Warubiaru Vs. Swanna

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I already have two fanfics based on the new Gen 5 Pokemon. Might as well do another fanfic with them since Pokemon Black and White have been released. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.

It was a swell day in a dense, deciduous forest, with two crocodile Pokemon, Warublaru and Warubiru, hanging out. Warubiaru was the larger, red colored crocodile Pokemon, while Warubiru was the yellow colored, slightly smaller crocodile Pokemon, who seemed to prefer having his arms folded together.

"Hey, I bet you wouldn't be able to knock that maple oak tree down." Warubiru stated as he raised his eyes.

Warubiaru scoffed as he pointed at Warubiru, telling him with pride, "Oh yeah? Just watch and learn, mah boi."

Warubiaru bellowed loudly as he pounded his chest, smashing down the tall maple oak tree with his head. The maple oak tree fell down, shaking the earth for several seconds, which caused several grass type Pokemon like Monmon and Churine to flee as Warubiaru laughed heartily, his hands on his scaly hips.

"Wow... you weren't kidding." Warubiru admitted as his jaw dropped in literal awe.

Warubiaru wrapped his left arm around Warubiru, poking him in his long nose. "Of course I wasn't! I'm a mean, lean, red machine!" He laughed as he pointed at the clear blue sky, proclaiming loudly, "I'd gladly take any challengers on!"

"WHO DID THIS TO MY FRIGGIN' HOUSE?" An angry male Swanna exclaimed as his wooden treehouse, which was part of the maple oak tree, was completely devastated.

Warubiaru and Warubiru looked at each other as Swanna spotted them, fume steaming out from his ears as he ran right up to Warubiaru, pointing directly at his nose.

"You're gonna pay for this, crocman. No mercy!" Swanna proclaimed as he got into a fight position.

Warubiaru shrugged as he got into a fight position, with Warubiru watching as he sat down, grabbing some popcorn and preparing to enjoy the match.