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This Unfamiliar Back

Riza Hawkeye passed through the same hallways each day, saw the same faces everyday and the names and stories behind most of one. Being the aide for the Colonel had opened certain doors that would otherwise have been closed to her. She had attended formal military functions and important state business with him over the years. Although her job was demanding and required her to do less than honorable deeds in time of war she cherished all the memories, both good and bad, as they allowed her to stay by his side. She was allowed to be just that selfish, wasnt she?

The blonde haired woman opened the door to Mustangs office, noting she was the first to arrive- yet again. As she passed the small counter she flicked on the coffee machine that had been prepared last night by the men. She rarely drank the stuff herself but she always had enjoyed the smell. Continuing with her routine she put her things away in her desk and pulled some papers from the nearby filing cabnet that needed to be sent off today.

The door opened again and a sleepy Colonol Mustang followed by Lt. Havoc entered. "Morning Lt. Hawkeye." He waved lazily in her direction as he stiffled a yawn and approached his desk. He hated mornings. A hand came down infront of his vision as Riza set a mug filled with hot coffee on his desk. "Ah! Your so wonderful Chuuei!" His expression brightened as he reached for the mug, inhaling the caffinated goodness contained within. The mug was almost immediatly followed by a thick brown folder that landed squarly infront of him. The sight of the folder caused Roy's expression to vanish instantly. He knew it was too good to be true.

"General Hakuro requested this forms to be signed regarding the next assignment up north. I agreed to drop them off later."

Havoc stiffled a snicker as he watched Hawkeye shoot down Mustang so easily. An quick icy glare from Hawkeye sent cold shivers down his spine and he quickly made himself busy with work.

The rest of Mustangs crew filtered in and out of the room throughout the day. Their work under Mustang taking them different places throughout Central and the city. Mustang had spent most of his morning being forced to work on the papers given to him by Hawkeye and in return between her own workload she made sure to supply him with fresh coffee.

"Why can't he come get them himself?" Roy muttered irritably as he signed the last document and began shoving them back into the brown folder. "Your my Lieutenant, not his errand boy."

Hawkeye ignored the nasty tone in his voice, there wasnt much point in explaining herself. "Its on my way home Sir. The General is busy preparing his soldiers, I thought I would be helpful." Her tone was very matter-of-factly. Neither one of them were particularily fond of General Hakuro, but he was their superior and so had to put their personal feelings aside.

Mustang handed her back the folder with a sigh. Taking a moment he leaned back in his chair and folded his arms behind his head. It had started raining again he just noticed. The noice of the patter hit the windows behind him and ran down the glass in streams. Hawkeye held the documents against her chest almost protectively and nodded.

"If thats all you need from me today Sir. Ill be checking in with the General before I return home."

Mustang gave a dismissive nod and closed his eyes, listening to the sound of the rain. "Why dont you drive home today? Its pretty bad out there." He observed, his eyes still closed. Hawkeye paused at the door, her hand resting on the knob.

"I dont mind the rain. I can function perfectly well in it unlike you." Mustangs eyes shot open and he stood up straight in his chair, his gaze focused now on his lieutenant as she left the room without a further word. Cold. Very cold. He was glad no one else was around to hear the comment.

Hawkeye held a steady pace as she traversed the halls of Central. She stopped off in womens change room only long enough to switch into her civilian clothes, preferring not to have to dry her uniform out tonight after returning home. Thankfully due to many of her undercover missions, her locker was well supplied for any weather. Donning a pair of brown dress pants she put her military issued jacket over the shirt she had always wore under her uniform.

General Hakuro currently resided in the oldest part of the Military buildings. He enjoyed it because it was isolating and allowed him to concentrate without being disturbed. The building's bottom level was almost completely open, at one point in history it had been used for alchemists to train in private without fear of restraint, the walls had been reinforced with alchemy to provide safely from any mistakes. That was of course before alchemists devoloped an ego and had to create a huge outdoor stage in which to perform as they called it. The upstairs of the building still had a few offices. One of course belonged to the infamous Hakuro. One of the reasons why it was so rarely visited was because of its location. Tucked away at the back of the military, it was a good ten minute walk across the parade grounds and sidestreets. Due to its original purpose they didnt want it to be too close to populated areas. The walk didnt both Riza, her apartment was only another ten minutes away after Hakuros office so it truely was on her way. The hood of her jacket was pulled up over her head, repelling most of the rain as she walked briskly across to the dimly lit building ahead. The trees that surrounded the building made it appear darker and later than it actually was. Truthfully this building wasnt her favorite but she'd never admit it. It smelled of blood and still had traces of alchemy research strewn about the inside. The blood she knew was from old alchemy duels, where the fights often came down to who had the biggest dick and became carried away. There werent any casualties thankfully but the dirt in the room had absorbed its fair share of their blood.

Hawkeye made her way up the winding steps to the upper floors. It was deathly quiet and each footstep she took echoed through the building, no doubt the General would have heard her coming already. The upper floors unlike downstairs were clean and renovated to Military standards. When Hakuro decided to take over the building he had them fix the place up for him. Downstairs was still a work in progress. When she reached his office she knocked lightly on the door. When she was given permission to enter she opened the door and saluted to the superior.


General Hakuro smiled up at her from his desk and motioned for her to approach. "At ease Lt. Hawkeye. Thank you for coming all this way to bring those."

Hawkeye let her salute drop and pulled out the reason she had come. Handing the documents directly to him her task was complete. She stood rigidly infront of him as he inspected the papers.

"Wonderful, I can have these sent out by morning. You've saved me alot of time Lt." Hakuro pulled out the documents, confirmed everything was in order and nodded in approval.

"Is that all Sir?" Hawkeye asked.

Hakuro nodded "Yes Lt. I believe that will be all Your dismissed. Thank you." Riza nodded, turned on her heel and made for the door. Before she could leave, his voice spoke up again. "Oh Lt. One more thing. Please tell your Colonel to watch his back, I've received information theres a rebel group against reunification of the land. Theyve been making quite a stir lately."

Hawkeye nodded again before leaving. Rebels? She hadnt heard anything about that, Mustangs information network was one of the best. Something in the tone of his voice bothered her. It seemed he knew something she wasnt telling him. Perhaps she would call him when she returned home, just to check in and make sure he was alright. It would take just as long to go back to his office anyways. Riza exited the building and made her way back down the street. It had gotten much colder during the short time she was indoors. She wrapped her jacket tighter around herself against the rain and bent her head as she stepped quickly to get home. Her mind was so focused on Hakuro's chilly warning and asking Mustang about it that she didnt hear or see the men come out of the darkness. The next thing she knew she was falling.