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It will be told from the point of view from Annabeth Chase. Percabeth. DUHH.

I stepped into the camp and felt something different. I've always came to camp a few days early, so things were quiet and still. There was a silent wind blowing through the trees as I slowly ambled my way up to the Athena cabin. I opened the door and saw that no one was back yet and smiled knowingly. People would probably come later this year, their parents will cling to them, say they just got them back, but in the end they will lose the fight because demigods belong here.

Last summer the world had crumbled and we had fought. In the end our loses weren't great in numbers, but injuries were high... including my own when I took a knife for Percy, knowing he was in grave danger. Later I found out that if I wouldn't have done that, Percy Jackson wouldn't be alive right now. He was almost stabbed in his Achilles Heal... his only weak spot. He almost died by one knife to the small of his back, but I, sensing he was in danger, took the knife for him. When he told me the that he would've died.. I had mixed feelings. I was terrified, although crisis was averted. I was deathly angry at the person who almost killed him, but most of all I felt a searing love running through my body for the boy who stood before me.

Once my things were in order (clothes folded neatly in their places, books stacked on the shelf over my bunk, designs spread lovingly on the desk) I pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail, wondering when Percy would get here. I spent most of the school year in New York, mostly being homeschooled by Sally with Percy and working in Olympous, but toward the end of the school year I left and went to visit my dad. Things were the same and now I was just glad to be back at camp. I also couldn't wait to be back with Percy. After spending all day every day with a person for up to seven months even a month away from that person seems like a lifetime.

I grabbed a book off the shelf and opened the door, walking slowly past the owl that was perched on a post outside the cabin. For a moment I stood there watching it... it's majestic eyes stared at me, burning holes into my own. Those eyes were grey and stormy like rain clouds before a thunderstorm. Those eyes were ferocious like a cat about to pounce. They were my eyes.

With a loud, happy sign I hopped down the last of the steps and walked off toward the forest, past the edge of camp half blood. As I roamed the grounds I felt a sense of belonging that could never really be filled by anything else. This place was my home.

I found myself approaching the dock and smiled. I sat down on the edge of the dock and sat the book down on the wood beside me. With a smile I let my hair down, letting it blow in the light breeze skimming off the water. My eyes ran over the book (written in Greek of course) and I could feel someone watching me. After nearly 17 years of having Athena watch over me I thought nothing of it.

I could feel the wind running over my hair and pushing it into my eyes, but for once I didn't care. I let my hair roam free and wild across my back. I could feel summer beginning in one huge leap. I could feel my body registering the fact that I was back in the place I belong. I could feel everything in those moments. Being so close to the water, I could even feel Percy with me. I could feel Percy's body right beside mine, holding my hand. I could feel the love and devotion I could always feel in his presence. I could feel his eyes on my face as he watched me read. I could feel the strength pulsing through his veins from the power of the water.

"Percy." I exhailed, looking up from the book and staring out past the water.

"Yes?" The voice came from behind me and my head jerked up. I turned around so fast I could've gotten whip lash, but I didn't care. Percy was standing on the end of the dock staring at me.

"Oh my gods, Percy!" I half screamed, standing up, pushing the book away, and running to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and twirled me around. I beamed at him. "You're early."

"You're late." He muttered, tracing my lips with his fingers.

"Am I?" I asked, pushing his dark hair from his eyes.

"I got here yesterday.. I knew you came early. I wanted to see you." His words made my heart swell and I let a whimper fall from my lips.

"Percy.." I mumbled, barely coherent.

"Annabeth." He said, pulling me closer. My breath came out as huff, because he had jerked me forward. I suddenly felt like the world was right.. as if everything I needed was within my grasp. I held Percy tighter. "I love you, Annabeth Chase."

"I love you, Percy." I muttered, pulling him down so I could kiss him.

"A month is a long time." Percy grumbled against my hair. "I am never letting you leave again."

"I'm never leaving again... unless I can take you with me." It was barely a whisper.

"I'll go where ever you go." He promised, kissing my forehead.

"You better... Seaweed Brain." I said, punching him in the arm.

"I will." His voice was serious, yet light as the wind.

I pulled his face down to mine again, kissing him lightly on the lips. "I really missed you, Seaweed Brain."

"I guess I missed you, too, Wise Girl." He mumbled, laughing at the expression that crossed my face.

"You know you did." I told him, pulling away from him.

"I do?" He asked innocently, as I skirted back over to my book.

I picked it up then walked back to the end of the dock where Percy was standing smiling at me. "Yes. You do."

"Oh... well! I do." He said, smiling coyly at me. I rolled my eyes at him before turning and walking away. I was a few feet away when his arms wrapped around my waist and he whispered in my ear, "Annabeth Chase you will never be able to understand how much I missed you when you were gone."

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