Dedicated to Shidonii.
my first fanfiction buddy~

The Guardians (not including Amu) were at the Royal Garden waiting for Amu to come, and to start their usual meeting.

Rima happened to have brought a CD player with her, and she put in a CD and started listening to it.

Nagihiko was reading a very, very thick book.

And Yaya and Tadase were currently having a very unimportant argument about something unimportant. I think it was about recycling, or something like that?

For some reason, Yaya turned to Rima and yelled, "Eh? Where did Rima-tan get that CD?"

Rima was startled by Yaya's sudden outburst. "Huh? Oh, they were just giving it for free at the CD store I passed on the way to school."

"Waah~ Yaya-chan wants one too!" Yaya wailed, then left to argue with Tadase.

Nagihiko, who happened to be right next to them, asked, "But, isn't that illegal?"

"No. What makes you say that?"

"Well, because aren't most free things illegal?" he questioned.

"What about feelings? Aren't things like feelings free?" Rima answered back.

"Yeah they are free, but those don't count."

Rima stared. "Name three things that are free, and I'm sure they're not illegal."

"Fine Rima-chan," he replied, "three things right? First, the free MP3s that people download, the toy that comes with a Happy Meal-"

"That, Nagihiko," Rima interrupted, "is not free. You pay for that with your meal remember? Plus, why in the world would that be illegal?"

Nagihiko ignored her. "And there's-"

He was once again interrupted from his speech, but this time not by Rima. Tadase had somehow happened to bump back into Nagihiko, causing him to trip and fall in front of Rima, with his lips somehow brushing off her cheek.

Nagihiko blinked and realized what he had done while Rima just stared and said,

"Nagihiko, that was illegal."