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-Ninth Fist Start-

"Does this prick have wings on his feet or something? He's hopping all over the place." Naruto's rage filled thoughts roared in the depths of his mind as Sho managed to again evade another of his kicks, hopping high into the air, almost as if his entire body was weightless.

He was almost like that of a bird, both in terms of his movement and attack pattern. The blue haired YOMI member quickly rotated his body towards a nearby tree, pressing his legs into the trunk before launching off like a rocket towards Naruto, a gleeful look in his eyes.

"Come on little Demon, is this all you've got?" He quickly let loose a fast straight punch. Naruto narrowly avoiding the strike by leaning backwards only to quickly find his center of gravity broken as Sho's shifted on his right foot and lashed out with his left leg, bringing it forward to trip up Naruto's own legs.

The blonde didn't even have a chance to react or readjust as Sho continued his attack, plunging a palm strike into his opponent's chest, embedding it deep into his stomach and pushed him down to the ground. Hard.

At first, Sho smirked as his blow making contact, admittedly looking a little disappointed at how quickly his foe had been seemingly vanquished. Though, that brief instance of sorrow was replaced with elation as he caught sight of Naruto's left leg rocketing forward towards him, like a high-powered spear.

Sadly, Sho managed to respond quickly to the action. Using his left hand, he quickly positioned his palm directly over his opponent's foot, making sure his arm wasn't fully extended. Then just as both limbs made contact, the blue haired warrior bent his elbow and arm forward, seemingly pushing against the leg itself for a few moments, before fully pushing up, effectively using the momentum of the kick and his own bent arm to significantly lessen the damage of the kick and push himself high into the air.

He actually chuckled at the frustrated growl he heard his enemy make. "No need to get upset. After all, you didn't really expect it to be so easy did you?" Sho's smirk quickly grew devious, extending his left leg out fully before flipping forward, rotating his body like a wheel and building momentum as he descended upon his still grounded opponent.

In an instant, his high-speed leg struck the ground with the force of a cannon ball, creating a small fissure and explosion of dust, with bits of stone flying in every direction. The dust cleared and Sho was revealed to be standing on his feet, quietly brushing dust off of his clothing. His grin was still present as he peered through the dust cloud, seemingly unaffected by the kick.

"Glad to see you managed to dodge that one was well. Even if you can't fly like I can, I'd hope you at least have enough mobility to crawl a few feet through the dirt."

Sho's smirk grew slightly at the sound of a rage filled growl echoing through the dust cloud, "You can growl and roar all you like. Doesn't change the fact you still can't quite hit me, but please feel free to try. I'd hate to come all this way and not at least get a decent work out."

Sho's senses quickly picked up on his opponent's presence, quickly shifting to block a high kick to the face with ease before also grabbing his opponent's other leg, having attempted a follow up kick, while supporting himself on both hands.

"Your skills are still a bit rough and your overall technique needs work. Though given Sol only managed to train you for six months, I can't say I'm too surprised." Sho quickly followed up with sweep of both of Naruto's hands with a fast low kick, though he managed to avoid it, fully curling his upper body towards Sho, unleashing a fast right cross to his opponent's face.

Sho responded in kind, letting go of his opponent's legs, before using his free hand to quickly deflect the punch. The YOMI countered by letting loose a fast straight punch into Naruto's unguarded stomach. The blow itself managed to catch the Ninth Fist off guard enough for Sho to press forward with his attack, letting loose a second punch to his opponent's body, before adding in a well placed knee strike for good measure.

Sho geared up for another attack, this time with a sideways knife hand strike aimed his opponent's neck. Quickly cocking back his arm like a bowstring, he directed the lethal strike at his enemy's unguarded neck. However, before it reached, Naruto's arm quickly shot upwards from his stomach, easily blocking the strike with his forearm.

Sho smirked at bit at the action. "Still haven't completely taken the wind out of your sails yet? Well guess I'll just have to knock harder and..." Sho's comment however, quickly became muted as he sensed a violent KI emanating from his enemy.

"Where'd this come from all of a sudden?" He barely had time to think or contemplate what was happening as Naruto quickly shoved Sho's arm out of his way, before bringing both of his arms back, each in a knife hand position. Sho's eyes quickly widened at the stance he'd entered, actually showing slight panic at what was happening.

Naruto however, with a look of murder in his eyes slashed both his arms together like a pair of scissors, carving through the air aiming for both sides of his opponent's skull.

"Telefone!" (Telephone)

Sho reacted quickly, leaning back and kicking off the ground as hard as he could. He began spinning backwards with incredible speed, narrowly avoiding the strike before landing on a nearby tree branch, actually seating himself on the perch while looking down on his frustrated opponent, his ever-present grin briefly vanishing from his face.

The sight below was something to behold as the strikes, despite not hitting anything, had enough power behind them to kick up quiet a bit of dust and wind, indicating just how much power was behind them.

Sweat dripped from his brow as he thought back to the attack, "If that attack had hit, I probably have a concussion and ruptured eardrums to boot. Guess he decided to switch gears and take this fight seriously."

Sho remained on his perch for the moment, not quite eager to get in so close, at least, not without doing a little intelligence gathering first. And by that, he meant to just piss his opponent off some more and distract him. That and ask some questions that had been running through his head.

Calmly standing on the branch without a care, the young teen walked across the branch, his eyes remaining trained on his opponent, "I'm curious. Based on what information I could gather, Sol dropped you off here around two to three months ago, and in that time you actually came face-to-face with Sougetsu Ma, one of YAMI's own Fists of Shadow."

Naruto's rage cooled a little, cringing slightly as he recalled the instance where Renka's drunk, estranged uncle literally punched him through a wall and laid him out good. Of course, despite that first encounter and his second conversation with the brutal warrior, he avoided the subject of YAMI, not even attempting to bring it up.

Sho picked up on his thought process, reading his facial expressions with ease. "Yet despite that encounter, you remained silent about the organization, not even bothering to bring it up. I'm curious why you seem to be avoiding YAMI and YOMI for so long. Since you were trained by Sol, who is also one of the Fists of Nine Shadow, by that title alone, you are obligated to become a member of YOMI and it's not like it is something you can just avoid forever?"

Naruto remained silent, his prior rage having cooled trying not to get rattled at his questions. He wasn't naive enough to believe he could just stay hidden from YAMI forever, knowing full well they'd come for him eventually. Either that or when Sol eventually returned to continue his training, he'd all but be dragged into the group's affairs. So why did he not simply ask about the organization to begin with?

Sho didn't respond as he watched with mild amusement as his opponent stood still in contemplation. "Well, whatever your reason, it doesn't really matter anyway." Naruto's head jerked up in response to the comment, paying close attention to his opponent's words.

"Regardless of whether you like it or not, once you are a part of YOMI you can't simply leave..." Sho paused for a moment, scratching his chin in mock contemplation before raising his finger in a "Eureka" like gesture. "Well okay, that's not entirely true. There is one way to get out of YOMI and that would be to lose to another disciple of another master, thereby turning your position over to him or her."

Naruto frowned at the notion, obviously he wasn't too keen on joining YOMI for a number of reasons he could outright name right now, yet the idea of getting his ass handed to him by another person just for that didn't sit well with him. Still..."Though I'm guessing based on your expression that's not really the best option?"

Sho, who'd started walking on the branch on his hands for some reason, smirked a little at the question. Shifting his body onto one hand and pushing himself up and down with ease, Sho continued to speak. "Most likely not. For that to work, there'd need to be a martial artist of similar skill to your master who also happens to have a disciple of his own. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint, Capoeria masters fit for YAMI's ranks are practically nonexistent and the few who even measure up to our standards are typically content with simply living out their days in isolation. Though considering we've already got the most accomplished master of the style on our side anyway, seems kind of pointless really."

Sho quickly spring boarded of his hands and back onto his feet, casually leaning against the trunk of the tree, pulling a small branch off of it. "Though even if there was a disciple capable of challenging you, losing your position to him wouldn't be a wise tactic." Sho's town took on a darker pitch, as his fingers slowly applied pressure to the branch in his hand.

Naruto's frown deepened at the change in tone and obvious implication. "Let me guess, if I lose then I..."

A loud snapping sound drowned out his last word, Sho looking at the now broken branch, one piece hanging limply like a hangman's noose, "You die? Pretty much! To us, if you aren't strong enough to defeat an opponent you either challenge upon request or are challenged by, then you're not worthy being amongst our group." Sho quickly tossed the broken branch aside before turning back to his opponent.

Smirking Sho crossed his arms, looking down on his opponent like a hawk, clearly bored with the conversation. "So now that I've given you the basic YOMI orientation speech, ready to get back to business. Staying grounded like this is getting tedious and I'd like to resume..."

The blue haired teen turned for a moment, quickly crossing both arms across his chest, before his body was sent flying back to the ground, struck with the force of a rifle bullet courtesy of a strong kick from his opponent who'd all but literally jumped the gun, leaping forward towards his enemy without hesitation.

"If you hate sticking to the ground so much, then you are really gonna hate me. Cause I foresee you and the ground forming very deep connection before this fight's over." Naruto spoke confidently, watching his opponent soar towards the ground like a penguin trying to fly.

The impact of his fall would have been substantial, but Sho once again showed his skill by managing to adjust his body, allowing him to land on his feet. Though the force behind the kick that sent him falling still carried with him, leaving several cracks in the hard ground, Sho actually having to hold back a wince, yet his smile remained.

"Heh, you know coming here I was a little worried. Until recently pretty much every fighter I've come across has been little more than an insignificant bug, whose existence I feel ashamed to even acknowledge, and I was concerned you'd turn out just like them!" Sho's smirk quickly grew into a gleeful one, full of excitement and elation, seemingly just barely holding down his own apparent enjoyment, "While I can't say you're especially entertaining, you've at least proven my reference to you as a dog was a more accurate assumption than an insect. At the very least, dogs are creatures you can acknowledge with some degree of respect, if only for their loyalty and occasional pleasant company."

Naruto raced towards Sho before lashing out with a strong high kick aimed to crack the skull. Sho raised his arm and easily blocked the blow, only for Naruto to use the block as a method to go into a spin. He switched legs in the middle of the spin and sent another powerful kick at the blue haired disciple, this time with his heel aiming to damage the boy's ribs. Sho once again blocked it, but once Naruto retracted his leg, Naruto shifted forwards, stamping his foot on the ground to gain a solid ground. He then shifted his weight onto his left leg and struck forth with a triple kick, one aimed for the head, one for the chest and the other for the groin.

However, Sho leaped out of the reach of Naruto's kicks, but was quick to jump over Naruto's follow up as the blonde went for a sweeping kick. However, as Sho landed, he was caught completely off-guard when Naruto began to go into a series of spins and twists, his legs completely outstretched as he did so so that he could continuously bombard Sho with attacks. The blue haired disciple raised his arms and legs to block the strikes until Naruto leaned back, using his arms as a balance, and pushed both legs up against Sho's arms, breaking the guard of the blue haired disciple.

Utilizing great arm strength, Naruto used the momentum of his guard breaker to go into a handstand and spun on his hands to send a number of kicks at Sho and each one struck the older disciple in his chest and face before Naruto stopped in a handstand and fell forwards. As he did so, he brought one leg downwards, smashing it down on Sho's skull before the second leg came down and brought him to the ground with terrific force.

Naruto then jumped back to his feet and leaped away to looked at his downed opponent.

"If I am a dog as you claim me to be, which I am not, then you are merely a weak dove. You aim to fly like the dove you are, but I will bite and I will snap at you until I break your wings and you will never be able to attain your dream to fly again." Naruto growled. His rage once again spiked as Sho's laughter echoed through the air.

The older boy climbed back to his and rolled his neck and shoulders, a few cracks and pops echoing as he did so. The heterochromatic boy's laughed died down to chuckles as he dusted his chest and wiped the blood that came from his burst lips, spitting out some that had leaked into his mouth.

"Oh you are a delight. I haven't been hit in a while so it's good to see someone, even a dog like you, having some bite to them. I think I may have to upgrade you from dog to wolf if this keeps up. Now come at me, you want to break my wings...then let me see you try!"

Naruto quickly shook himself of his stupor, "Frankly, I really don't give a damn what you think of me at this point. You know why?" Sho's interest was peaked as he watched Naruto shift into an all to familiar stance, quickly shifting himself from one leg to another, yet remaining relatively in the same area.

"Finally starting to shift gears I see. Finally, I've been waiting forever for this."

Naruto's eyes burned with determination as his Ginga began to rapidly pick up speed. "Before this fight is over, I'm gonna use my feet to wipe that stupid grin off your face."

Without a single word of warning Naruto cartwheeled over towards Sho, though at the speed he was going he looked more like a rotating saw blade. Once the gap was closed, he kicked high off the ground, flattening his body as his feet left the ground, targeting Sho for a rising kick.

Quickly building up momentum, Naruto lashed out with his right leg, bringing it down like an axe towards Sho, who responded in kind, planting his feet firmly into the ground and raising his arm up in a traditional high block. The kick crashed against the arm, actually forcing Sho a few centimeters deeper into the dirt.

Naruto's attack wasn't finished as he continued to rotate forward, his originally trapped leg sliding off Sho's arm while his free leg came down towards him, intent on caving his skull in. Sho's eyes actually widened a bit at the tactic, it being a little odd given how close together they were and the rather awkward position they'd been in.

"Can't really dodge at this distance and I'm gonna ended up hit anyway so..." Sho managed to take advantage of his opponent's close proximity and slammed a strong uppercut into Naruto's stomach a few moments before his kick collided with his head.

Both strikes hit with sufficient force, though Sho seemed to take a bit more damage, his neck clearly struggling to support the increased pressure to the skull. Though Naruto inwardly frowned at the end result. "Guy managed to use the uppercut to lift me off the ground enough to lessen the impact at the last second. Though I have to wonder why I'm even acting surprised anymore."

With little movement left, the two quickly pushed backwards, once again standing a few feet apart. Sho, looking up with his wide grin, despite a small trail of blood dripping down his face.

"Looks like someone finally started learning how to fly after all. Seems things might get more interesting after all."

Naruto merely stared down his opponent shifting back into his Ginga, "You want to fly so badly? I'll send you soaring to the heavens if that's what you want?" To emphasize his intent to continue, the blonde actually used the "Come on" gesture with his hand, actively trying to goad Sho into attacking him.

Sho merely smirked at his declaration, quickly wiping the blood off of face, "Well then, I guess I can't argue with the eager and anything relating to YAMI wasn't the reason I came here anyway. I'll leave that matter for later, for now however..."

Naruto's eyes watched with interest as Sho's body switched positions, facing Naruto with his body turned sideways, but his upper body mostly turned to face him, an open palm with his left hand out, while his right hand was pull back at his side. Naruto's senses quickly went on alert at the sight, "I don't know what that stance is, but I know he isn't doing it for show. Guess he really is getting serious."

Sho's smirk grew dark, as his very aura seemed to shift, seemingly becoming calmer and more focused, yet harsher, with a deep sense of foreboding washing over him. He silently whispered his technique, "Tenchi Jouge" (Stance of Overpowering Annihilation).

Naruto's rage quickly had been quelled, as his senses suddenly went on alert, knowing full well his opponent was getting serious and decided to take the fight seriously. Naruto quickly shifted into his Ginga stance, shifting from side to side, yet maintaining a fair distance from his adversary who looked upon with interest.

"See you finally decided to start using your actual Capoeria training for a change. Have to say I'm happy about that. I'm curious to see what exactly your master managed to teach you in the short amount of time you two spent together. However..."

Naruto barely had time to blink as Sho was right in his face, rearing his hand back in a knife hand position, "...don't expect me to just give you the first move." With lightning speed and great precision, Sho's knife hand struck towards Naruto like a spear. Though as it came close, Sho quickly began to rotate the hand, giving it an appearance of a miniature drill which Naruto barely managed to dodge. Quickly dropping into an Esquiva and hitting the ground, only to quickly jump and spin sideways to avoid a second drill strike from Sho, the attack struck the ground. Surprisingly, it didn't create nearly as big a blast of dust as one would expect.

Landing on his feet, Naruto prepared to counter attack, only to once again find Sho on the offensive with a third knife strike, only this time Sho managed to latch on to his opponents shoulder to keep him from moving. Naruto's eyes quickly widened as the drill like strike approached him.

His position was locked and he couldn't seemingly slip away, and the knife approached quickly, Sho shouting the techniques name out in triumph.

"Jinenken-Nejiri Nukite!" (God's Fist-Spinning Hand)

Naruto however, reacted quickly, striking Sho's unguarded knee with a low sweeping kick. Striking with sufficient force, Sho's knee and leg bent sideways, sending his whole body into a tilt and resulting in the drill strike missing Naruto's body and instead going over his shoulder without contact.

It was now Naruto's turn to smirk as he looked straight into Sho's eyes, "Bit of advice when fighting against someone using Capoeria, you should try to lock their legs up along with their arms!"

Naruto quickly emphasized his point by bringing his still extend leg upwards into Sho's chin in a powerful knee strike, which effectively broke his opponent's hold on him as well as stunning him.

Taking advantage of his brief window of opportunity, Naruto quickly leapt onto one hand, balancing his body sideways and brought up both of his legs in and then unleashed them into Sho's exposed abdomen.

Naruto's expression actually turned gleeful with a nice hint of satisfaction as for the first time since he met him, Sho's normal cocky demeanor had been broken and his was literally bewildered by his opponent's counterattack. Though the blonde Capoeria user only had a brief moment to enjoy it as he watched his tormentor soar backwards into a nearby tree trunk.

The sight itself actually prompted a whistle of surprise from Naruto, who'd quickly flipped back to his feet, "I've seen birds do some pretty impressive things, but I didn't know they could fly backwards too. Guess you really can fly."

Despite the joke, Naruto's guard didn't lower, knowing full well that counter wouldn't have been enough to stop him. Thus rather than simply letting his opponent get back up and attack him, the blonde chose to return to the offensive. Opting to flip forward towards his opponent, rapidly picking up speed as he advanced.

Just as he came within distance of the still present dust cloud, he quickly pulled his knees into his chest and slapped one of his arms on to the ground for support before lashing both legs forward again into a powerful mule kick.

The sound of crunching wood met his ears, but not the sound of his boots meeting flesh or bones breaking. His eyes quickly caught sight of Sho's outline in the dust, standing just a few inches from his extended legs, though with his back to Naruto.

The outline's position quickly shifted, raising its right leg up, before cocking it in place and then lashing out, the boot crashing into Naruto's exposed face, sending the blonde spiraling in the air. However, Naruto managed to quickly adjust himself by rolling backwards, using the momentum to land on his feet and look back at Sho in anger.

Not wasting any time, he moved in to attack, unleashing a fast, spinning Aramada kick which Sho quickly blocked with his forearm. Pushing the offending limb away in an attempt to knock his opponent off balance, Naruto instead leaped forward in the direction his body was pushed landing on Sho's exposed side and attempted to slam his leg onto his opponent's shoulder only for Sho to move out of the way, quickly side stepping to the left to avoid the kick, before firing off his own front kick at Naruto's back.

Naruto pushed himself up, spun clockwise in the air and cocked his leg back before unleashing a kick to his opponent's head. Sho raised his palm and caught the kick, but the blow itself forced his palm against his head, rattling his brain and causing his ear to ring.

That strike actually resulted in Sho's eyes quickly lighting up in fury, as he seemingly changed tactics, wrapping the hand already connected to Naruto's leg around his ankle and then grabbing Naruto's shirt with his other hand. With a quick rotation, Sho pulled his helpless opponent over his shoulder and slammed him hard onto the ground.

Following the throw Sho looked down at his fallen enemy before shifting his hand into a familiar looking knife hand strike. Naruto's eyes shot up in terror, knowing exactly what was coming next.

Sho's hand quickly began rotating, picking up speed with each second. If Naruto was even being honest, he'd swear it was actually spinning even faster than before. Sho's eyes quickly became like scopes, targeting his opponent with hawk-life precision, his smile growing before he plunged the appendage directly into Naruto's stomach.


Naruto's scream instantly died the moment the strike made contact, his body incapable of making a single sound as the pain was seemingly so great his mind couldn't properly process it. Yet the sounds of torn flesh, cracking bone and blood splashing like a raging river echoed across the land, in every direction.

Sho's eyes, became blank and expressionless at the moment of contact, his mind seemingly acted on instinct. Yet they quickly regained their glow as he looked at his...excuse the pun...handy Work.

Sho looked down on his opponent a look of actual cold contempt for a brief instance as he spoke, "Creatures like you shouldn't be talking about flying in the sky. Keep your nose buried in the dirt like the rest of your kind."

His words however, fell on deaf ears, Naruto gasping for air at the strike, blood leaking from his mouth as he also tried to fight off the pain. Sho's normally present smirk had disappeared as looked down at his enemy's current state, "You should count yourself lucky. If my master had been the one to use that technique on you, you'd have birds coming out of the new hole in your chest. Though, I guess having a somewhat punctured abdomen still isn't an especially pleasant experience now is it?"

Sho's eyes glanced at the injured fighter, a look of disappointment crossing his face, replacing his early look of mirth, "Though, even with that injury, I was hoping you'd prove to be more of a challenge. After all the stories I heard about you from Sougetsu and the mention of how great your master was, I simply can't believe that this is all the skill you can somehow muster?"

The sound of brief gasps for air filled his ears, along with the sound of the blonde slowly trying to raising himself from the ground. His eyes glanced at Sho with an obvious look of contempt and a bit of hatred, which his opponent calmly scofted at.

"Man, you do look pathetic. Now you look more like a helpless puppy than a dog. Then again, pretty much anything would look weak given the state and performance you gave me. Pity really."

Sho quietly turned his back to Naruto, looking completely disinterest in continuing the fight, a fact that actually caused Naruto's rage to begin burning again. Sho slowly began his motion of leaving the scene, "If you can somehow manage to get back up and make your way back to that little dump of a restaurant you like so much, then do me and yourself a favor and stay away from YOMI. Clearly your master was wrong to pick you, maybe I should ask him if he'd be willing to train me instead perhaps."

Sho then paused again for a moment, "Of course, even if you did forget this whole thing happened, you are still a YOMI member in a technical sense and being defeated even by another member can still be seen as a genuine defeat, at which point you'll likely be killed anyway. Not to mention since your little girlfriend and her comrades are enemies of our organization, I'd say it's likely they'll be targeted as well and more than likely killed. Oh well."

And in that instance, for whatever reason, Naruto suddenly felt something inside him snap. The feeling itself was pure yet also wild and violent, a feeling not unlike one he'd felt in the past from the Nine Tails, but there was something more...primal about this feeling, more instinctive and most of all...more vicious.

Sho's own eyes quickly widened as he too felt a similarly dark presence behind him, grow exponentially and actually causing the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Almost as if a giant pair of eyes were staring at him with an uncontrollable urge to kill.

Sho quickly turned around and his face developed a look of shock at the sight before him. Naruto, the person less than a minute ago he'd effectively slammed into the ground and carved a hole several inches deep into his chest cavity and could barely stand, was now standing up without any visible issue. What's most, his posture had changed. He was slightly hunched over, his arms hanging limply and his eyes shadowed by his hair.

Yet despite his lack of movement and odd posture, Sho unconsciously felt the need to guard himself, practically seeing the dark aura surrounding him. Strangely enough it was a feeling Sho recognized from his time in YAMI, "This feeling of hostility and rage, it's Dou ki. I suspected he was a Dou type fighter given his temper yet this Ki, it's so potent, practically dripping with malice and intent to kill. I've never felt anything like this, at least not from someone who isn't a master."

Sho's thoughts were quickly interrupted by a low growling noise emanating from Naruto's throat. His body began to shift, slowly at first, with his arms shaking as they moved while his body actually seemed to crouch lower to the ground to an extent. As he moved, the growling grew louder, reminiscent of a vicious dog preparing to attack or defending it's territory. It was a rather unpleasant sound for Sho and it made him feel uneasy.

Yet Naruto still hadn't made much in terms of movement and it made his opponent stare at him for another moment of time. Though that moment barely lasted as in the next second Naruto was gone, vanished from his sight.

Sho's eyes shot up, quickly scanning the area for his opponent or rather that's what he would have done, if not for his eyes temporarily losing sight as a result of a solid right hook plowing into his gut, which was then followed up with a left cross to the left side of his face, his neck jerking to the side with borderline bone-snapping force.

Quickly he felt a pair of hands clench his skull and turn into face his attacker and it was at this point that Sho got a good look at his opponent's visage and if he was being completely honest, for the briefest of moments Sho was legitimately terrified.

As to why...simply put...Naruto no longer looked like an angry teen or even a violent individual. He literally looked like a beast. His teeth were clenched tightly, fully exposing his longer than normal canine teeth, while also seemingly giving the rest of his mouth the illusion of appearing as fangs. The boy's blonde hair had suddenly become much wilder and untamed, reminiscent of animal fur. What really put the fear in the blue haired teen's mind however were the eyes. The pupils themselves were sharp and narrow, eyes only found in a predatory animal with a lethal intent to kill and that was literally all he could see in those eyes. Eyes themselves typically acting as a mirror to the soul, overflowing with a stream of emotions and thoughts. Now that river was all but empty, no joy, no anger, no sorrow, only bloodlust and intent to kill in the most brutal fashion.

This sight brought a single thought into Sho's mind that passed slowly as time seemed to slow to a crawl. Al the while the fearsome blonde slowly pulled Sho's head towards his own, though in the real world it was done with quick speed, his forehead targeting Sho's nose, intent on breaking it and possible fracturing his skull.

Yet Sho ignored the oncoming pain, only thinking one thing as the contact happened, "It would appear I was wrong in my assumption of you after all, Naruto. You're no dog at all, no dogs wished they had the kind of iron like gaze that would make even the bravest man turn tail and run. No, you my friend are a beast, a wild untamed creature of instinct, capable of only destruction and death. Not bad my friend, not bad at all."

Any thoughts Sho had after that were promptly interrupted by his nose and forehead crashing into Naruto's, striking like a car crash with bone clashing and crashing against each other. Though Naruto wasn't apparently satisfied with the strike and proceeded to continue the assault, rapidly headbutting his opponent multiple times, hoping to shatter his opponents skull like an egg.

Seemingly not satisfied with the damage already done, Sho suddenly was pushed back slightly before being struck hard in the jaw by a strong Armada kick from his opponent. The blonde followed up by sending two Meia Lua de Compasso strikes to the same spot. Then without even pausing for the slightest moment, facing Sho's front Naruto did a fast backflip, smashing his left foot into his opponent's exposed jaw, knocking him back several more feet.

Surprisingly the strike actually seemed to knock Sho out of his daze, with him quickly landing back on his feet, an eager look on his face

"Well well, looks like this dog has some teeth on him." Quickly shifting into his karate stance, the blue haired teen quickly blurred forward, "Let's see how long before they break."

With a loud battle cry, Sho unleashed multiple punches. First a straight punch, then a high punch and a low punch, before moving into an arm swipe. Yet his opponent easily slid and weaved his way around them.

Sho quickly pulled his arm back and tensed his arm up before sending out a much stronger straight punch. Naruto however, leaned back to avoid the strike, which hit nothing but air. The blonde quickly landed on his hands and feet, landing in an almost crab walk like position, before shooting his right leg straight up into Sho's chin.

Naruto then flipped onto his stomach, balancing himself on his hands and then smashing his feet into Sho's stomach in rapid succession. Each kick landing with the force of automatic fire, yet Naruto wasn't finished.

He quickly hoisted his body up on his hands, extended his legs out and proceeded to perform a windmill kick, sweeping Sho's legs out from under him, while continuing to rotate with his leg then slamming harshly into Sho's exposed sides.

Sho hit the ground hard, but Naruto was a far cry from finished. Kicking himself off the ground the teen spun himself around Sho, whose upper body lifted itself off the ground as a result of the impact and Naruto proceeded to against rotate his body, keeping himself low to the ground before cocking his leg in and kicking directly into Sho's back.

The blue haired teen gasped in intense pain as spit and blood flew from between his open lips. His body became airborne once more before his attacker let loose another fierce roar. Naruto snarled before going into a hand stand and then wrapped his legs around Sho's exposed neck and then, in an impressive feat of upper and lower body strength, sent the teen towards the ground.

The attack should have ended the YOMI teen, thankfully for him however, he'd managed to regain enough of his sense to quickly curve his legs into a ball as his made his descent to the ground, before kicking his leg out, which slammed into the ground with enough force to halt his further decedent.

Naruto, having let go his opponent once he was sent towards the ground quickly pushed himself back to his feet, glaring at his enemy with rage and quickly moved towards him, intent on continuing his assault.

Sho however, tried to stop him with another straight punch. Naruto reacted faster, first blocking the punch with a Bencao, before snaking his leg around Sho's arm, placing his inner thigh atop Sho's forearm and his lower leg under and around his elbow, locking the limb firmly in place.

It was a movement that actually surprised Sho, honestly looking puzzled at this unfamiliar tactic, to where it almost looked like he wanted to know what direction the technique was going. It was a short lived feeling, as Naruto quickly bent backwards as if doing another backflip, yet actually bent his leg in an almost squatting manner, before also placing his palm firmly on the ground. The result of the shift in weight caused Sho to literally be dragged forward and threw him off balance. Now firmly locked on the ground, Naruto utilized his planted arm and legs to increase his lift and promptly completely his back flip, only this time he actually managed to flip the bound Sho as well flat onto his back as a result.

The blonde quickly moved to his groundwork, quickly spinning back from his downed opponent, before attempting to perform a sort of front flip, only once his body started to fall forward, he pulled one of his legs in, indicating his intention was to shift to an axe kick, using the added momentum of the flip to increase the effectiveness.

The offending leg dropped down on Sho's abdomen with the force of a sledgehammer, his bones loudly cracking in response to the strike, with Sho gasping from the attack but not letting out any sort of scream. Interestingly enough, the spot he just struck was the same spot Sho had used his knife hand strike on, which brought the now savage teen out of his rage for a moment to smirk in satisfaction at returning the pain his blue haired opponent had given him.

With another quick rotation, the blonde was back on his hands before getting to his feet, entering his Ginga stance while keeping his eyes on his opponent, awaiting his response despite clearly having the advantage and being in a perfect position to finish him.

"Well...," Sho chuckled, "...that was certainly interesting."

The now feral teen let out a full blown roar of sheer contempt, almost spitting at the ground as he looked at his downed opponent, who despite the beating he just took was managing to get back up to his feet, though this time for some degree of effort.

Sho's rise from the dirt took a few more moments than usual, though he tried fairly well to ignore the pain shooting through his body. Once he was standing, he brushed some of the dirt away from his body. Though his face displayed confidence, internally he was somewhat conflicted about his next course of action.

"This fight hasn't exactly been going as I expected. Beyond him actually having more skill than originally predicted, I definitely wasn't prepared for this feral Dou Ki he's leaking out of him." His thoughts quickly paused as he scanned over Naruto more closely, taking in his more feral appearance from a more composed perspective, noting the blonde's body shaking almost seemingly trying to fight off the bloodlust seeping through his body while also holding himself back as best he could manage. The sight of this sent the gears in his head spinning.

"Seems he isn't used to this kind of power release. Then again, I remember Master Akira mentioning how Dou fighters have a tendency to become especially savage when they first unlock their Dou ki, even more so when they have little training in how to properly control it."

Another quick scan made him also take into account the blonde's demeanor as sweat seemed to be dripping from his brow and his breath was heavy, yet his ferocity still remained strong, if a little bit strained. "Using that much power with so little control, he's clearly running on fumes and can't keep this up for much longer. Though based on those hits, I have a feeling he'd lay me out if I tried to run out the clock on him. Guess that leaves one option."

His decision reached, Sho straightened his body out, garnering attention from Naruto whose defense tightened at his adversaries movement. Sho offered him another one of his smiles, though clearly one filled with a slight degree of excitement not seen prior, "You really should feel proud of yourself my friend. Before we even met I had a fairly low opinion of you, I pictured you as little more than a weak helpless bug, not worthy to join our ranks."

Another loud growl at the insult only merited another chuckle from Sho along with a casual hand wave, "Yet through this fight you've managed to tear down every assumption I had of you and you've even managed to earn a bit of my respect in that regard." With another pause, his stance quickly shift, His left arm raised above his shoulder, his hand assuming a claw like shape, while his right arm as rotated down, his hand near his knee and his hand in a similar position as his left.

In that instance Naruto's feral senses went haywire, his eyes growing increasingly large, goosebumps and the hairs on his neck actually started to stand at attention and his body actually began to shake, not from angry but excitement and fear, as a very odd energy seemed to exhude itself from Sho's body. What made the energy odd itself was that it had a feeling of hostility and rage similar to Naruto's own energy, yet also a much calmer, more docile feeling not unlike the kind he'd felt from his master Sol. The seemingly opposing energies seemed to gather around Sho's body, crashing against each other like two beasts fighting for dominance, with neither side able to secure a foothold.

Sho's grin grew wide, his eyes almost seemed to glow as the energy seemed to encapsulate him in a layer that, despite not being visible, both fighters could feel.

"As a show of my new found respect for you, I'll give you a glimpse of a power, said to be the absolute peak of strength in the world of martial arts. A technique even to this day, no person has been able to truly master."

Sho's grin became a fully grown smile, his energy actually seemingly causing wind to kick up around him as the two waves of energy seemed to be compacted together through an unknown force, turning the two waves into a massive tsunami of energy. All of which was clearly directed at Naruto, seemingly to be swept away with the tide.

As the energy mixed Sho spoke words that would forever be burned in Naruto's memory, a reminder along with the sensation he felt that day and a technique he would not soon forget.

"Seidou Goui!" (Roar As One)

With the force of a miniature explosion, Sho's Ki suddenly burst from all around him, his body seemingly pulsating with the power that coursed through his body. Oddly enough Naruto noted that as an apparent side effect of the power, Sho's right eye suddenly became pitch black in color.

Sho meanwhile, merely smirked at his opponents gaze, "Truly something to behold isn't it. A merging of energies so different that even when combined they cannot remain together for long and the risks the technique yields are not to be ignored. However..."

In a flash Sho appeared before Naruto, his fist smashing into Naruto's ribs with the force of a high-powered rifle.

"...The combination of energies grants the fighter unparalleled power of the body that could never be achieved through ordinary training methods. So the trade off isn't a complete waste." Sho's words fell on deaf ears however, as he noticed that Naruto, despite taking his punch head on hadn't actually moved an inch from the spot he was in.

He quickly noted that, much to his own surprised the blonde actually managed to raise both his hands up to lessen the impact of the punch itself. Though the feat itself was also helped by the dramatic increase in strength his extremely dense Dou Ki had granted him, otherwise such a punch would have likely crushed his arms and body in an instant.

The scene quickly shifted in tone, as Sho felt another wave of heavy Dou Ki return in force as Naruto's head snapped up, glaring at him with piercing eyes and roaring straight in his face. Both hands latching firmly onto his outstretched fist before leaping up and sending a roundhouse kick to Sho's jaw.

The high powered teen continued to grin as he quickly lean back to avoid the kick, before aiming his free arm at his opponents arms, wrapping his hand firmly around Naruto's forearms and taking advantage of his current airborne state, proceeded to spin intent on slamming his opponent onto the ground once more.

Before he hit the ground however, Naruto promptly slammed his feet onto the ground, anchoring himself enough to lessen the impact, cracking the ground in response. With a quickly flick of his leg he unleashed a kick at Sho, his leg moving towards a ninety degree angle towards his enemies exposed face.

Sho however, quickly released his hold on Naruto and leaped back to avoid the strike, smirking all the way as his adversary flipped around to face him before charging at him, the look of murder in his eyes.

Sho's glee reached its peak as Naruto unleashed his attacks, multiple vicious kicks coming from every angle with enough power behind them to shatter bones, yet his enhanced state allowed him to block them with ease. Naturally, they still hurt like hell, but at this point Sho was having so much fun he honestly didn't give a damn anymore.

"And to think, I thought for even a second this would be boring. Forget killing this guy or having him kill himself. I'm make sure he lives to join YOMI if only so I can fight him some more in the future. This is WAY...TOO MUCH FUN!"

Sho's glee quickly translated to his fighting he quickly started to pick up speed, deciding to take full advantage of his brief power increase. With the simplest of ease he moved to the side of an on coming Armada Kick, quickly grabbing the offending limb before also grabbing his opponent by the neck of his shirt and then tossing him over his shoulder like a sack of rice.

Naruto however, quickly spun forward to right himself, planting his feet firmly against a nearby tree, going into a crouch before pushing off and rocketing towards his enemy, letting loose a powerful straight kick.

Sho in response, countered with his own straight punch, colliding head on with Naruto's kick. The two limbs crashing against each other with titanic force, the shockwave blasting away everything in the immediate vicinity. Naruto's kick however, quickly showed that it was stronger, owed mainly to the combination of his own ki and the push off from the tree.

His opponent however, seemed one step ahead of him, as he quickly pulled his arm back to release the tension that was holding the his opponent in the air, before sending him back to the ground with a hard back spin kick to the stomach.

Yet even that wasn't enough to keep him down as he quickly flipped back to his feet, his effectively halted as he had become too angry to concentrate on the technique and was simply interested in crushing Sho.

Sho just laughed at the murderous look, not the least bit intimidated, "Man, you are just relentless you know that? If this were any other situation I'd love to fight you till daybreak, but unfortunately my Master is a bit of a stickler for time and is more than likely already here in Japan looking for me. So I'm afraid we'll have to cut this fight short."

His words clearly didn't inspire any good feelings from his opponent whose murderous look increased tenfold, his Ki becoming heavier and more malevolent. In truth, while Sho's comment was true, his real reason for his bluff was that he was reaching the limit of which his body could handle the Seidou Goui technique. Ordinarily a fighter was lucky to maintain the state for maybe a minute before their body fell apart. Sho however, had greater mastery of the technique allowing him to control it for an extended period while also knowing to only use the technique in short controlled bursts to avoid long-term damage. Sadly, because of the intensity of the fight, that time limit had expired much more quickly and he was reaching the end of his technique.

Naturally, even though it wouldn't cause lasting damage, the end result would be him being too sore to fight at his peak and with Naruto still blasting out his Dou Ki by the bus load he needed to end this fight now, or at least knock him down long enough to get away.

Of course he wasn't the least bit concerned, keeping his smile present while Naruto looked at him with contempt his mind finally managing to get out of the rage filled haze, if only briefly as he managed out a few words, "And just what makes you think for even one second I'm gonna let you walk away from here after all the crap you've put me through?" His last words were followed by a furious growl from his throat to which Sho smiled back.

"Well that's easy my friend, in fact it's so easy I actually have two reasons for you." As if mocking him, the blue haired karate fighter held up two fingers as he began his count off, "The first being that right now I know that isn't really you speaking or at least you not being in the best state of mind. Right now, you may be acting all tough and feral, but I'd say after a few more minutes you'll be thinking a lot more clearly and hopefully a lot less viciously."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at his first reason, though didn't think much of it while noting Sho's eyes narrow a bit at his second reason, "And reason number two, is that for all your tough talk, you and I both know you can't kill me. Ignoring the fact that it would only lead to more problems for you from YAMI and I know you don't want that. I can tell just by looking in your eyes you're trying to keep all this a secret from your little girlfriend." He quickly paused as his grin again shifted to sadistic for a moment, "After all if she learned what you really are, what you're really capable of, would she still stand by you? I wonder...I wonder..."

His comment did it's job as Naruto's Dou Ki flared back to life, his face becoming even more feral at the comment as he geared up for another attack, while Sho moved into a familiar looking stance, "Guess I touched a nerve there, didn't I?!" He quickly flared up his own ki in response, a massive gale of wind kick up as the energy of the two seemed to clash against each other, like two furious animals locked in mortal combat.

Like the Dragon versus the Tiger.

Naruto promptly placed the heel of his foot on the ground in a familiar position, before dragging it against the ground, hard and fast. In an instant, his leg was suddenly almost glowing red, a think layer of steam forming from his shoe as he readied his final attack.

"Perna de Deus De Sol."

The words were surprisingly empty despite his prior anger, yet to Sho he might as well have been not speaking at all. His eyes were instead staring intently at Naruto's technique, his mouth practically watering at the sight, while his eyes glistened, like a kid in a candy store.

"So that's it. One of Sol's legendary Capoeria techniques, The Leg of the Sun God. It's even more impressive up close." Sho's admiration continued despite shifting into his own stance as his hand entered into a familiar knife hand strike.

"I think it's only fitting to counter it with one of my master's own techniques." His hand quickly began to pick up speed, once again resembling a drill, only this time it's speed was greatly enhanced by his combined ki, to where the technique resembled a mini tornado in his hand, the attack trained solely on Naruto.

"The God of the Sky vs the God of the Sun. LETS SEE WHO'S THE TRUE LORD OF THE HEAVENS SHALL WE!"

In that brief instance between words, both fighters rocketed towards each other, eyes focused solely on each other and nothing else. The sky, the earth, the plants, everything seemed to fade away from them as they drew closer. Sho's look of glee shining through with each passing second, while Naruto found himself struck with a sense of déjà vu, once again finding himself about to clash with another rival in a strangely poetic setting.

Yet his mind attempted to block the thought out as he cocked his leg back and unleashed his heated kick with all the power he had, Sho responding in kind with his hand.

"JINEKEN-NEJIRI NUKITE" (God's Fist Spinning Hand)

"PERNA DE DEUS DE SOL" (Leg of the Sun God)

Both attacks collided with the force of a landmine. The shockwave generated sent ripples of air in every direction, bark from the nearby trees cracked and shattered, the earth and wind howled in agony at the impact. At the same time the air seemed to increase in temperature as Sho's fast moving had quickly began to spread the heat from Naruto's kick in every direction and at the epicenter it wasn't much better.

Despite the heat and force generated from their combined attacks, neither fighter was willing to give the other any ground. Naruto himself roaring in fury as his Dou Ki increased in force, his leg gaining greater strength and he pushed Sho back, who quickly dug his feet deep into the soil as he pushed back further with his hand.

Of course Sho could feel that Naruto's Ki was being concentrated into his leg to increase the strength of his kick, thus allowing him to push back. Sho of course realized that his time with the Seidou Goui was nearly at an end, thus decided that it was best to end the situation before he found himself in a position he could escape. So he quickly focused his remaining united Ki into his technique and pushed forward with all his remaining power.

Naruto likewise upon feeling his rival's strike increase subconsciously transferred even more of his KI into the attack. What the fighters didn't know was that due to the massive consideration of KI they were putting into their attacks, the energies themselves were effectively duking it out and quickly building up to the point where the small space between them wasn't big enough to contain it, something both parties realized a little too late.


in the briefest of instances both Naruto and Sho were knocked backwards and flat on their collective asses, but a mini-explosion was generated from their little power struggle, effectively ending the clash.

Naruto was the first to recover, slowly sitting up as he shook his head clear of the ringing that was pulsing through his ears and trying to clear up the rage induced haze he'd been under. He quietly raised his head and observed the damage that had been caused, looking upon the scene with a slight degree of awe, before looking down at his own hand suspiciously.

"Just like that time with Sougetsu. I let my anger take control, yet it felt different this time. Was definitely a lot stronger, almost felt like I didn't have any control at all. Better talk with the Fox about this when I get the chance."

Quickly placing that thought into the back of his mind for later, the collapsed former ninja attempted to get up, only to literally feel his whole body feel the full weight of the pain of his little bought with Sho. The blonde actually bit down, trying his best to fight back the howl of pain that would have occurred had he not silenced it.

Opting not to move, lest he aggravate his aching form, the blonde slowly observed his body to examine the full extent of the damage. For the most part the damage seemed more internal than external as his clothing didn't sustain too many rips and tears, save for the rather large hole in the middle of his chest where Sho's attack landed. Of course there was also the matter of the bloodstains covering his shirt and pants, as well as the dirt and most evident his left foot was currently still smoking from using his master's signature attack, though thankfully the wind for Sho's own attack managed to cool it off quickly enough before it could do any serious damage.

The blonde let out a quiet sigh as he scratched his head in annoyance, "Bad enough I have to get into a fight with that asshole Sho, now my clothes are all torn apart. No way I just sweep this one under the rug with Renka, I can already hear her asking me questions." Naruto quickly paused as his senses quickly directed his line of vision to Sho's own spot of contact to which Naruto frowned heavily at the sight.

The reason being was that Sho, whom Naruto up to a few minutes ago was pummeling into the ground, was standing up once again, albeit with a clear degree of effort and strain, the hand he used to block Naruto's own technique red hot from the heated kick, yet his smile was still present as always.

Naturally Naruto continued to glare at the smiling teen but only managed to earn a chuckle from him, "You know, it's kind of hard to be intimidating when you flat on your ass with the mobility of a rock. Hehehe!" His chuckle continued, though Naruto quickly spotted the slight strain in both his voice and facial expressions, which earned him his own smirk.

"Well I could say the same to you, pretty sure having the physical stability of a house of cards doesn't come across as particularly scary either."

Sho just smiled again, laughing at the comment, clearly not the least bit offended, "Maybe, but that's part of the price you pay for using that technique. Then again, pretty much any kind of strength requires some degree of pain, but I might have pushed it a little too far. Regardless, I feel I got what I wanted in the end and that's good enough for me."

The YOMI member quietly proceeded to knock the remaining dirt from his clothes before taking another look at Naruto, "We'll call this one a draw for now, no need to start an argument over who won since we're both big enough to admit when we're beat. At least this way we can have a rematch in the future, hopefully by then you'll get that power of yours under control."

Naruto's eyes narrowed at the comment referring to his rather unknown ability and was clearly interested in learning more about it and possibly controlling it better. Though at the same time there was still something he wanted to get across, "So you're not gonna kill me then? Even though I made it clear I'm not interested in joining you or YOMI?"

His comment was completely serious and he awaited Sho's response half expecting a chuckle or perhaps a cold comment, instead what he got was Sho laughing like a madman for a moment, which was actually a bit funny for Naruto as the blue haired fighter seemed to forget his injuries and actually started bending over in pain as he laughed. Despite this however, Sho still managed to get a few words out to Naruto.

"Kill you? No my friend, I have no interest in killing you! Hell, I never had any interest to begin with. After all, we're not really allowed to kill another member of YOMI unless they are defeated in battle and as I already stated this fight counts as a draw, so no harm no foul really. Besides..." Sho's eyes locked on to Naruto with the precision of a sniper scope, his eyes glowing with excitement as he look upon him, "...you've proven to me that, while you might not be a bird that is worthy to join me in the skies above, neither are you a lowly worm or even a weak dog as I originally perceived. No, right now you're more like a caged beast, a creature with unmistakable power and fury, whose only weakness is that his true potential remains locked away, bound to the earth until his ferocity severs his bindings and unleashes his power for the worlds to see and fear."

Naruto's ears held on to each word, finding himself both puzzled and intrigued at his opponents words as Sho's expression became more serious, yet the passion and excitement in his eyes also grew in intensity, "Today I briefly glimpsed the fierce some potential that dwells deep inside of you, though it's only a small fraction of the power you truly possess and until you finally break away from whatever is keeping that strength contained, fighting you would feel like a wasted effort. So I'll leave you now in the hopes that during the time between our next meeting you'll continue to grow stronger, so that our next bout will be a more entertaining battle. Of course till then, well I'll leave you to your own devices."

With those words Sho turned his back to Naruto and began to walk away, leaving his downed opponent to simply sit, musing over what had just taken place. Though Sho almost stopped walking for a second before casually waving his arm in a somewhat goodbye like gesture as he spoke one last time, "One more thing my friend. As I said the only way you can escape from YOMI is if you die or are defeated and then die. It's not something you can truly escape and you will eventually join us, whether by your own will or some outside force, the day will come when you too descend into the darkness. But for now, enjoy your time in the light while it lasts, I can assure you it's a fleeting feeling."

And with those parting words, Sho Kano promptly disappeared between the trees, the sound of the wind passing through the branches being the only clear sound present, as birds took to the skies, the sound of wings beating acting almost like a sendoff to the mysterious teen, leaving Naruto alone, now left contemplate what just transpired.

For a moment he just sat there in silence, continuing to muse over what happened, his hatred for Sho having been quelled over the course of their battle. Now he found himself more confused and admittedly curious over what he'd just been told. Slowly he leaned back, resting his head against the back of the tree, letting the cool winds and bright light of the sun cover him as he gathered his thoughts.

"Jeez, seems like I can't catch a break no matter where or who I end up with. YAMI, YOMI, all this on top of the crap with Ragnarock, what the heck am I supposed to do about all this?"

"Well for starters, you could stop moping about it!"

Naruto's eyes rose for a brief start before dropping down somewhat, "Fox? Was wondering when I was gonna hear from you again. Which reminds me, you've been pretty quiet up to this point, I mean I know you don't exactly like me, but I haven't heard you make any kind of snide comment about me in a while What's the deal?"

The fox snarled at the question, almost seemingly offended by it, "Your idiocy truly astounds me. Even after all the mental training your master put you through, you still have a pitiful grasp of the obvious."

Naruto, lacking the energy for a witty remark, simply scoffed at the comment, "For the sake of avoiding an unnecessary argument, lets just say you're right and I'm stupid, mind filling me in on what I'm clearly too shortsighted to understand oh great Nine Tails."

"Grrr, you're lucky your survival and mine are tied together brat, otherwise I'd just let you stumble over your own two feet until you ended up in incoming traffic. Regardless, remember how I mentioned prior that while your chakra was sealed, a small portion of my chakra that still lingered in your body resulted in you gaining increased strength and power when you became angry?"

Naruto's interest slowly became piqued at the question, "Yeah, I remember you mentioned that. Pretty sure that it was when I used your chakra while in sage mode after the battle with Pein right?"

"Precisely, at that time your Sage chakra had effectively be used up but some of my chakra still resided within you since there was naturally more of it than Sage Chakra, which is why that chakra wasn't also fused with your own spirit."

"Okay fine, but what exactly does this have to do with you and I being able to speak with each other only during certain intervals?"

"Always so impatient, I'm getting to that. Anyway, as you know or at least, I hope you know, chakra itself is a fusion of a person's physical energy, the energy that allows a person's body to move naturally, and spiritual energy, energy derived from a persons own will and fighting spirit. An individual's chakra network allows them to combine these energies to form chakra. However, when the seal was placed on your body, it effectively made it where your chakra network could no longer function, thus your chakra was split back into it's normal physical and spiritual energy states. Starting to understand brat?"

Slowly, Naruto's mind began to pick up speed, gradually deconstructing the information given and offering a casual nod, "I think I might be."

"Then you probably know what's next. As mentioned, a portion of my chakra still existed within your body at the time the seal was applied. Thus my chakra was also split into physical and spiritual energy, which then united with your own energies, since the seal prevented it from returning to my own body. The physical energy of my chakra is in part why your physical strength is greater than it was originally, despite you lacking your normal chakra levels. Though that itself is minuscule compared to the spiritual energy. Of my chakra.

Naruto remained silent, awaiting to hear the rest of the fox's explanation, "As you've experienced in the past, my own spirit is one derived from elements of intense emotions, specifically rage and bloodlust and it grows rapidly in power the greater those emotions become. As such, since my spiritual energy is now a part of your own spirit, when your anger reaches a certain peak, the spiritual energy from my charka ignites, flowing through you body and making an energy almost as potent as normal Chakra, though far less controllable. I believe the term is KI, which works much like adrenaline, offering your greater strength and speed, but because its energy derived from my own rage, it also makes you act more feral and violent, much like how you acted when fighting that Sho boy."

Naruto's mind quickly flashed back to the fight with Sho, eyes managed to burn through the red haze of rage that clouded his higher mental functions as he attacked the teen like a beast, with little more than bloodshed and murder on his mind, "So that explains why I went at Sho like a rabid dog...or fox...so to speak."

"The KI itself is derived from intense emotions and the rage that now exists within your own spirit is highly potent, thus it can easily overcome your mind and turn you into a literal beast. It's also because of this that we are able to communicate. Since the KI itself is derived from my own spirit, it creates a small connection between you and I that the seal cannot block since the connection isn't based on chakra, but only lasts for a short time."

Seated in place, Naruto calmly took in the information he was given and was for the most part, taking it rather well. Slowly he rose to his feet, his muscles having loosened up after a few minutes of limited motion, though it still caused a few sharp pains to move his arms and legs, but none the less he could handle it.

"So I'm guessing that means this conversation won't last much longer?"

"As I said the connection itself isn't chakra based and only occurs when the spiritual energy from my chakra that now flows in you becomes intense enough to form a solid connection, which only happens during moments of intense anger. As you are now, I can already feel the connection fading, so if you have any other questions, better ask them now."

At that point Naruto really only had one thought on his mind as he tried to brush off some of the remaining dirt from his body, before proceeding at a slow pace back to Gekirin, likely aware Renka had long since returned to the resturant and worried sick about him, a meeting he really wasn't looking forward to. Though really his main concern was what he want to ask the fox

"After everything that just happened and what Sho said, about YOMI and YAMI, what do you think will likely happen in the coming months?"

The fox remained silent for a moment, trying to think of the best words to convey his thoughts to the blonde while also working to keep things short before their link was broken.

"Well, if there's anything we've both learned from our shared histories is that peace of any kind, never lasts for very long and that it only takes one small spark to start a massive fire. You've managed to keep things relatively contained so far, keeping your relationship with Ragnarock a secret from that girl and maintain a due identity. However, I get the feeling we've encountered the spark that will set forth the coming blaze. Though as to what will be consumed by it I am not sure, I'm not a fortuneteller after all."

Gradually, Naruto felt the fox's presence begin to fade, as the link between them weakened due to all his prior anger having long since cooled. Yet the fox was ready to let in some final last words of advice.

"However, what I can say is this brat. If that boy is a sample of the things to come, then I suggest you improve your skills, as you heard what he said. If anyone of those YOMI members defeats you or some sign of weakness is shown, they will execute you as well as those you currently hold dear and I can tell they will make good on that threat. These people definitely seem like the kind who'd have no qualms with something like murder, so you'd better be prepared for the worst."

His presence slowly drifting away completely, Naruto let out a saddened breath, somewhat unhappy that his time with the fox was cut short. True, the fox was a total bastard and not the best company, but it was still nice to communicate with someone who knew about his past and who he didn't have to keep secrets from. Of course, he also knew that this meant the somewhat quiet life he managed to acquire over these last few weeks, was likely coming to an end and that also didn't help his demeanor.

"Guess it was too good to be true. No matter where I go, I always end up getting caught up or sought out by some group of elitist assholes who can't take no for an answer. My bad luck I guess."

Naruto slowly made his way down the path towards Gekirin, hoping that Renka would just accept a simple, "The guy shot his mouth off and I had to kick his ass" excuse without pressing any further questions. All the while, he mentally contemplated how to improve himself for the battles to come, somewhat wishing that Sol had decided to stick around and help him improve, despite the man's lack of subtly.

Hopefully he'd figure something out in the months that came…assuming he even had that much time.

(Scene Change, Unknown Location)

Meanwhile a familiar blue haired, teen slowly made his way through the forest, musing over the battle he'd just experienced, pausing briefly as he actually had to clutch his aching abdomen and chest from the harsh blows his took, "Definitely shouldn't have underestimated that guy."

Sho briefly opened his shirt up and frowned briefly at several large, dark purple bruises that coated his upper body. Additionally, he also raised his right hand, paying close attention to it's condition. Clashing with Naruto's Leg of the Sun God had done it's damage and lived up to it's reputation. His entire hand was burned, with his glove being completely burned away, leaving small ash marks on his hand. The fingers themselves have several noticeable burns, though only first degree burns, thus not as serious as they could have been. Thankfully his own technique had managed to lessen the damage, but only just a bit.

Sho's frown persisted as he tried to make a fist, only to receive a nice stab of pain for his troubles as his burned hand shook in agony. "Guess that's what I get for playing with fire barehanded. Probably would have been smarter to match him kick for kick."

"You're lucky that you only received minor burns." Sho's eyes widened somewhat, though quickly returned to normal, as he mustered a fake grin whilst trying to hide his pain as he turned to the voice.

"Master, what a pleasant surprise."

Out of the forest arose a familiar figure. He stood almost seven feet tall, with a lean yet densely muscular build, clad in a black matrix style trench coat, with matching pants, gloves and boots. What little of his body that wasn't covered, revealed lightly tanned skin, with only a small amount of facial hair, including a moustache and goatee, in addition to the long shoulder length black hair that flowed on both sides of his face and head. Two note worth features of the man's face, was a jagged scar that ran horizontally down his left eye, beginning at his forehead and stopping shy of his lips. In addition to this, he also sported strangely pointed ears, giving him a slightly elf like appearance. The remainder of his face was very narrow and well defined, with his eyes obscured by a pair of sunglasses. Otherwise he maintained a very neutral, expressionless face, yet Sho could still feel the main's hawk like gaze peering into him.

Sho, opting to maintain his confident appearance quietly turned around, fully facing his master, quickly releasing his injured hand to avoid looking weak. "I wasn't expecting you to show up so soon. Honestly I was more expecting Sol himself to appear, but this is still nice."

His master, Akira Hongo, otherwise known as the God's Hand, didn't show even a hint of amusement at the comment. Instead his eyes were clearly trained on Sho's injured hand and bruised body, yet his face remained solid and motionless.

"Your opponent proved to be more of a challenge than you expected." His tone was completely dull and without a hint of expression, yet was as ice cold and serious that it was a miracle the temperature didn't instantly drop, yet Sho remained oblivious.

"I might have gotten a little cocky near the end. He didn't seem all the tough at first and I honestly thought he was just another worm like all the others." He quietly frowns as he again tried to make a fist with his damaged hand, "Had to learn the hard way that, while he might not have wings, he certainly has fangs and plenty of fire to boot."

Akira silently listened, remaining like a statute before his eyes drifted to the blazing sun above, "Your little experience reminds me of the story of Icarus. An individual who believed in the strength of his man-made wings and sought to pit them against the blazing heat of the sun." Akira's hidden eyes quickly focused on Sho's burned hand, "And just like Icarus, your wings were burned away by the sun's fire. Thankfully for you, the boy's technique is a far cry from his master's power. Had that been Sol's attack, you'd be little more than ash flying in the wind."

Sho merely listened to his master speak, showing him his respect as he nodded quietly to his words before walking towards him, "I understand master. I let my confidence get the better of me and I paid for it. Even so, the fight itself was still enjoyable and I managed to learn a fair amount about our Sol's disciple, so I'd still call this a win in spite of a few set backs."

The stoic master, again, remained silent for a moment before turning around and slowly walking back the way he came, with Sho following in tow. The pair stayed quiet as they moved, Sho placing his injured hand in his pocket, having grown annoyed with trying to operate it properly, opting to wait it out until the pair returned home.

Yet as the slowly disappeared into the shadows, Akira's head turned slightly to his disciple, "Was he worth it?"

Sho didn't even stop to contemplate his answer, instead looking at Akira with a look of burning passion and excitement he hadn't seen in the teen in years. His face was practically glowing with exhilaration, as he thought about another clash with his fierce new opponent.


-Ninth Fist End-

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