She came

Chapter 1

Stay Away

(Haruna's POV)

My heart was racing as I headed down the stair well my heart was beating in time with my footsteps it was unmistakinable I was all alone and it was going to stay that way. Everybody calls me hopeless except for my best friend Mami-chan she was on the base ball team with me in middle school, she is the only one that I can depend on she never breaks her promises.

As I was getting onto the bottom steps I fell into someones arms, I look up into those sparkling blue eyes and I melt he was so amazingly handsome I was just about to say something when I heard him murmer clumsy, I was so hurt I pushed him and fell but quickly doged falling on the floor instead landing on my feet as soon as my feet touched ground I ran.

I don't know how long I ran for but it must have been a while because I'm out of breath, I look around my surroundings I find that I'm at that spot, I never mention what happend to anybody not even my parents I was traumatized.

This is what happend though I was walking home one day after base ball practise and I stoped by the water front and went to sit on the bench the veiw was so beautiful, as I was watching the sunset I heard voices behind me they were getting louder by the second. I didn't think anything of it though, that was the sad thing because I was so oblivious I didn't know their motives but I sure found out all right.


" hey you yeah I see you look at me!" I turned around and that was when I was grabbed from behind while one of my captors held my mouth closed, they took of my sweats and then my top I was in my underwear and bra they looked at me and laughed. "you aren't even worth raping your to boyish out of clothes and in them." So they let go of me and walked away I put my clothes back on and went home took a shower to get rid of their filth and flopped down on my bed and cried that was the first time I ever cried.

(Out Of Flashback)

I never wanted to come back here again because the memory's still haunt me but I know that I'm alright. A second later I feel a hand on my shoulder I look behind me and see the guy who caught me falling down the stairs.

" Sorry for saying something so rude and I'm also sorry for making you cry my name is Yoh." I looked at him blinking for a moment wondering what he meant about making me cry I touch my cheek with my fingertips and feel the wetness. " You didn't make me cry it was something else and my name Haruna." I stated with shock, I haven't cried scince that day.

(Yoh's POV)

I look at her my heart calls for her and so does my mind I can't seem to tear my eyes away from her tear stained face she looks like an angel. " why are you crying then?" I desperetly want to know what could make her cry. So she told me the whole story and in the end I'm the one who ended up crying I couldn't believe what they did to her she's perfect.

"Haruna will you be my girlfriend I know I have fallen in love with you I want this one chance please?" She looks at me with all the suprise and joy in her eyes that I could ever imagin and I know that we will both be happy from now on.