Summary: Because he's considered too much of a liability to the village after Pein's invasion, the Council decides to remove Naruto from Konoha. Naruto soon finds himself adrift in the ocean and learns of the actions of the village. Angered by their betrayal, he floats away before being found and transported to a new land, all the while gaining new skills. After arriving in Japan, he soon comes into contact with the fierce organization Ragnarock and becomes its newest member. This marks the birth of Fenrir, The Ninth Fist.

*Ninth Fist Start*

The Hidden Leaf Village, which was considered the greatest of the five Hidden villages, now lay in ruins. A massive crater more than five miles wide was now in place of virtually every building that once stood. One would think this was the work of some natural disaster or an invading army, but in fact it was the work of a single man and his quest for peace. Pein, the leader of the Akatsuki along with his Six Paths of Pain, had launched an all out assault on the village to capture Naruto and as a result had reduced the village to a smoldering ruin. Never before had the village endured such destruction, and even though Pein had been defeated in the end, the damage had been done.

"It can't go on like this, that boy must be dealt with now more than ever!"

Were the words spoken by the elderly Koharu to the other members of the Village's council of elders.

Though Pein had been successfully defeated, the village had paid a heavy toll both in terms of their military strength and in the shape of their village. As a result the elders Koharu and Homura, along with a few other influential persons had gathered to discuss the village's future, which didn't look too bright for one particular ninja.

"While I cannot deny that the boy is directly responsible for this tragedy, we must not overlook the fact that he is held in high regard by many members of the shinobi population, including the Hokage. If we were to simply kill him right now we would have the entire village at our throats." Homura, the other elder who also didn't hold a high opinion of Naruto from the start, replied.

"Then what do you suggest? You've seen the lengths to which the Akatsuki are willing to go to simply capture him, and as a result our village is now nothing but a pile of ruined buildings! We must act now, before something else happens." Koharu replied with a sense of urgency in her voice.

The two had been trying to find a solution to their strife but had yet to find a resolution that would remove Naruto from the village without invoking the fury of his allies.

"There may be a way to resolve this issue without doing more damage than what has already been done." An old and dry voice called out from the shadows. The form an old man wrapped in bandages along the left side of his body and a cross-shaped scar on his chin appeared. Danzo Shimura, leader and founder of Root and like the Elders one of the people who viewed Naruto as a liability rather than an asset.

The elders looked at the bandaged Root ANBU commander with looks of skepticism. Although it was true that they trusted Danzo more than the Hokage, they also knew that his methods of dealing with such matters had yet to be truly effective or by any means subtle. However, at this point they were in no position to be picky and were willing to take the risk.

"What exactly do you have in mind, Danzo?" Homura asked, still somewhat skeptic of the help this man might provide.

The first thing he heard was the sound of waves and seagulls cawing….


"Hey, wake up you worthless flesh bag!"

"Huh? What was that? Who's there?"

"The Easter Bunny of course; WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?"

"Kyuubi? What the hell do you want, and what's that weird sound I am hearing?"

Naruto slowly began to regain his senses as he slowly rose to his feet. However, he was surprised to find the "land" he was standing on to be shifting from side to side like a pendulum. Ordinarily the blonde ninja would have been able to keep his balance with no trouble, but he was not at his best at the moment and promptly fell on his ass again.

"Ouch. Okay, what the hell is going here? Why is the ground rocking around, why do I hear seagulls and more importantly, why is everything so damn dark?"

Before he had a chance to answer his own questions, the "little voice in his head" decided to do it for him.

"Maybe the reason you can't see is because you are blindfolded, you blonde dumbass." The nine tailed fox replied before sighing at the sheer stupidity of his current tenant for not even noticing that his eyes were covered.

"Okay, that answers one question, but why exactly am I blindfolded and why is the ground still moving?" The still blinded and dazed Naruto asked, with a look of curiosity and slight confusion on his face.

Of course the fox was slowly getting irritated at the fact that his container had yet to attempt the simple method for answering his questions, which he was quick to voice.


With a swift yank the blindfold was removed and the darkness dissipated to reveal bright sunlight, blue skies, and the ocean to Naruto… WAIT, THE OCEAN?

Naruto's eyes quickly adjusted to the light and he was able to survey his surrounds properly only to find that he was not only looking at nothing but the ocean but he was also in a small wooden boat in the middle of said ocean with no land visible at any angle for miles.

At that brief moment, Naruto's mind temporarily shut down from the shocking realization that he was now in the middle of the ocean, on a boat with no land in sight and no idea how he got there, and more importantly, no idea how to get back. So once his brain kicked in again, he did the one thing he could in this situation, which was to…. FREAK THE HELL OUT!

"What in the hell is going on here? WHY AM I IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING OCEAN?" Naruto screamed at the sea as he tried to remember what had happened in the hope of getting a better understanding of his current situation. However, no matter how hard he tried, nothing appeared in his mind. After talking with Pein and Konan, all he got was a haze.

"Huh, that's weird; I still can't remember much of anything. Maybe the fox knows something."

So with that thought in his mind Naruto quickly entered his mindscape and appeared in front of the Kyuubi's cage. However, he was surprised to see that it had changed since he had last appeared before it. The single set of bars that had been used to cage the Kyuubi now had a second set of horizontal bars fused with the previous set. Additionally several heavy chains were also located in front of the cage one connected to each corner and ended at a large lock with the kanji for seal on it.

From behind the now altered cage the massive crimson eyes of the Ninetails appeared, though something was off. The Nine tails looked angry, but not his usual anger but an anger which Naruto liked to call the "do-not-fuck-with-my-ramen" kind of angry. Naruto, being the blunt person he was, asked the rather simple question that was on his mind.

"Yo fox, what's got you so pissed off? And more importantly, what happened to the seal? I don't remember an extra set of bars or chains last time I came here."

Now, normally when Naruto asked the fox to speak with him it would usually be either some snide remark or a lot of screaming. However, this time around the fox, despite his facial expression, responded surprisingly calmly. "It's a new seal, you moron."

Of course this just confused Naruto more than he already was and made him forget his original purpose.

"I know that the cage is a seal, I mean, why does the seal have chains and extra bars?" His response was slightly louder than his previous remark and held a hint of anger behind it. However, the fox only sighed in response at first.

"You really are an idiot, you know? When I said it's a seal I was referring to the bars and chains, not the cage."

That got Naruto's attention. "What do you mean?" Now both interested and slightly concerned Naruto's full attention was on the face of the demon behind the bars, waiting for an explanation.

"What I mean is that this cage, the bars and the chains are separate seals. The cage was placed by that bastard of a Hokage to seal me inside of you, the second set of bars and chains however are meant to seal up chakra." The Fox finished that last sentence with a hint some anger in his voice, as if speaking those words was like some kind of insult.

Naruto however was more focused on the last sentence than the fox's tone of voice. "They sealed up chakra so what? It just seals your chakra, right?" One would have expected the fox to make a snide remark at his container's obviously stupid question normally, but he didn't say anything, which freaked Naruto out a little. The Fox then looked at Naruto and spoke.

"No, it seals all chakra, not just mine. In other words, your chakra is sealed up too and this seal can't be broken."

In the moment those words were spoken, Naruto could almost feel his whole world crumble around him. His chakra was sealed. In other words that meant his dream of becoming Hokage was now out of his reach forever, even if he found a way back home. Worse than that, it also meant that all his Jutsu were now useless. No Shadow clones, no Rasengan, hell not even his Sexy no Jutsu. The shock of this realization and the fact he was still weak caused Naruto to pass out, though he welcomed the darkness as a form of comfort and let it consume him.


Naruto stood near Konan and watch as the blue haired woman covered the bodies of her fallen comrades Yahiko and Nagato with her paper, intending to give them a proper burial. Once they were covered the original Akatsuki member turned to Naruto with a sad but hopeful look in her eyes.

"Naruto, I still don't truly believe that you alone can bring peace to this world of ninja and war. However, Nagato was willing to put his faith in you and if he was willing to give you a chance, then so will I."

She then presented Naruto with a bouquet of paper flowers.

"Please put these at Master Jiraya's grave for me and also know that once I return to the Land of Rain you will have my full support."

As she spoke those last words, a small smile appeared on her face as did on Naruto's as he reached for the , just as he was about to accept the flowers, a blinding light appeared, followed by a massive explosion and then….

(End of Dream/Flashback)

(Real world, one day later)

Naruto quickly awoke from his dream as his face was soaked with icy cold water that stung against his skin like needles. His sapphire blue eyes opened once more to the world and he quickly saw that he was still on a boat, but strangely enough not the rowboat from before. This particular boat was rather large, reaching to almost seventy feet in length. He took note that he was currently at the front, which consisted of a small table, some chairs and a tarp, supported by four wooden pillars. In the middle of the boat was what he assumed to be the cabin, which stretched roughly forty feet from the back of the boat to close to the front. A pair of small engines could be seen in the back, propelling the boat forward.

"Where the Heck am I?"

"Nice to see that you're still alive, thought you died there for a moment young man." A wise yet oddly upbeat voice rang out.

Naruto quickly turned to the voice and his eyes fell upon a man. He looked to be somewhere in his sixties and yet he was surprising tall, easily standing a few inches above Naruto. His skin was a dark tan in color and his white hair was done in some strange type of braids and placed in a ponytail. The man had a short white beard and mustache adorning his narrow face. A pair of teal eyes gazed at him as Naruto took in the appearance of this unknown man. The man's body was trained to a rather surprising level as he had muscles all over him, not large and bulky ones like some random thug, but those of a trained fighter. He wore no shirt; only a pair of orange sweat pants with a small hole on one of the knees and yellow stripes going down the sides. Other than that he wore no shoes or gloves of any kind. The only other distinguishing feature about the stranger was the black sun tattoo on his left arm near his shoulder.

Naruto continued to stare at the strange man for a few moments, both trying to understand the situation as well as see whether this man was a threat or not. However, what Naruto didn't realize was that the same man was also observing the boy himself but with different intentions.

"Huh the kid's trying to see how react and wants to make sure that I am not gonna pull anything. Most people would say something first or say 'thank you', but this kid, it's like he is used to this sort of thing. Not only that, but from what I can tell from his physique he has been trained in something, though what I don't know. Whatever the case, I would say things just got very interesting around here."

The awkward silence lasted for roughly a minute before the strange man finally felt like something needed to be said.

"I take it that by the fact you have the energy to stare at me like that you are feeling better now?"

Naruto quickly realized that he had in fact been staring rather blatantly at the man who had apparently saved him from being stuck in the ocean. So naturally he quickly averted his eyes before putting his hand behind his head and faced the man.

"Sorry, got lost in thought there." He quickly put his hand back down and sat down while the stranger spoke up again.

"It's alright, though I have to admit that you are quite a strange one. It isn't everyday that you find a boy in boat in the middle of the ocean."

The man lightly laughed as he spoke, trying to lighten the somewhat tense atmosphere before reaching out to Naruto with his hand.

"Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. The names Sol Silva, pleasure to meet you." He awaited for Naruto's response with a smile on his face.

Naruto was hesitant to accept Sol's hand because at the moment he still wasn't very trusting of anyone. However, he saw the look on his face and realized that it contained no malice or ill intent, and even though he no longer had access to any chakra he couldn't sense any evil intentions from this man. So Naruto slowly responded.

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, and it's a pleasure to meet you too." He slowly shook the man's hand and could tell he was strong just from his firm grip alone.

After releasing each other's respective hands, Sol brought a new topic to their attention. "So Naruto, I am curious, what's a kid like you doing in a boat in the middle of the ocean with no food water or well anything but the clothes on your back?"

As soon as those words left his mouth, Sol noticed how Naruto's eyes slowly took on a depressed look, his small smile becoming a frown and even the aura he was emitting was depressive.

"By the look of this kid's demeanor it must have been something serious for him to go from happy to depressed that quickly."

Even though the topic seemed to depress his new companion, Sol awaited his response.

Naruto had now been reminded of what he believed to be the truth, namely that his friends and village had betrayed him and left him for dead. This thought made him feel like someone had placed a metal spike on his heart and forced it in with a hammer.

"It's alright; you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, I won't pry." Naruto looked up at the strange man whose face held a kind smile that brought Naruto's spirits up a bit.


Sol's smile quickly turned into a large grin. "It's nothing; I am not the kind of guy who pries into people's private lives, if you don't want to say anything that's fine." Sol's smile then slowly disappeared as he turned to Naruto. "So on to a new subject, what are you planning to do now Naruto? Are you going to try and find a way back to from where you came?"

Naruto paused for a moment at the thought about the question, but then remembered that his chakra had been sealed and he had been left for dead. There was no point in returning. "Nope, I have nothing waiting for me back there so I guess I will just have to start over wherever I end up."

Sol nodded his head at the blond ninja's response. "That's good, you shouldn't let yourself get discouraged and try to move on. As for starting over, I am currently on course for the country of Japan; maybe you can find your place there."

Naruto was tempted to ask Sol where exactly Japan was since he had never heard of it before, but at this point it didn't really matter. As long as he could move forward he didn't care. "So how long do you think it will take us to get to Japan?"

Sol broke out into a grin before replying. "Not too long, only about 6 months."

Naruto's eyes popped out of his sockets when he heard that, though mostly all he heard was the part about 6 months. "SIX MONTHS! I'M GONNA BE STUCK ON THIS BOAT FOR SIX MONTHS? WHAT THE HECK I AM SUPPOSED TO DO?" As he said these words the grin on Sol's face turned into a large smile.

"Well, I might have a suggestion for you." Naruto neck turned so fast to his new friend that you could hear a few joins snap in and out of place. He looked at Sol with curiosity at what he was going to suggest. Sol quickly got up and walked towards the large cabin of the ship before opening the massive double doors.

Naruto glanced inside and was shocked at what he saw. The walls were painted orange and lights were hanging from the ceiling, revealing various pictures on the walls that displayed various individuals performing a myriad of combat moves. In one corner of the room were several dumbbells and what appeared to be leg and arm weights. In another part of the room were various training posts and training dummies. Other pieces of equipment of all types could be found lying around in the massive room. The floor itself was padded and looked like one big training mat with a ring like circle in the middle.

Sol looked at Naruto with glee in his expression before asking the blonde boy. "Tell me something Naruto. Do you have any interest in practicing Martial Arts?"

*Ninth Fist end*