A Bet

"You aren't going to be able to do it," River says, as they lean against the rail around the console, watching Amy and Rory talking quietly in a corner.

"Can too," Jack responds smugly, "In fact, I have a better chance than you do."

"Yeees?" River prompts, blinking up at him curiously. He just grins and does not answer. "Go on, show me then," she prompts again, and he nods his head and moves down to join the newlyweds. He slides onto a bench beside Rory, entirely too close, and Rory shifts as if uncomfortable. River watches, curiously. Surely he doesn't think that not-so-subtly hitting on the man will be enough to win him the bet.

"Amy," Jack says, snaking an arm around Rory's waist. Rory looks positively petrified, and River shifts so that she can see his face better. She nearly laughs aloud at his expression, so obviously pleading for Amy to help him.

"What?" she asks, raising slender red eyebrows. Jack's grin widens.

"I think I should make out with Rory while you watch, as a sort of… wedding present. You've only just been married, right? What do you think?" he leans in closer to Amy, pulling Rory with him, and River knows he's putting his fifty-first century pheromones to work. Heaven knows she's done it often enough. She wishes she could see Amy's face, but the angle is totally impossible.

"Absolutely," Amy says after a brief pause, and a grin creeps up River's face. He would.

"Wait, what—" Rory begins, but Amy claps a hand over his mouth.

"Rory, Kiss. The. Man." Rory turns bright red and starts to protest, and she pushes her hand against his mouth again to emphasize her point. Jack tugs him closer with the arm that's already around his waist.

"It won't be so bad, Rory," Jack says, and he winks up at River. "I'm a great kisser."

"I'll just bet you are," Amy says, and River can hear the smirk in her voice. She throws her head back and laughs silently at Jack's genius.

"But I don't want—" Amy cuts him off once again.

"Rory. Just kiss the man, please. We can do that… thing you like… later." There is so much wicked promise in Amy's tone that River feels she ought to applaud. Really, if only the Doctor were less oblivious…

Rory sighs and seems, for a moment, to be torn. Then he mumbles as embarrassed, "All right," and Jack sweeps him onto his lap and begins kissing him. And, oh, what a kiss. Jack's face is tilted at the perfect angle for River to watch as Rory's wide surprised eyes slowly flutter closed while Jack's mouth distends in a way that lets River know he's brushing his talented tongue across Rory's lips. He has this little trick… oh, but there, Rory's opened his mouth and Jack is licking lightly along his upper gums. It tickles rather a lot, if River remembers correctly, but also feels kind of wonderful. Rory is relaxing into Jack's arms and it looks, from this angle, as if his hand might be working its way up Jack's shirt. River settles her elbows onto the rail and perches her chin in her hands, so that she can more comfortably watch the show. Rory is making throaty little sounds of pleasure now, and her grin crawls farther up her face. She can see Amy's right hand clutching the seat tightly as the woman leans forward intently. And suddenly, with no warning, Jack pulls back.

"There you have it," he says smugly, and he stands and brushes his hands off as if to say, Job well done.

"You owe me, River!" he calls in the direction of the console, but she isn't especially interested in paying and she's already disappeared to another part of the ship. She wonders if he'll bet on whether or not he can get Rory to kiss him a second time.

A/N: We all know Amy's a slasher at heart. ~Annmarie