Title: Moonlit Kiss

Series: Vampire Knight

Disclaimer: I do not own.

Warning(s): Slash, blood!kink

Character(s)/Pairing(s) Zero, Aido, Kaname, Aido/Zero Kaname/Zero (onesided?)

Rating M


"What the hell!" Zero cried in outrage. Flinging back the blonde noble with the inhumane strength he knew he possessed. As soon as he had space he pressed a hand immediately on his bleeding neck. The pain was excruciating. Exactly how he remembered it being. Growling in frustration the silver-haired teen leaned heavily against the tree he'd been roughly pushed against only moments before.

"I should shoot you right now!" He hissed lavender irises as steely and cold as they've ever been. Aido, the bastard, hadn't been gentle.

"Do it!" the ice-manipulator taunted residual adrenaline still in his veins. "I for one have had enough with your disrespect of Kaname-sama!"

Zero moved for his Bloody Rose but stumbled as soon as his hand left the tree's bark. Aido wiped the blood from his mouth. Ice blue eyes narrowing in worried confusion at the blatant show of weakness. Something the silver-haired hunter would never do in other circumstances.

Attacking in anger surely hadn't been one of his brightest ideas. He'd only meant to lure the Hunter out so he could threaten him. But the lavender-eyed teen was just so infuriating. He simply acted. He hadn't meant to bite him... he really hadn't. The most he expected was a brawl to break out between them. Now that the high of an actual feeding was waning, the seriousness of his actions was starting to hit him. Attacking a Disciplinary Member they way he did was liable to get him into serious trouble.

"Dammit" the younger growled, fresh blood dripping from the clenched wound. There was definitely a slur making it's way in Zero's voice and that was something Aido couldn't ignore. He'd have to heal it. Not that he wouldn't have, to begin with. It was common courtesy, that and he was for the first time in forever feeling horribly guilty.

"I can't believe I- look, let me help." Aido entreated, arms up trying to be in as non-threatening a position as possible. Apposed to earlier when he was trying to be as menacing as he could be. It sounded as stupid to Zero as it did to him.

The scent was already starting to infuse the area. And no one needed to catch wind of this incident. With no breeze it would fortunately stay in the relative area until it dispersed. But this would end badly without his aide and Kiryuu would accept his aide. He was pretty sure the hunter wouldn't want this to get out just as well.

"'Sh'er... h'lp." the teen slurred sarcastically. There was a pause as they both replayed exactly how Zero sounded saying that. Dazed lavender widened in belated shock. His vision darkening before coming into focus again. Glancing over at the cause of his current ailment. He groaned in annoyance and resignation. This was… there were no words. It was just ludicrous. It'd be so much more satisfying to just shoot the idiot. Satisfying but then he'd probably die along with him.

"Wut'r yah wait'n fer?" Zero asked slumping as exhaustion started to set in.

Aido, bristled but hurried over nonetheless not only wanting to get this done as soon as possible, but he also didn't want the hunter to, God for bid, die.

Without waiting, because why prolong the awkwardness, he shifted Zero to a comfortable hold. One arm wrapping securely around a deceptively thin waist, while the other wound under the hunter's arm and across his back until his hand rested at the younger's neck. He was once again surprised at feeling the physical proof of how small Kiryuu was. Solid but slight and even a few centimeters shorter then himself. It was truly amazing how much the Hunter went on intimidation alone. How well it worked for him.

When Zero tilted his head just enough for Aido to better access the open wound, the blonde couldn't help the sudden arousal he felt at the submission set before him.

Feeling slightly embarrassed Aido lowered his head to better reach the now exposed bite and hesitantly gave it a swipe with his tongue. Saliva easily brought forth from the exquisite taste. He hadn't really had the time to think about how Kiryuu had tasted the first time around. Seeing as he'd been sorta caught in the moment. But having another go he found, it was… different. And it was good.

After a few more grazes Aido felt his confidence return. Feeling bolder he lingered, making sure he lapped up any trace amounts. Especially making sure he caressed the slowly closing wounds. Even going so far as to open mouth Zero's neck, sucking at it when he couldn't stop himself. Descended fangs throbbing with the need to penetrate the vulnerable flesh. He pressed Zero a little bit more firmly against him. Almost lifting him off the ground. He moaned inaudibly. He felt like... He needed to...

So lost in his exploring Aido missed when Zero had grabbed onto him to steady himself against the rather sensual onslaught. Unconsciously he had begun to grind against the hunter. Not until he felt fangs pierce the soft flesh of his throat, did he stop from the instinctual need.

Stunned Aido huffed stutteringly into Zero neck. To any human onlooker, they looked like two teens locked in a loving embrace. It wasn't until he felt the first pull from his neck that he jerked. Trying to get out of the suddenly strong grip. He felt then, for the first time Zero's arms around his head and neck. With his own arms slack, Zero wrapped his legs around his waist. With the added weight he instinctively tightened his grip to accommodate. It was in this moment that he felt something other then the fact another was feeding from him. Once he could think clearly he'd take the blame because... yeah it was his fault.

Zero's blood was still on his tongue. The arousal that hadn't gone away was suddenly at the for front of his mind. And... and it wasn't fair. He was still young and prone to impulsive actions. And... and...

With a resounding growl he bit back into Zero's neck, an answering moan his reward. Eyes a bright red, he lost himself to the animal inside him. Lowering them to the grass floor he unwound his arms from the nubile body beneath him. Impatiently ripping the clothes from their bodies.

They weren't thinking and that was their problem.



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