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oOoOo Epilogue oOoOo

Lobby, 1st Floor, Vongola HQ

The Tenth Generation Vongola, the Arcobaleno, and the First Generation Vongola, for exception of their Mist Guardians were all gathered in the lobby of Vongola mansion. With the force that created by now disappeared, and the Spettro Family was defeated, the First Generation has fulfilled their duty and able to return to their Vongola Rings, while the Tenth Generation Family were ready to go back to Japan despite Timoteo's suggestion to rest a little longer. They all gathered to say their farewell to each other.

"Sorry I'm late!" Tsuna rushed downstairs to where his Guardians and ancestors were waiting.

"You're late, No Good-Tsuna." Reborn kicked the brunet boy on his gut, causing the boy to fell down quicker and rather pathetically.

"That hurt!" He winced, rubbing his head. Seeing everyone was looking at him, he immediately stood up. "S-sorry for making you all waited." He blushed in embarrassment. "Eh? Where are Mukuro, Chrome, Daemon, and Lacie-san?" Tsuna noticed four people were missing.

"They went somewhere. They said they have something to talk about before leaving." Giotto answered.

"And Mukuro will return to the Vendicare Prison today. He said he don't want to a bunch of mafia to see him depart since it'll be an eyesore." Reborn continued. Tsuna sweat dropped, but didn't comment anything further, knowing this is Mukuro they were talking about.

"Primo, you don't want to talk with Lacie-san again before returning to the ring?" Tsuna asked.

Giotto smiled and shook his head. "No. We already talked a lot…and if I see her again now, it'll be harder for me to return to the ring." Giotto smiled sadly.

G. patted his boss and childhood friend's back in comfort. "Don't worry. You'll meet her again in after life one day after our existences was not needed anymore. But you have to make sure you go there first or else Daemon will take your spot."

"G.!" Everyone laughed at the statement (of course with exception of the aloof Cloud Guardians).

"So, you'll be returning, now?" Reborn asked the First Generation Family.

"Yes. There's no need for us to stay here any longer." Giotto bowed his head politely. "We excuse ourselves now." Giotto and his Guardians started to form into Flames and slowly disappeared.

"Wait, what about Daemon?" Tsuna asked.

Giotto smiled softly, looking towards the forest.

"He'll return soon…after his heart finally found the peace he had been searching for…"

Flower Field, Forest

Daemon was walking through the forest until he arrived at field of flowers. The flowers bloomed beautifully, reminded him of the times he had came here…with her. He stared at the center of the flower field. He smiled at the woman who was standing at the center, smelling the flowers with blush on her face. Her usual white dress and long violet hair flowed with the wind. Daemon admired the scene. Admiring how beautiful she was, more than those flowers.

Slowly he raised the hand to his lips, pressing lightly against the long, delicate fingers, his touch lingering just for a short moment before pulling away. He never took his eyes off her angelic face, her deep violet eyes even as he straightened out, their hands still touching.

"You seemed cold, should I warm you up?" He asked with a light, teasing tone, smiling at the pink flush that suddenly appeared on her skin. But she smiled at him, different from the others she give, special and reserved just for him and him alone. "Do you have another cold? You're face is red."

"I am…already warm enough now… Your presence…is warm enough for me…" She answered him shyly, her hand squeezing his warmly, the two of them oblivious to the world except for each other.

"I return those words the same…" His normally ice colored eyes turned soft, caressing every inch of her face.

"… Lacie."

The blush darkened into a deep scarlet, but she was still smiling, nevertheless, looking up to the illusionist. "Spade…"

She wrapped her arms around his neck, which Daemon returned the same. A small tear of happiness formed in her right eye as she faced the blue haired man again. "It's been a long time since the last time I could touch you like this…"

Daemon wiped her tear with his thumb. "You're still as cute as ever."

Lacie blushed again. "Spade stops teasing me now." Her smiled then saddened. "…we don't have much time now… We have to return to the rings…"

Daemon frowned at the thought. After more than four hundred years, he finally reunited with her again. He could see her smile, he could feel her touch…and now they must depart again soon. Too soon to him. He wanted to be with her longer. No, he wanted to be by her side forever. He didn't care whatever he would lose, whatever the other Guardians and Giotto thinks, or whatever he needs to do. He just wanted to have her by his side.

"Can we…just stay this way…?" Daemon pulled the woman into embrace. "After centuries had passed, I finally found you. I finally fulfilled my promise. But now, we have to be apart again…" He whispered into her ears as he tightened his embrace.

Lacie gently pulled away from the embrace. She then placed both of her hands on Daemon's cheeks, caressing it softly. "Spade…you're wrong." She said, confusing the man. "Our promise has already been fulfilled…"

Daemon held one of her hands, staring at her questioningly. "Already fulfilled? What do you mean? I just found you now-"

Lacie placed a finger on his lips, silencing him. "Our promise has been fulfilled…the moment they met.

Daemon realized whom she meant. He realized what she meant. He scolded and cursed himself for late realizing it sooner. He was blinded by his desire to make Vongola strong and to meet her again that he had forgotten their promise.

"As long as the two of them are together, it won't end. As long as both of them together, we'll always be together. Just because our soul and memories doesn't come to the surface that doesn't mean our soul would disappear. We're just going to rest because we're no longer necessary."

She put one hand on her chest and another one on Daemon's chest. "Our story is finished. This time, let them start their own story. This is for both of us as well."

Their body started to become Dying Will Flames. They were going to return to each of their respective rings.

"I can finally say this clearer for you to hear…" Lacie's face flustered and redder than before, but her smile didn't fade from her face. She looked up to Daemon straight in the eyes as she held his hands.

"I love you."

Daemon chuckled before holding her hands back. He bent down, leaning his face closer to hers. It didn't take even a second for their lips to connect. It felt like an instance in how quickly it passed but it felt like an eternity touch in how long it lasted. It lasted so long but it ended so quickly. Both of them then pulled away. Daemon held her hands and kissed both of it, smiling lovingly and sincerely at her, only for her and no one else.

"I love you too…always…"

Both of them smiled to each other for one last time before they completely turned into indigo Flames and disappeared from the flower fields, returning to their rings.

Lacie's Room, Tower, Forest

Chrome sat on Lacie's old white bed. She looked around the room as tinge of nostalgia passed through her mind. The white bed where her past self used to sleep, the wardrobe where she once hid Daemon from G. during his first visit, the drawer where she used to put her music box, the window where she used to viewing the sight from, and other furniture in the room. However, she knew soon those feelings would not resurface again.

Lacie has told her yesterday. That she'll take away her memories from her, and she'll eventually forgot about. Both Lacie and Chrome knew well, past memories that are unnecessary are better to be forgotten, or else it would only bind them and they won't be able to go or look forward to the future. With this knowledge, Chrome didn't hesitate to let those memories go. What's important for her now is her current life, her current journey, her current story.

"I am not Lacie…not anymore…" Chrome looked at her Memory ring and smiled. "I'm Chrome…Chrome Dokuro…"

"And I am no longer Daemon Spade."

Chrome was a bit startled by Mukuro's silent entrance. Before she realized, Mukuro already sat beside her, holding her hand.

"Mukuro-sama…" Her face flustered, but didn't make any attempt to get away.

"Daemon Spade told me, that he'll remove his life memories from me by reversing the power of the Hell Ring." He stroked her purple locks gently as he explained. "With this, we're free to continue our own path from now on."

Chrome smiled for a moment before it turned sad all of a sudden. Mukuro frowned worriedly, squeezing her hand more as he turned her face to him. "What's wrong?"

Chrome buried her face into Mukuro's chest and rounded her arms around him, shocking the blue haired man.

"You're…going to…return to that cold prison…" She sobbed. "Finally you able to leave, so why you need to go back there again…? You've saved us…you've saved me…" She looked up to him, revealing her tears. "This is…unfair…"

Mukuro hugged her comfortingly before taking her hand, taking her downstairs. Chrome let him led her outside tower that continued further into the forest until they arrived at the riverbank.

Riverbank, Forest

Chrome tilted her head in question as to why he take her here of all places. It's not that she was mind about it, she was just curious.

"The farther we are from Vongola Mansion, Tsunayoshi Sawada and his underlings won't be able to come and see my departure. Those people can be very melodramatic not to mention downright noisy." Mukuro commented playfully.

"Boss only worry about you, Mukuro-sama…"

"Kufufufu…I know Chrome, I was only joking…"

Mukuro noticed an indigo rose nearby. He carefully picked it and gently placed it on Chrome's hair. He commented how cute she was with the flower, which made the girl blushed in embarrassment as he had expected. He pulled her again into a tight hug. He wanted to feel and touch her as long as he could before he was taken back again into the prison. He didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay by her side as well. He actually didn't mind about the idea of them running away together from those law keepers, but he knew that it would only drag her into more danger. He didn't want that. Her life was more important than his freedom.

"I promise I'll return to your side again." Mukuro whispered. "Not now, but one day, I definitely will get out from that prison. And once I return, I would never leave your side…ever again…" He smiled gently at her. His eyes showed his determination to keep his promise no matter what happens.

Chrome wiped her tears and nodded. "Then…I'll wait…" She sniffed a bit. "I'll always wait for your return… I'll believe that we're going to meet again…not in mind, but in flesh. I will wait…no matter how long it'll take."

"Kufufufu, make sure not to take your eye on another man while waiting, my cute Chrome." He teased as he pecked her cheek.

"I-I won't…!" Chrome pouted shyly.

Mukuro held both of her hands. "I believe you, my dear. That's why, I want you to remember this…my feelings for you would never change. Before I met you, the world is like an endless darkness. I only thought that it only filled with horrible people. But after I met you, you made me realized that there are more than just those people."

"You're the one most precious to me. You're precious to me even more than my life. You will always be in my mind. You're my one and only light." He pressed his forehead to hers, his hand caressing her right cheek. "I hope you feel the same way as me…"

Chrome kissed Mukuro on his cheek in return. "Of course I feel the same way… Mukuro-sama would always be in my mind… Mukuro-sama…is the one I treasure the most, more than anybody else…"

They intertwined their hands together, feeling each other's presence more than before. They held their hand together and admiring the beautiful scenery together, completely driven into their own world where there are only two of them there.

A black portal suddenly appeared in front of them, however, ruining their peaceful and sweet moment. Both frowned the moment they saw the portal. It was the Vendice. It was the time for them to be apart once again. Reluctantly, they let go of each other.

Mukuro walked to the portal and chains immediately bind him. Mukuro was slowly dragged back into the portal that will lead him into his cell.

"Mukuro-sama!" Chrome called out, making Mukuro turned around to her. "I'll wait! I'll always wait for you to keep our promise no matter how long…!"

Mukuro smiled softly at his cute girl. He nodded, assuring her they'll meet again one day. "I'm looking forward for the day we're going to meet again, my beloved Chrome…"

Leaving those last words and Mukuro disappeared, leaving Chrome alone. Tears immediately fell from her single eye. He finally left. Even though she trusted him, it still hurt her that he won't be with her in person and they could only communicate with each other once in a while. It won't be like two weeks before when he was still accompanying her, soothing her…

"Not now, but one day, I definitely will get out from that prison. And once I return, I would never leave your side…ever again…"

She shook her head and wiped her tears. She must not think like this. She kept again their promise in mind. She has decided to believe him, so she will stay true to her words. She will wait for him. She will wait for the day they will be reunited again. Yes. She will wait. She will wait no matter how long it takes for him to be free. Whether it will be hundred years or thousands of years or even if they were reincarnated again, she will keep believe that day to come.

"Until we meet again…Mukuro-sama…"

Flower Field, Forest

Chrome looked up to the clear blue sky. She then walked to where the flower field is from the memory that still lingering in her mind. She stared at the flower field in amazement. She walked to the field, carefully not stepping on the flowers. She commented to herself how beautiful these flowers are. She wished she could show this to Tsuna and the others, also Ken, Chikusa, Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin. She wanted to have a picnic together and took a picture with them.

She stopped her step once she was at the center of the field. She kneeled down and smiled what beneath her. She knew immediately that hers and Mukuro's incarnations were here before returning into the rings. They found their peace at this place, at the spot where she's standing now. She knew it the moment she spotted two particular red crowns of winter in the middle of spring flowers. Perhaps this was what people said to be miracle of nature…

Two Spider Lilies bloomed closely to another, as if signing their everlasting promise.

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