Warheroes…. That's the name of my story….

Warheroes data log 5: dinner at the cantina.

Last time we saw axis and his friend Sarah, soon to be fiancée if he accomplishes winning her over, is now on cortona. Over at the cantina at flare spaceport. Heres what the conversation is. And you might enjoy this. In fact a new face appears.

Axis: so…. Here we are.

Sarah: yeah. Here we are.

Axis: I'll go find us a table.

?: who are you son?

Axis: more importantly who are you armor clad Joe?

?: the names AC.

Axis: AC?

AC: it's AC to you until we return to araxis.

Axis: ok…..

AC: I see you have a girl with you. Well I'd suggest ordering the sand lobster and the wine to please her.

Axis: you know what will win over a girl?

AC: son….. I've been alive for over 200,000 year's


AC: yep…. This old warhound has had enough of fighting in his life. Now I seek peace and quiet from the sound of war weapons firing back and forth.

Axis: my father was called warhound….. Could you….. Be him?

AC: you have a mother named Cathleen?

Axis: yes… I do.

AC: well then hello son my name is Axis Coronto senior.

Axis: father….?

Will this turn into a family thing while dinner between Jr and Sarah is going on? We shall see.