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Chapter 1

Heavy eyes fluttered open, and he stared at the ceiling for a minute before getting up. The house was quiet. A little too quiet.

'Where's Sora?' he wondered. He walked slowly down the stairs. He could hear someone in the kitchen and went in there, finding a black haired girl working at the stove.

"Morning Xion." he said. She jumped, nearly sending a frying pan full of eggs to the floor.

"Damn, Roxas. Don't do that! You know I don't pay attention when I'm busy." she scolded him. He smiled softly.

"Where's Sora? It is eerily quiet this morning." asked Roxas, pushing his blond hair away from his sky blue eyes. Xion turned to him, her identical blue eyes staring back at him. They all had blue eyes like that.

"Oh, God knows. He didn't come home last night, so I can only imagine he stayed with Riku." she replied. She walked over to Roxas, who had seated himself on a stool at the counter, and handed him a plate with scrambled eggs and bacon.

"Here, eat up. You haven't had a decent meal in a while." she said. Good old Xion, always acting like a mother.

"And Naminé?" Roxas asked. Xion sighed again.

"She and Kairi went to the store. It's just us this morning, but Cloud said he'd stop by later." she explained. Roxas nodded. What a family. Sora, Xion, Kairi, and Roxas, quadruplets. Imagine that, having four kids at once? Poor mom. Then there was Naminé, two years younger than them, and Cloud, who was five years older than them. So, Roxas was sixteen, Naminé was fourteen, and Cloud was twenty one.

"Hello? Earth to Roxas." Roxas snapped up to notice Xion watching him.

"Huh…what? Sorry, I was thinking." he offered weakly.

"I said I heard you last night. Nightmares again?" she asked. Roxas nodded, suddenly thankful that Sora hadn't been home last night. He hated waking his brother with his constant screaming in the middle of the night. Sora was a light sleeper, and they shared a room. Then there was Kairi and Naminé, who also shared a room, and Xion, who stayed in their parents' old room, but rarely slept, like Roxas.

When Roxas and Xion had been eleven, they had been home with their parents while Sora, Kairi and Naminé were with Cloud elsewhere. They were made suddenly aware of an intruder in their home, and their parents had told Roxas and Xion to hide. Roxas and Xion decided to hide under the kitchen table, which was covered by one of those huge table cloths that reached the floor.

They had watched while their parents were murdered. But they couldn't scream. They watched their parents stabbed to death, and when they man fled they had crawled out from under the table and ran to their parents, crying and begging them to get up.

Cloud returned shortly after, and immediately sent Sora, Kairi and Naminé to their rooms, telling Roxas and Xion to sit in the living room where they couldn't see. Cloud then proceeded to call the police, and when they arrived they asked the two children a few questions. Then they left to search for the man. Cloud had held them until they fell asleep, and they woke the next morning screaming for their parents.

The man was caught two days later, and killed in an attempt to escape. That was five years ago, and Roxas still had terrible nightmares. Up until recently he often had terrible breakdowns, and Xion was the only one who could snap him out of them. Xion had also had terrible nightmares, but she hadn't been subjected to the breakdowns, and so she helped Roxas cope. They continued life as normal, and when Cloud finished high school he stayed with them for a year before deciding they were capable enough to take care of themselves. He decided to go to college to get a good job and support the rest of them, and often came by for visits to check on them.

But Xion still worried about Roxas. He had become more secluded every day, and he began to eat less until he became so thin they had to put him on an IV. At that point Xion decided enough was enough, and she began to make sure Roxas was taken care of. Sora and Kairi and Naminé were there for him too, of course, but they hadn't seen what they had, and so they could never really understand.

"Xion?" asked Roxas, snapping Xion out of her memories.

"Yeah? What's up?" she asked. Roxas sighed.

"Nothing." he replied. Xion sighed too. Then she smiled.

"Summer's over in a week. I think we should go to the beach before school starts again. All of us." she said. Roxas looked at her for a minute, then offered a weak smile.

"Sounds good. Let's go tomorrow." he said. Xion nodded.


: : :

Tomorrow came too soon, and Roxas found himself riding in the very back of Cloud's truck. Unfortunately, Cloud's truck only had two seats, so when they needed to go somewhere, they would ride in the box. Xion had won the draw from a hat, and was now sitting in the truck with Cloud.

"How's Roxas been?" Cloud asked Xion. She gazed out the window.

"He woke up screaming last night. It was lucky Sora stayed with Riku, he hates when Roxas has nightmares. They've been getting worse too. He's spacing out more often, and more than once we've had a whole conversation and he doesn't remember a thing we've said five minutes later." she replied. Cloud let out a long breath.

"Has he talked to you about it lately?" Cloud asked again. Xion shook her head.

"No, he's been pretty secluded. I mean he talks to us all, but he always seems so vague, so far off. It worries me." she replied. Cloud nodded as they turned into the parking lot outside the beach. He stepped out of the truck, followed by Xion, and everyone else in the back.

"God, it's so hot today!" cried Sora. Cloud laughed.

"All the more reason to get your ass in gear so we can go in the water!" replied Cloud flatly. Sora stuck out his tongue, earning a giggle from Kairi and Naminé, an eye roll from Xion, and a silent smile from Roxas.

"Woah, the king of gloom and doom just smiled! Sound the alarm, Armageddon is upon us!" Sora cried. Roxas frowned again. Without a word, everyone made their way to a changing booth, having simply grabbed everything and jumped in the truck. Luckily, there were very few people on the beach, so most of the booths were empty. Roxas and Cloud were the first ones finished. Roxas was wearing a pair of long red and black shorts and a gray t-shirt, while cloud was in his red swimming trunks. Cloud looked at Roxas.

"Rox, you're supposed to be wearing swimming trunks." he said. Roxas shrugged.

"I don't really feel like going in the water today. I'm just gonna find an umbrella and sit in the shade." he replied. Cloud shrugged and nodded, turning to see everyone else emerging. Xion and Kairi were in identical bikinis, only Kairi's was white with pink stripes, while Xion's was black with light blue stripes. Naminé was in a bikini with a tank top-like top, and Sora was in his red and blue shorts. Kairi chased Naminé into the water while Cloud lifted Sora and threw him to the sea, Sora laughing and thrashing the whole time. Roxas found an umbrella nearby and sat himself on his towel in the shade, laying in the shadow and closing his eyes.

"Tired?" came a soft voice. Roxas opened his eyes and offered Xion a weak smile.

"Yeah. I just need a rest. You go have fun." he said. Xion shook her head.

"No thanks. That water is way too cold, and I need a tan." she replied, laying her towel in the sun and resting on it. "Besides, you look like you could use some company." she added, smiling. Roxas smiled back and closed his eyes again.

"Hey! Heads up!" Roxas' eyes snapped open, and he saw a volleyball headed straight for his head. Before he could react, a foot had kicked the ball away. Roxas looked up to see a tall boy with spiky red hair. It looked like fire.

"Geez, man! Work on your spike!" the boy called to another red head, the one who had hit the ball. He waved.

"Hey Axel, about time you showed up!" called the other. The one called Axel laughed.

"Yeah, just in time to save this poor kid's face." Another boy with blond hair was laughing out loud. Axel turned to look at Roxas.

"Hey, sorry about that. My name's Axel, and that one over there is my athletically inept brother Lea. The blond one is Demyx." he said. Roxas nodded.

"Yeah, it's fine. I'm Roxas, and this is my sister Xion." he replied. Xion smiled and waved, and Axel waved back.

"Well, nice to meet you Roxas, and Xion. See you around, and sorry again." he said, running towards the others. Xion smiled.

"He was cute." she said. Roxas nodded. Xion was also the only one he had actually come out to. Not that any of the others would mind, he just hadn't felt the need to enlighten them. And he felt he could trust Xion to keep his secret, which she had faithfully.

"Guys, time to go!" called Cloud. Sora and Kairi groaned out loud. "Shut up guys, can't you see the storm clouds? It's gonna rain." he countered. They all complied, and Sora, Kairi and Naminé ran back to the truck, while Cloud, Roxas and Xion walked slowly behind.

"So much for a trip to the beach." said Xion. Cloud laughed.

"Oh well, we can go back to the house and watch scary movies for the rest of the day." he said. Roxas smiled.

"Awesome. We got Boogeyman 3." he said. Cloud grinned wide.

"Sweet. Perfect scare material. I think tonight I'll hide in Kairi and Naminé's closet." he said. Xion slapped his arm gently.

"Don't even think about it. You know how Naminé hates being scared." she said. Cloud frowned.

"Yes mother." he mumbled.

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