The world has ended. She's gone. I sit still, gripping the arms of my chair. My knuckles turn white, as people rush around me. I stay still. This can't be happening. Just hours ago, she was standing in front of this desk, with me in this chair, saying good-bye. She said she'd come home safe. She told me not to worry.

My breath chokes in my throat, my chest heaving with sobs I can't let go. I can't cry. Not here. Not when I can't even understand. What just happened? One minute, the world is whole, and life is moving as normal. In the next, we come to a shattering halt. The department is in pandemonium. I still can't move. The arms on the chair are beginning to break.

I catch sight of Johnny, standing in the middle of the room. This is what sends me over. Over the edge, into the pit. A pit of what I don't yet know. All I know is that his standing there, grief and shock etched into his face, the tears streaming down his face from those shocked eyes. He sways slightly where he stands, then lowers himself to the floor gently, before wrapping his arms around his legs. Nobody pays him any mind in the panic.

"Lenalee…" I croak. The world holds its breath. All eyes turn to me, as I slowly rise from the chair, which groans in relief as I release my grip on it. My arms hang limp at my side. "Lenalee…" I repeat. Do I know what else I'm saying? No. She is all that matters right now. I turn to Reever, who has been approaching me slowly, as one would a wounded animal…or a wounded man.

"Where…where is Lenalee?" I manage to ask, trying to clear the fog in my head. It's pounding, an unbelievable pressure behind my eyes.

Reever stops his approach, a few feet away from me, as if I'm dangerous. Maybe I am? "Komui…" Reever's voice is gentle. I've never heard it before. It scares me.

"Where is Lenalee?" I demand through clenched teeth. My hands have balled into fists of their own accord.

"Komui…she's dead." The bluntness in his tone floors me. I crumple in a heap. I can hear the voices around me, as people surge forward to help. Reever holds them back. He knows I'm dangerous now. He knows that I am broken. I sit on the cold tile floor, trying to comprehend what has happened.

My sister…my beautiful little baby sister…is dead. I can't even doubt it anymore. Because deep down, in the pit of my stomach, I know it to be true.

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A/N: I would like to dedicate this story to my grandma, who passed away recently. I know it's different from what I usually write, but I hope you enjoy it none the less. Also, I got the title from the song: "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry. I thought it was fitting.

P.S: This WILL be continued.