A little drabble,just under 300 words. Inspired from the relationship between Quirrell and Voldemort in A Very Potter Musical, and this quote.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Chapter 12: The Mirror of Erised

'The lake froze solid and the Weasley twins were punished for bewitching several snowballs so that they followed Quirrell around, bouncing off the back of his turban.'

On how the Weasley twins annoyed even Lord Voldemort

Professor Quirrell hurried inside his classroom, slamming the door shut behind him so that the snowballs the Weasley twins had bewitched to bounce off his turban would be stopped. He took a deep breath and ventured a question into the seamlessly empty room, 'My Lord?'

'Quirrell,' came the strained and yet menacing voice of his master, 'You are helping me to regenerate, aren't you?'

Stuttering for real this time he replied, 'Yes, Master.'

'Then why,' continued Lord Voldemort, 'have I been attacked all day? Is my presence here known? I already put up with the stench of garlic but now I am to be attacked.'

'My lord, I tried to repell the jinx, but those Weasley twins are surprisingly bright for their age.'

'You mean to tell me I am being set back in my regeneration by two students? And Weasley's at that! How old are they Quirrell?'

'My lord it is of no consequence, I will go to Filus, he will be discreet in finding me a charm to stop it.'

'QUIRRELL! You mean to tell me you have been thwarted by two blood traitor boys?'

'My lord, as I said, they are exceedingly bright for their age, and exceptionally mischievous also.'

Voldemort growled softly. 'Age, Quirrell?'

'My lord, they are the elder brothers of Ronald Weasley, Potter's best friend. They are in their third year.'

'Thirteen year olds? You cannot find a repelling charm strong enough to counter a spell by thirteen year olds?'

'My lord, they are nearly fourteen...'

Voldemort paused, and Quirrel spoke again.

'My lord?'

Quirrel head a sigh. 'Quirrell?'

'Yes my lord?'

'You are useless!'