Warubiaru held down Swanna as he prepared his ultimate attack. Warubiru, the Shikijika, and the Mamanbou all watched with great anticipation as Warubiaru bellowed loudly, jumping into the air with Swanna in his grip, and then smashing down to the earth, causing the entire shake to greatly shake. Warubiru fell on his face as he watched Swanna get more degrees of ownage than he ever thought.

"All right, all right! You... friggin' win. Ya friggin' happy or what?" Swanna admitted as he groaned, both in disgust and pain.

Warubiary grinned smugly as he stepped off of Swanna, picking him up and holding him firmly by the neck. "Heh. I appreciate your efforts at fighting, Swanna, but you'll have to be much better than that." He snapepd his fingers as he dropped Swanna, heading towards the southern direction with his buddy Warubiru, with the Shikijika and Mamanbou cheering as Swanna had to refaluate his battling skills.