An Old Love

Author: The Lady Sirona
subject: violence and raw m/f sex [Angel/Buffy] with some mild B&D
M/F sex [Angel and Buffy]
Betaread by Janet Caires-Lesgold

Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer do not belong
to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon and the WB. I am using
them purely for my own amusement.

This is to those who think love is only for the young and beautiful. I wondered about
what it would be like for Angel and Buffy in 70 years, while he as a vampire, remains
unchanged and she withers with age.

"Hi, Mrs. Summers-Boyle!" the young boys called to her as she toiled in her
garden. She looked up to see their laughing faces as they played among her
orchard. "Hi, boys!" she called back laughing.

"She's a funny old woman," one boy whispered to the other. "You know, my
grandma was telling my Mom she never married and had two kids out of
wedlock! And some people say she keeps a young man prisoner, as a love
slave in her house!" The other looked at the whispering boy and sneered,
"Yeah, like some young guy would find an old woman like her attractive!"

Oblivious to the snide comments on her love life, Buffy summers continued
to plant her plants in the flower bed. She loved the feeling of the warm
sun on her shoulders. She had horrible arthritis now... the punishment her
body took in her Slayer years was paid for daily with aches and pains, and
joints that didn't want to move.

She felt the coolness of the earth in her fingertips and her mind thought
of the cool touch that belonged to her vampire lover, Angel. She smiled
thinking of his cool firm flesh and his young handsome face. She loved him
so much, and a relationship they at one time thought was impossible had
lasted over 70 years.

She met him when she was 16, and they grew to love each other. She made
love to him on her 17th birthday. It had cost him his soul, and he had
reverted back to the demon he was before the Gypsy curse, and had plagued
herself and the others with threats and eventually killed Jenny. He had
regained is soul, in an adventure she labeled in her mind *the Armageddon
Saga*... and they had been together ever since. She sighed. She had been
aging, and now at 86 she was a frail old woman with a serious heart
condition and bad arthritis... while Angel hadn't changed.

Her Angel. He stood 6'1" with dark wavy brown/black hair and eyes to drown
in. His body was fit and firm and cool to the touch and even after 70
years. Just the thought of him aroused her more than was right for a woman
her age. His little boy smile that was always for her warmed her heart.
She spent more time in bed with him than at anything else in her life. *I
guess that is where the rumor of my sex slave comes in.* She glanced up to
the master bedroom window, painted black, because her undead lover was in
bed between the sheets, sleeping. That probably added to the rumors about

Buffy looked down at the last plant she finished planting, and slowly got
up from her knees. It was mid afternoon... enough time for a long soak in
the hot tub to loosen and limber her old bones... and then wake Angel for a
little afternoon delight. She walked smiling toward the house.

Buffy walked into the master bedroom into the darkness that marked her
lover's realm. He was sprawled nude across the bed, on his back, his
manhood limp on his thigh. She pored over him with her eyes enjoying the
sight. He was exquisite. He was hers, body, mind, and soul, as she was his.

She dropped her towel and slowly crawled on the bed as not to wake her
sleeping lover... She had another idea of how to wake him... Slowly, she
lay alongside him and slowly took his dick into her mouth, running her
tongue along it. Of its own response, it started to swell and harden, and
she played with it more. He moaned and groaned in his sleep "Buffy?" he
asked groggily. Applying a lot of saliva to his manhood to accommodate her
lack of juices she slid him home, and he awoke and looked into her eyes as
she rocked on him smiling.

He looked up into her eyes, the most beautiful eyes in the world. Her
silver hair was out of its bun and cascaded down her face and back and hung
as a sheet of silver as she bent over him and pleasured herself on him.
Her soft lips smiled at him and he smiled back, knowing he was pleasing her
by allowing her to take him this way. He looked at the beautiful patterns
the veins made in her skin, and ached to taste her lips. "Kiss me," he
told her in a husky voice, and she complied.

He tasted her lips and his tongue darted in and fenced with her own. She
had pleased him by removing her dentures-he hated those fake things-and
he felt her gums biting down on his tongue. He remembered how good those
gums had felt on his dick and he thrust up harder into her. She squealed
in pleasure.

He could tell she was tiring. She didn't have the stamina she used to, so
he flipped her over to the passive role and stayed inside of her and slowly
and methodically started to build her passion. She lay back on the bed,
smiling, her silver hair a halo. She had the halo, while he was called the
Angel. He bent down and took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked
and nursed on it. It had been decades since they had produced milk that he
had been able to nurse on, but the memory enflamed his passion.

She started to climax and she shuddered with them. Then she grabbed at her
chest and groaned, "Angel! Nitro!" He flung himself off of her and
bounded to the table and got her Nitro spray and sprayed it under her
tongue. Frantically he waited the five minutes as she continued in pain,
and repeated it. It didn't help, and after waiting the longest five
minutes of his life, he sprayed again and picked up the phone to call 911.

"No, Angel. Stop!" She held his hand. "No. I do not want to go to the
hospital, there is nothing they can do for me" She closed her eyes: the
pain was immense and the nitroglycerin did nothing.

"No, Buffy, please! You'll die!" His heart was breaking. She looked so
worn, so pained, it broke his heart.

"Angel, I love you. I went to the doctor last week. He told me that I
have massive multi-vessel disease and they are nearly closed off, and that
there is no cure. I will not survive bypass surgery. I was a major heart
attack waiting to happen. I guess the waiting is over. I want you to do
two things for me, Angel. I knew I was going to die when I came to our bed
today. I wanted to go in your arms. I want you to make love to me and
drain me. I want my death to be pleasurable and by your hand... and
promise me you will not suicide after I am gone... *Please* I can't go on
knowing you'll suicide" She looked up at him with her pain-filled eyes.

"No, Buffy, please don't ask this of me!" He held her. She felt his
bloodstained tears on her skin. She looked at him, heartbroken: he so
rarely cried. "Please, Angel. Give it five years. Don't suicide for five
years. Promise me!" He moaned and cried, but he finally said, "Okay, five

He stroked her and she tried to relax into the attention. "I love you,
Angel," she said as he hovered over her, his blood-stained tears dropping
on her skin. She felt him enter her and he stroked her passion, and
despite the pain, he felt her body respond. He then leaned forward in game
face and sank his fangs into her neck. She felt the complete ecstasy she
always felt when he took the little drink from her, and she reveled in
it... then she leaned forward and, reaching for a small knife she had under
the pillow, cut his neck. He was so engrossed on his feeding he never even
noticed... She latched onto his neck and started to drink.

Her mind ranged back to the Armageddon Saga, when Tirla had partially
drained her and replaced her blood. "When you time comes, you will walk
with the strength of an old one, Slayer Prime. Unless you are completely
destroyed... you will walk. If an animal/vamp tries to turn you... the
demon cannot take hold against my blood... now drink." She had drunk.

Now she drank Angel's blood. She had always wanted to do so. Her secret
passion. It tasted warm and thrilling... and heightened her passion and
ended her pain. As fast as he drank it, she took it back, and finally she
orgasmed both with the feeding and with him sexually. She stopped feeding
and let herself slide into the darkness. "Remember, Angel! Five years...
I love you!" and she died.

Angel slowly came around to her dead weight in his arms. He looked down at
her body, a smile on her face. He could never deny her anything... he
even killed her on her command. With a moan, he rolled over and cried.
When he could pull himself together, he called Old Doc Roberts. When the
nurse heard his tear-filled voice, he was put right through.

"Yes-Doctor Roberts. Is that you, Angel?" He knew of Buffy's Slayer days
and of her 'unusual lover'. Many years had gone by since he was needed in
a medical capacity to the Slayer.

"She's dead," Angel cried. Doc Roberts let out a deep sigh "So she did
it, huh?" Dr. Roberts asked. "I was expecting your call."

"Did she tell you what she would do?" Angel asked him.

"When I told her she had major blockages and that she wouldn't survive
surgery, that a heart bypass wouldn't work for her, she told me she was
going to go home and make love to the man she loved. I told her it could
bring on a heart attack. She smiled and told me she wanted to go in your
arms... I am assuming you met her last request and didn't let the heart
attack kill her in pain?"

Angel grimaced, knowing this man knew he had drained her. "No, she did not
die in pain."

"I'll sign the death certificate, and will have the funeral home pick her
up. She doesn't want embalming and wants to be buried under that big tree
in the backyard. I'll send over the funeral director now. She wanted me
to remind you of something... Five years."

"Okay, have the funeral guys come after sunset." Angel got up from their
bed where she lay and slowly started to get ready.

Quite a few people came to her wake that was held in the house. He was
unaware that so many people had known Buffy. Her daylight life had been
far away from him. His unchanging status made it difficult for him to be
around her friends. He tended to avoid people for that reason.

The people coming to the wake stared at him. He was obviously running the
show, and directing the wake. They wondered if he was a grandchild of
hers. Many knew her, yet they didn't know her. She was very active in the
town, but few ever saw her private life.

He didn't care what they thought. Damnit, for once he would be seen for
what he was: her lover. He walked up to two women who were speculating on
his relationship. "I was her companion and lover," was all he said to them
as he went to sit by the casket. They scurried off, ashamed of the
thoughts that ran through their heads looking at his gorgeous appearance
and the obvious age difference.

He looked at her laid out to rest. His soul ached to wait for the sunrise
in the morning... He had given his word... Five years... Why she wanted
to torture him for five years was beyond him... but he would wait in this
house... and on the five-year anniversary he would go into the sun.

He couldn't really say he lived in their house... he haunted the house. He
kept his word... He had lasted four of the five years and he was
heartbroken... He rarely fed anymore, the blood just stacked up in the
refrigerator. He was a frail old dry husk... He might not even have had
to go into the sun... Maybe he could just turn to dust sitting in the
chair watching the videos and recordings he had made of her over their 70

"Angel?" He heard her voice... except he was looking at a video of
photographs which had no soundtrack. "Angel... It's me, Buffy." He
turned around and looked, and there she was in all her glory... as young as
she was when she fought in the Armageddon Saga. "Buffy?" His voice was
hoarse and unused for years.

"Oh, Angel! You haven't taken care of yourself!" She ran to him and
hugged him. He just hugged her and thought he had lost his mind. "Tirla
turned me when I was there during the Armageddon Saga. Angel, I just
needed time in the grave to heal and replace my body back to that time...
She told me it would be between two and four years... That's why I told
you five... in case it went longer..."

"Why didn't you tell me?" he cried. He hugged her, and stroked her hair.

"I didn't want to get your hopes up in case it failed... which there was a
possibility of. I love you, Angel... and I am hungry!" She laughed and
hugged him. "Feed me!"

"I'll feed you, my love, after a liquid snack," and they headed for the