Forever, Indeed

Sebastian didn't leave Ciel's room until the morning after. He went to the kitchen, bringing the cart with him and paused, looking at the food he prepared the day before – all laid out on one of the counters.

He wasn't going to cook today. There was no need to. Today is special.

He heated the food, cutting them into smaller pieces and dividing them into three plates evenly.

After slicing a piece of cheddar, he carried the plates –all in one arm- and went to the garden in their backyard. Sebastian stood on top of stone steps, scanning the humongous and well-groomed garden before letting out a loud whistle.

Three cats came in scurrying towards him, all in different sizes. One was an adult cat with orange and yellow fur, another had black and slightly purple fur and the last one was, simply, an orange kitten. Despite being the majestic things that he loved and after debating with himself for a long time, he decided to name the three: Bard, Mei Lin and Finny respectively. For, they were a constant reminder of the three servants who worked with him and, no matter how hard they try, they are unable to catch the only mouse in the mansion, which Sebastian decided to name Tanaka-san, even though it would always be in the same places.

He placed the three plates on the ground and let the cats eat his creations, also placing the small piece of cheese on the ground for the tiny mouse that followed quietly after them.

Sebastian went to the back of the garden, stopping by their store house to grab his gardening shears before going to the white rose bushes that his master once loved. He snipped a few white roses, five in full bloom and a bud, intending to place them in the master's bedroom and hoping that, in a while, the bud has bloomed too.

There was a rustle of leaves from his right and his ears twitched. He watched that area from the corner of his eyes, waiting to see what kind of visitor he had.

A smile found its way to his lips as he spotted a mass of bluish black hair pop out of the bushes.

Sebastian turned around, white roses still in one hand and the gardening shears in the other. He made his way to the bush and stood by, waiting for the intruder to come out.

The intruder pulled his head back into the bushes, hesitating to come out after seeing him standing there. But after a few seconds later, a petite body came out; clothes slightly messed up and covered with leaves.

Sebastian's eyes widened slightly and lightened up when he saw the figure. The boy was as tall as his master. He had the same blue eyes, the same bluish black hair, the same features, and the same haughty yet pure aura. He was caught in a daze and he didn't realize it.

In his stupor the butler spoke, not being able to stop a silent 'Young Master' escape from his lips. But the boy had heard him and raised an eyebrow at him. "Huh? It's Ciel, you dimwit. Get it right," the boy announced.

The new Ciel looked around him, marveling at how big the garden was and how simply beautiful it was. "What is this place?" he asked, walking towards the white rose bush that Sebastian had been trimming.

The butler raised an eyebrow in amusement. 'Ahh, Young Master. Always keeping me on my toe,' he thought. He approached the boy quietly, placing his hand on his chest and lowering himself to the boy's level. "Excuse me, Sir Ciel. Would you like something to eat?"

The question was asked so suddenly and he was caught in surprise. Ciel had been thinking of what he was going to answer, debating with himself whether he should accept the offer even though it was highly suspicious or whether he should decline and proceed to leave, when his stomach growled.

A slight tint of pink graced his features and he covered his stomach, thinking of saying something in protest and wanting to hide himself in embarrassment yet not wanting to because of his pride.

The butler chuckled. "Well then, follow me. Breakfast will be served shortly."

Sebastian directed Ciel to the dining room, snatching a table cloth on the way. Ciel looked around him and he couldn't help but feel that he had been inside the mansion before, like the man that was walking in front of him had been a significant part of his life.

Once at the dining room, Sebastian pulled out a chair for Ciel at the very end of the dining table before excusing himself to get the food. He returned a few minutes later, immediately setting the food in front of the boy. He started with something simple for the day. A plate with Dutch baby pancakes topped with raspberry sauce accompanied by cinnamon filled scones was placed on the table in front of Ciel, teasing him with a wonderful scent that made him gulp.

The dining room was filled with silence, Ciel eating the breakfast given to him and Sebastian pouring the tea that his master loved into a small tea cup, but they didn't seem to mind.

"Sir Ciel, might I ask how and why you entered our garden?" Sebastian asked. He had a feeling that he knew how the boy had gotten in and a vague idea on why he had even come, but, it wouldn't hurt to ask would it?

"It's none of your business, is it Sebastian?" he tried to stifle a gasp after hearing the name that came out of his mouth.

Sebastian chuckled, setting a cup filled with tea in front of the boy. "I'm amazed that you actually know my name, Sir Ciel, when I have no memory of introducing myself since we've met," the butler stepped behind Ciel, leaning close to his ear. "I apologize for that, but since you already know who I am then I don't have to introduce myself anymore.

Ciel brought the cup of tea to his lips, trying to enjoy its taste and at the same time trying to hide the rosy tint on his cheeks.

The boy cleared his throat, setting the tea cup back on the table. "My mother is holding an engagement party for me even if I don't want it and I found a huge hole in the wall of your garden and…" he sighed. "I wouldn't have gotten in if you maintained the walls of your precious garden."

Sebastian chuckled again. "You're welcome to hide here for as long as you want," he said, bringing his hands up and gesturing to his surroundings. "I'm sure the others will love to have you."

The boy paused just as he was going to take another sip from his teacup. "The others?" he asked, looking at the butler. "You mean the cats?"

Sebastian nodded in reply.

"But I have a –"

"Cat allergy?" Sebastian interrupted, catching the younger boy by surprise.

"How did you –"

"Just a guess," he shrugged and chuckled to himself again when he heard Ciel groan, taking the now empty plates from the table and putting them on the cart beside him. "Don't worry. I'll keep them away."

A tint of pink found its way to the boy's cheeks again and he had to look away from the butler. "Can you take me to your library then?" he asked, wiping his mouth with a small napkin handed to him by Sebastian.

"Of course," the butler pulled the boy's chair back, allowing Ciel more space to stand. "Please follow me."

He lead the boy to the library, opening large French windows slightly to let a bit of fresh air circulate in the room. It was a good thing that he had cleaned the room the day before.

Ciel walked into the room, looking around and marveling at how big it was and how many different kinds of books it must have and at the same time wondering how much he could read throughout the day. He approached a shelf, grabbing a hard-bound book that caught his eye, and immediately lost himself in a world between hard covers.

Sebastian smiled, excusing himself even though he knew he wasn't heard, and went to the kitchen. He cleaned up the dishes that were used in the meal that was served for the boy quickly, eager to get back in the library and observe the boy once again.

It was interesting, he had thought. Not much has changed.

It was already sunset when there were loud shouts and incessant knocking from the huge front doors.. Ciel followed closely behind as Sebastian went to greet the visitor.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, sir, but have you seen a boy that is around this height and with black hair and blue eyes?" a middle aged lady with chestnut brown hair said, lifting her hand up, slightly below her shoulders to show the estimated height of the boy she was looking for, a carriage waiting behind her.

Sebastian's eyes flickered to the left, trying to see if Ciel would make a move and show himself. But when the boy didn't move a muscle, Sebastian smiled at the lady in front of him and opened his mouth, prepared to say that he hadn't.

At that same time, Ciel stepped out from behind the butler, looking down and biting at his bottom lip, his eyebrows creating a crease on his forehead.

"Ciel!" the lady exclaimed, throwing her in the air and draping them around the boy, pulling him into a hug. "Oh, you don't know how worried you've made us! Especially your mother! My dear child! Were you hiding here all along?" She pushed the boy away from her and looked at his eyes, immediately moving her stare to Sebastian. "I'm sorry for the trouble. It won't happen again," she added, standing up.

Sebastian shook his head, moving his gaze from the lady to Ciel. "It's quite alright. I've been living here alone for quite some time now. It's refreshing to have people over again." He bent in front of the boy; one knee tucked beneath him and took Ciel's right hand, placing an onyx ring on his thumb. "Feel free to visit whenever you have time. Or whenever you feel like hiding from your family again," he smiled at the boy, standing up when the boy let out a 'Hmph!' before turning around and stepping into the carriage.

"Thank you very much for keeping him company. He's already ten years old, yet he doesn't have any friends his own. It doesn't help that he's the only child too," she brought a hand to her mouth, her free hand supporting her arm at her elbow. "Thank you for looking after him today. He must've had fun. Thank you very much,"she said, bowing towards Sebastian before she turned around and followed the boy.

Sebastian chuckled, closing the huge doors once the carriage was out of sight, and made his way to the master's bedroom.

The windows are closed and the curtains are shut together, blocking away light and dimming the room even further. The grandiose bed is empty, the body from the day before no longer there, save for white roses scattered over the covers.

Sebastian kneeled beside the bed, placing a hand on it and resting his forehead on the soft covers of the mattress.

The spell on the former Ciel's body had expired, deteriorating once Sebastian saw his new master to be. It's worth waiting a hundred years with an empty stomach. And he also thinks that it was worth not eating his soul and letting him reincarnate.

He smiled against the mattress, bringing his head up and placing a kiss on a petal that was close to him. Closing his eyes, he rested his forehead on it. "Forever indeed, Young Master," he chuckled. "Forever indeed."

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