Minerva, Eileen and Hermione got ready to go to the ball together. "I still can't believe that Jason asked me to go!" Minerva gushed.

"Hold still! I can't put your makeup on if you keep talking." Hermione realized, with pain, how much she sounded like Ginny.

"Yes ma'am!"

Hermione turned to Eileen, "You and Jonathan make such a cute couple!"

"We're just going as friends. Now you and Gab! That was a surprise. He hasn't dated since his old girlfriend broke up with him in 5th year!"

"Really? I wonder why he asked me then."

"Because you're beautiful, smart, nice, shall I go on?" Minerva piped in.

"No I'm not!" Eileen and Minerva shared a look then sighed and let it drop.

"The boys will be waiting, lets go!"

At the bottom of the stairs she found Gab and a dozen roses waiting for her. "Oh thank you! They're gorgeous."

"As are you Hermione."

She blushed, "Thank you Gab, you look very nice as well."

"Are you ready to go?" He asked, offering her his arm. Hermione nodded and they headed down to the Great Hall arm in arm.

They danced for what seemed like hours, one song after the next. As they danced, they talked. Hermione wished she could tell him the truth about herself, but she couldn't. She had fun though. At midnight Gab went to go get some drinks, Hermione sat down on a bench and saw Gab talking to Tom Riddle. Riddle came over to her, "Your date had to go talk to a professor for a moment. While he's gone would you like to dance?"

Hermione couldn't think of a good excuse not to, so she let him sweep her out to the dance floor. They danced for a while before he said, "Monday we are starting a project in Time Travel, would you like to be my partner?"

"I don't think so Mr. Riddle, I'll probably partner with Gab." She said then added, "Where is he by the way?" Hermione looked around for him but did not see him.

"Maybe he went back to your commons." Tom suggested.

"I'll go look for him, good-bye Mr. Riddle." Hermione left before he could answer, she had a feeling that there was something bad going on.

Gab wasn't in the common room when Hermione got there. She didn't want to go to back to the dance so she went up to bed instead. When she walked into her room she was greeted by Minerva who ran over to hug her. "Isn't it horrible? I can't believe someone would do this! Poor Gab!"

"Whoa! Minerva slow down!" Hermione cried.

"You didn't hear?" Minerva looked at her quizzically.

"No, what happened?"

"Someone put a curse on him that broke all of his bones. They can only heal one bone at a time, that many potions would kill him, so he's going to be in a lot of pain and have to heal mostly in the muggle way. He'll be in the hospital wing for months!"

"Oh no! Should I go see him? I can't believe this happened!"

"It's okay Hermione. Just go to sleep and you can go see him tomorrow."

The next day Hermione went to see Gab. He was asleep. The nurse said he would be for a few days. Hermione sat by him for a while then went to the Room of Requirement feeling guilty. What she saw there surprised her. It was a living breathing picture of Harry and Ron. It was like watching a movie.

"What am I going to do Harry? McGonagall said that she'd come back married. I love her Harry!"

"Do you really Ron? I know that you don't. We both do."

"I asked her to marry me! Of course I love her!"

"Ron, you liked her but you never loved her. Why do you think she said no? You two would never make a good couple. You fight too much. She was just to proud to say anything and you were to stupid to see it."

"What do I do then? I still want to be her friend."

"Why don't you start dating? Hermione won't mind. She'll be happy for you."

"Yeah, maybe I will. Do you think Luna would go out with me?"

The scene faded, the sound of Harry's laughter echoing about the silent room.

As Hermione sat there she realized that she hadn't just felt guilty about Gab getting hurt, she was also guilty about dating him.

Hermione spent the rest of the day in the Room of Requirement, doing homework and practicing spells. At 9:30-the room had provided dinner- she started towardthe door. And bumped in to Tom Riddle.

"Why Miss Granger, if you want to keep your time traveling a secret, now that I know for sure, I guess you'll just have to be my partner."

"T-time travel? What do you mean?" Hermione asked, her fear plain on her face.

He smirked at her, "You heard me. Now run along and don't forget that you're my partner in Time Travel tomorrow."

Hermione was still standing there, frozen with shock, a hour later when Minerva found her. As they walked back to the common room Hermione's only thought was that Tom Riddle knew her secret, but she didn't understand why she felt like she was now going to die.

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