "Are you leaving because Ron asked you to marry him?" He said as soon as he sat down.

"No. In fact I'm this close to not going because of that."

"Then why?"

"You'll see in a while." She handed him a letter. "Read this on Christmas and tell everyone you think should know what it says." With that she picked up a bag and Harry did the same.

After many teary eyed hugs and good-byes Hermione walked out of the door and haled a cab to take her to an empty field where she could perform the spell that would change her life forever.

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