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His Butler, Forever

He drew back the curtains while humming, something he usually never does. Sunlight entered and illuminated the room. Opening the windows slightly, he took in a breath of fresh air before facing the grandiose bed behind him.

"Now, now Young Master. Just because you don't have any appointments today, it doesn't mean that you can just stay in bed," he made his way to the bed and, without waiting for a response, placed a hand under the figure's back and lifted his body into a sitting position.

Bringing a hand up, he brushed away strands of hair that managed to find its way to Ciel's forehead. The boy's eyes were still shut close and Sebastian couldn't help but chuckle at the sight.

"Breakfast in bed would do for today, wouldn't it Young Master?" placing a hand on his chest, he bent to bow. "Well then, excuse me while I go fetch your breakfast."

He went out of the bedroom and swiftly made his way downstairs into the kitchen. It wasn't good to keep one's master waiting for too long after all.

Carefully placing the dish and the utensils on the cart – complete with the tea pot and the small tea cup – he smiled, proud of his work.

Sebastian walked through the corridors on the second floor, making his way back to the younger boy's bedroom, and he sighed.

It was quiet day in the mansion, it has been for a few years already, and he wouldn't really admit it but it didn't really feel like his day was complete without hearing a few 'bangs' and 'crashes' and fixing some mistakes here and there.

He knocked on the gigantic double doors leading into the main bedroom. And, knowing that he wouldn't receive an answer, he walked right in, muttering an 'Excuse the intrusion' while doing so.

After placing a silver tray on the boy's lap, Sebastian stepped back to the cart, which he placed right beside the bed, and started pouring the tea into the cup.

"Today's breakfast is poached salmon with mint salad. I have prepared scones to go with the dish, as well. Well, Young Master, enjoy your breakfast." He looked at Ciel on the bed, brushing away stray strands of hair again before excusing himself to sweep the courtyard.

Once at the courtyard, he chuckled, laughing at nothing in particular, and looked at the direction of his master's room before finally starting the chore at hand.


Sebastian looked at his watch. He had spent at least half an hour sweeping. Plenty of time to dust and clean the whole mansion before lunch time. There was no rush. He had the whole day to do so.

He set to work, dusting every corner and crevice twice before claiming it done and going into the kitchen, yet again, to make food.

Opening the same double doors again, he frowned. The food he had brought earlier had not been touched.

He made his way to the bed, quickly switching the dishes for the ones he had recently made.

"Ah, Young Master. You didn't eat again today. You shouldn't be like this," he shook his head from side to side. "There are many unfortunate children out there who would love to be in your position now, you know," he placed the utensils neatly beside the plate and cleared his throat.

There was still no response from the boy and Sebastian's smile faded. He lowered his head to bow, excusing himself again from the room.

The butler exited the room, walking to the study in long, steady strides. A desk was placed in the center at the far end of the room, bookshelves filled with different kinds of books adorning the two walls of the room.

Sebastian walked behind desk, opting to stand instead of using the chair that his master usually sat on. He opened the second drawer on the right side, reaching inside and bringing out old letters and letters that were left unopened.

He browsed through them, seeing familiar names of those that his master had treasured and those who he didn't care about, letters from the Queen and letters from her 'Spider'. And though one would not expect this, the golden-haired Trancy also belonged to those who Ciel treasured. For, even though Alois had a twisted mind and had ridiculed him over and over, Ciel respects him as a rival – albeit in an odd way that not even Sebastian will ever understand.

There were letters that were asking how he was doing and how he was holding up. There were letters with news like how Elizabeth got engaged and married someone else because Ciel wasn't available anymore.

Sebastian was opening his thirteenth letter, the knife positioned under the red wax that was sealing it, when he saw that it was time for afternoon snack. He didn't realize that he had taken longer than expected flipping and reading through old letters.

He sighed and placed the letter on the table, still sealed with its wax embedded with a spider, and made his way to the kitchen. The letter can wait.

The butler hummed to himself, whipping raw batter and putting it in the stone oven to cook. He cleaned the things he used while waiting for the chocolate dough to finish cooking, placing them in their respective cupboards, drawers and cabinets once they've dried.

He took the cake out of the oven once it's ready, covering its surface with white cream and decorating it with chocolate bits and cherries on top, and transformed it into a perfect Black Forest Cake, setting it again on the cart that he used earlier.

Double doors are pushed open for the third time that day and he made his way to the side of the bed again.

He let out a sigh. "Are you playing with me, Young Master? Not eating these dishes that I work so hard to make for you," he said dramatically, taking the tray from the boy's lap and placed it on the cart.

He knew what to expect, food left untouched, but he couldn't stop himself. Cooking and preparing food for the boy certain times throughout the day had become a habit that he acquired ever since getting into a contract with Ciel. Besides, he had to entertain himself somehow.

"I know, I know," Sebastian sat next to Ciel, draping an arm on the boy's shoulder and pulling the smaller body closer to his own. "I shouldn't talk to you like that. I didn't mean any disrespect," he brushed away stray strands of hair on the boy's face, taking a small cold hand into his free one, before continuing. "Forgive me, Young Master."

It had been a hundred years since they started the contract, ninety-five or so years since Ciel had given him his soul.

A spell was placed over the boy's petite body so it wouldn't deteriorate and so his beauty would remain. The mansion, too, had shown signs of old age, but Sebastian worked to keep it as it was to preserve memories that he once thought wouldn't matter to him.

He smirked. It was times like these that made him wonder if it was the right decision to fulfill the boy's last order instead of going off and finding more to eat. He shrugged it off. Though there was less excitement in his life, he couldn't feel more content with everything.

Taking his arm of the boy's shoulder, he positioned Ciel's body back against the headboard. He got off of the bed, not once letting go of the small hand in his.

Sebastian kneeled beside the bed, bringing Ciel's left hand to his lips and giving it a chaste kiss.

"Forever, my Lord," he murmured against cold pale skin, "I'll stay with you forever."

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