warheroes…. That's the name of my story.

prologue: the beginning of a hero.

In the beginning friends were made. But then they joined him…. In his search for a lost cause. Our hero, axis coronto. A warhound known for his skills in tactical planning and machine gun handling. This is his beginning.

On the planet of araxis, his home planet. In the universe of fraisa. He is fighting for freedom now. And he will succeed. and he will come home again. as a hero. and he will be known as a pilot, a captain, a repairman, and a weapons builder all on his own. and he has friends to help him, they are bart, his best friend and spanish accented

notes: this is my story. entirely original, all the characters starring in this story are original, including the ships and weapons and all of its characters are based off the fox and or german sheppard anatomy shaped into humanoid creatures, as previously seen in my favorite videogame, starfox. but they are all original. nintendo, i will not disappoint you

P.S. the storyline is going to be about a man who is distantly related to the starfox character fox mccloud. so this is a little on the fanfiction side but only i know who appears and who wont.