Author's note: Age of characters vary from that of actual series.


13th February 2011, Sunday

Sasuke begged me (for what it seemed like a million times) to go out with this girl tomorrow. Each time I replied 'No, I won't.' but deep down inside, I'm hesitating. Should I or should I not? It seemed so out of character for me. And besides, this girl here likes my brother and not me.

Despite the fact that I like her a lot.

Just a few months ago, Sasuke entered this same college as I did. As the older brother, I'm supposed to look out for him which didn't turn out quite right. I was busy setting my eyes on this young lady with soft pink hair tied into a pony tail, dressed casually in a white polo tee and jeans. She was carrying several textbooks in her arms. She looked unsure where to go to when she finally realized I was looking in her direction. I was caught totally off guard. I thought probably she would cast a what-the-hell look at me and stalked off. But she didn't.

She gave me a warm vibrant smile instead.

It took me great pain to find out who she was and it came as a huge disappointment when I came to know that Sasuke was the one she held a torch for.

So imagine how wretched I felt when Sasuke promised to go out with her on a date and he tells me that he's not interested?

Sasuke asked again this morning and I almost yelled my lungs out at him. How many times must he torture with this question? "Why agree and accept in the first place when you know you don't want to turn up?" I asked and his reply was, "She seemed to be looking forward to it a lot and I wanted to go with someone else much more than her. I don't want to break her heart."

You already did the moment you asked me this, little brother.

Sasuke argued with me saying it was killing two birds with a stone. And the next thing I did was flicking his forehead with my fingers. The punishment I gave him was a blue black bruise on his forehead that he can wear on his date the next damn day. He swore at me but it served him right for asking that God forsaken question.

"Whether you're going or not, its final I'm not turning up and she can wait for all she want thanks to SOMEONE." He hissed angrily, trying to ease that bruise with an ice pack.

"That someone would be YOU. AND - Like I care." I replied with a nonchalant look.

But I do care.

That sucks.

Should I turn up in my brother's stead tomorrow?

At 10:46pm,

Uchiha Itachi