Queen's High
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Queen is High AKA The Epilogue
by PrettyGothGirl

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Spoilers: Post X-3: The Last Stand, non cure ending, not Origins compatible.
Summary: The new students are arriving at Xavier's and a certain Cajun and his Mississippi Queen are nowhere to be found. What's an overprotective not father to do?
Author's Note: A big Thank You to my beta reader, Lost and Never Found! For a full cast list with pictures, check out my fiction livejournal prettygoth_ink. To discover the song play list that inspired this story see also prettygoth_ink.

Logan growled as he entered the kitchen and couldn't find either Rogue or Remy seated at the breakfast table. Ororo dropped her paper and raised her eyebrow at him.

"Have you seen Gumbo or Stripes?" He asked.

Ororo sighed. "No."

"I sent him after her half an hour ago." Logan said and went for some coffee. "Now I can't find either of them." The kids were going to arrive in under an hour and both Rogue and Remy needed to be present.

The other diners looked at each other and shrugged.

Ororo smiled and got up. "They're on the roof." She paused and waited until Logan took a swallow of his coffee. "Making out."

Logan spit it back out. "Damn it, 'Ro."

She laughed at him and walked over to a window, opening it. She created a wind and shouted. "Remy, Rogue, be down here in ten minutes and be decent! Or else!" She added and created a small rumble of thunder above them. She shut the window.

Logan raised his eyebrow. "Ten minutes?"

"Jean-Luc would give Remy five and he'd still make it." Ororo said and sat back down. She picked up her paper. "I'm not Jean-Luc." She added.

Logan scowled and pulled out the chair next to her.

Hank looked up from his Popular Science magazine. "How was the Kabuki?" He asked and Ororo flushed.

Logan sank downwards as he remembered what had led to last night's formal date with Ororo.

Remy's errands had taken him into the city and just past noon, Kitty had answered the door to find a deliveryman with a huge bunch of nearly black roses and asking for Marie. The only reason why Kitty knew Rogue's name was because Kitty had been her roommate and when Rogue had come downstairs, Logan winced, he hadn't known Rogue could make those girly type noises. They'd attracted most of the females in the house due to her excessive gushing over the stupid things, the card and a ribbon tied, velvet-covered box. The noise had increased due to the females' love of flowers. Rogue had opened the box and instantly snapped it shut, eyes wide as saucers. Rogue had then, thankfully, taken the fourteen (she'd counted and laughed for some reason) flowers up to her room and he'd thought it'd been the end of the matter.

Five hours later, he'd been on a coffee run to the kitchen and Hank had been headed towards the library, when Rogue had come down the stairs dressed in a red silk gown that Logan had about told her to turn around and march right back up those stairs and change. Hank however had complimented her lovely and adult appearance. She'd even put a rose in her upswept hair. She blushed a little and told them that Remy was taking her to the New York City Ballet.

The last date Bobby had taken her on had wound up being some action flick at the local mall and Logan was almost sure they'd stopped at Wendy's or McDonald's on the way home. Logan had swallowed his protests. She'd then turned to him and asked if him if he knew if the local Kabuki Theatre troop was any good, Remy desired his recommendation.

Logan knew that Remy could care less about Japanese theatre. However, Rogue was excellent at manipulating him, which had led to him going and actually looking it up after Remy had arrived in a Guild car with a male uniformed driver (Bernard) and placed the expensive ruby and diamond heart necklace around Rogue's neck that apparently had come with the roses.

Thus, last night, he'd taken Ororo out on a publicly acknowledged date and had even consented enough to wear a suit. Ororo had looked stunning in a white silk gown. He hadn't given Ororo flowers or expensive jewelry, but Remy had managed to get him reservations at a decent restaurant before the show and they'd taken one of Charles' vintage cars.

"It was good." He mumbled and refused to look up from his coffee.

"We had a lovely time." Ororo smiled from behind her paper and laid a hand on Logan's leg.

"Remy don't give a shit about Kabuki." Logan muttered and took another sip of his coffee.

"He knows you do and you never know, he might take Rogue for the cultural value." Ororo patted his leg.

Logan had a few choice words to say about cultural value in conjunction with Remy Lebeau. He knew better than to voice them in Ororo's hearing.

Remy and Rogue entered the kitchen. Remy was still buttoning his shirt. He smiled and came around the table. "Bon matin, ma soeur." He said and kissed her cheek.

Ororo looked at her watch. "Precisely on time."

Rogue finished running her fingers through her hair, turning wild and tangled into sexily tousled. She rolled her eyes. "We would have been down."

Bobby picked up his bowl and left the room. He was having sessions with the Professor, but he still couldn't stomach seeing Remy and Rogue together. Remy and Rogue refused to act any differently due to the fact they weren't the ones in the wrong in this situation.

"In time to eat breakfast?" Ororo's eyebrow rose.

Rogue flushed and pressed her body against Remy's, kissing him as she took the first cup of coffee he poured out of his hands.

"Cherie!" He pouted. She smiled at him and walked to the table. He sighed and poured another. "Dat was mine." He muttered.

"We could share, sugar." She smiled at him, sat down and crossed her legs.

Remy looked up towards the ceiling and prayed in French before looking back at her. "Remy knows bettah t'an dat." He said.

Rogue smiled and tapped her dark red nails against the ceramic mug. She still wore gloves but now most of them didn't have fingers as she'd gone out and bought new ones that tended to show bits of skin. She'd decided not to give up gloves entirely as she liked the look. Plus, Remy liked them. He liked taking them off her.

Remy took Bobby's abandoned chair and smirked at Ororo. "So how was yer date, ma soeur?"

Logan scowled. "I knew you did that on purpose."

"It was lovely." Ororo said for Remy's sake.

Rogue smiled. "We're all happy for yah." She turned her head and looked at Remy. "There's that new Tom Cruise movie coming out soon, sugar."

He snickered. "What's de point of seein' dat? It's just anot'er movie of Tom Cruise playin' Tom Cruise in fill in de blank here."

Rogue narrowed her eyes. "That's what makes it fun. We can watch and laugh at Tom Cruise pretendin' to be actin'."

Remy took a sip of his coffee. "Remy don' really like goin' to the movie theatre unless it's to a drive in." He glanced at her. "Is it dat important to yah, ma cherie?"

Logan growled. "If you go to a drive-in, you won't be watchin' the movie, Gumbo."

Remy grinned at Rogue. Rogue bit her lip and answered Remy's question. "No. Not really. Ah can wait until the DVD."

"Oh dat's better, t'en we can snuggle up." He lowered his eyelids at her. "Like we would at a drive in."

Rogue giggled. "Yah don' watch a lot of movies, do yah Cajun?"

"Remy watches plenty of movies, he just don' actually see most of dem." He smirked. "Ot'er more important t'in's to do, bebe." He dropped his gaze down her figure. She was wearing the shirt from New Orleans again, the one that moved when she did. Rogue reached up and hooked a finger under the necklace he'd bought her, moving the pendant back and forth. He looked back up and met her eyes, not the least bit ashamed.

"Ah'm thinkin' this best be a private viewin'." Rogue muttered and took a sip of her coffee.

Remy reached over and grabbed her hand, kissing the back of it. "Bon."

Charles waited in front of the school with the teachers lined up next to him as they waited for the first of the new students to arrive. He gripped his cane and smiled as the first few cars began to pull up the drive with anxious parents and equally anxious students inside.

He made pleasant conversation with the first few families and introduced the students to their teachers. Another car pulled in with Massachusetts plates, parked and a couple that Charles recognized got out with their young daughter.

He let them approach, the mother holding tightly to the pale redhead's hand. In her other arm, the girl held a large candy pink bear as almost as large as she was. Charles didn't stop smiling though the parents seemed extremely nervous. "Ah, Mr. And Mrs. Kincaid, thank you for coming," he looked down at the girl. "And you must be Cessily. Welcome to my school for gifted youngsters. I'm Charles Xavier and I hear that you are very gifted." He said.

Cessily smiled a little at him and shifted the bear in her arms. She didn't say anything though and the smile didn't quite reach her red eyes.

Charles wasn't worried about her quite yet. He had seen many young children like Cessily in his school and everything would be sorted out during her stay. He reached out his hand. Cessily looked at it for a minute and then looked at her mother. Her mother smiled at her, but her smile also didn't reach her eyes. "Go on, Cessily."

Cessily took Charles hand and he led her down the row of teachers. He stopped in front of Remy and looked down as the girl tensed, her hand squeezing down on his. He glanced at Remy who was half smiling. "This is your new teacher, Mr. Lebeau."

Remy knelt down. "Bonjour, Petite. Is yer bear takin' good care of yah?" He asked. Cessily broke out into a huge smile and nodded, hugging the bear a little closer. She let go of Charles' hand and held out her arm. Remy laughed and hugged her, squeezing her tight. He pulled back a little. "Dat's right, petite. Yah are safe here. Best go find yer room and get de best bed." He winked at her.

Cessily nodded, her grin huge. She shifted the bear into both arms and ran up the steps into the mansion. She paused at the door and gestured to her parents to hurry up.

Remy stood up and shook his head.

"I take it you've met." Charles said.

Remy looked over and saw Ororo's amused face. She'd been on the receiving end of Remy's complaints as well when he'd found out she had been the one who assigned him the children. Ororo insisted that he was better with children than teenagers and refused to change her mind on the matter. Children trusted him. Remy sighed and felt Rogue put her hands on his shoulder. Trust Ororo to be right about it. He turned her head and saw Rogue grinning at him. He rolled his eyes upwards. "All right, all right, Remy won't complain anymore."

Rogue laughed and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his lips.

It was an auspicious start to a new school year.

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