"Ah, it feels so nice to have the spoon back," Nnoitra said, folding his arms behind his head, "it's totally...me you know?"

"Yes," Szayel said, "and Verena's asleep, and we can finally relax!" He smiled, holding Nnoitra's hand.

"Oh, yeah." Nnoitra said, sighing. Szayel stared at him.

"...you do know where Verena is, right? You haven't lost her...again?"

"Grimmjow's babysitting, I told you." Nnoitra

"You're letting Grimmjow babysit? I thought we said only Harribel could babysit...I don't trust Grimmjow, he tried to kill us once."

"Harribel's tried to kill me before," Nnoitra said, "besides, he's got Gin with him."

"Oh, because that makes it so much better!" Szayel jumped up off Nnoitra's bed, "you're so irresponsible."

"No!" Nnoitra cried, nearly falling off the bed trying to catch Szayel's arm, "but...we were in the bed...together...and not asleep!"

"I don't trust Grimmjow."

"Hey, he was pretty sorry once he healed up and saw Verena," Nnoitra whined, "he likes her, Szayel, he likes to spend time with her! Who are we to destroy this?"

"Be quiet," Szayel said, putting his uniform back on, "you're coming with me! Put your pants back on."

"Awh, man..." Nnoitra knew he was defeated. Grumbling, he got dressed in his Espada uniform once more and followed Szayel down the hall like a dog following his owner. They walked down the hall towards Grimmjow's domain, though even from far away, they could hear the excited screams of a little girl. Szayel seemed to relax a little; as long as they weren't screams of pain or horror, it was fine. They came to his door together, giggles coming from under the door.

"See, it seems fine to me." Nnoitra said, knocking on the door. Szayel looked at him sourly.

"It could be...a pre-recorded tape." Szayel said, not even himself, just as Grimmjow opened the door.

"Oh, hey," he said, wearing peanut-butter and jam all over his white jacket and pants, "Nnoitra, I thought you wanted me to babysit 'cause you were gonna be busy...or get busy..."

"Ah!" Szayel cried, "where's Verena?"

"Right here," Grimmjow said, side-stepping so that the parents could see into the room. A little coffee table was set up in the middle of the blue and white room, set with teacups and a teapot. There were four pillows around the table, three of them occupied by Gin, Aizen, who was happily sipping tea, and a pink haired, tall girl about four years of age. She was pouring tea into Gin's cup carefully, biting her bottom lip, her big amber eyes concentrating. Then, as if sensing something, she looked up, her face brightening instantly.

"Daddy!" She squealed, "Mama!"

"Ahhh," Nnoitra said, as the little girl dropped the teapot and took a flying leap into his arms, "Szayel, I want to know why I'm still Mama, when we've been correcting her since she was two..."

"Are you okay, Verena?" Szayel asked, ignoring Nnoitra. He stared suspiciously at the wall, which had a curious circular burn mark. The little girl nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes! Yes!" She said, "I was jus' playin' tea party with Uncle Gin and Uncle Aizen! And Uncle Grimm-Kitty too, but then he got up and answered the door and you were here!"

"She ceroed the wall again." Gin said, pointing to the burn mark, "you gonna have to pay for that."

"That's good, honey," Szayel said, fixing her long pink hair, which was falling out of its braid. Neither Szayel nor Nnoitra knew how to braid, but Ulquiorra was good at it, and tended to braid her hair with purple ribbon a lot. Szayel turned to Grimmjow, "hurt my child and I'll kill you."

"She likes me," Grimmjow said, "right Versus? Wanna play tea party with Uncle Gin and Uncle Aizen and I?"

"Yes!" Verena squealed, shooting her arms into the air, throwing herself into Grimmjow's arms, "I wanna play with them, Daddy!"

"Alright," Szayel said, his face still sour, "as long as you play nice..."

"I will!" Verena cried, "I will! An' Uncle Starrk said Lily was gonna come later. I like playin' with her!"

"Have fun," Nnoitra said, smiling, "now, if you'll excuse us, gentlemen..."

"Yes, I suppose we do have a promised event." Szayel said, grabbing Nnoitra's arm and leading him away.

"Ah, yes," Aizen called from his spot next to Gin at the table, his fingers drumming on his little tea cup, "Szayel, tell me later if last night's experiment was a success."

"Experiment? Last night?" Nnoitra said, "...wait! No, don't tell me this is...you better be kidding me!"

"Oh, don't worry about what he says," Szayel said sweetly, fluttering his eyebrows, "besides, if it were that, again, you needn't worry. I've done my job already."

"You agree, then, that one is enough for me?" Nnoitra said, "because I really don't wanna go through that again. I mean, yeah it was a few years ago, but...god, I feel sick just thinking about it."

"Hm," Szayel smiled playfully, "you're feeling sick? Are you sure it's just from the thought?"

"What?" Nnoitra's face went white as Szayel disappeared back into their room, "Szayel...Szayel you better be fucking kidding me!" He stared at the door, banging his head against it hopelessly, "...ah shit..."

La Fin