Kaien leaned back, tilting his office chair with stippled fingers. A pensive frown on his usually smiling lips. Put upon sigh, another late night in the office. Partially because of the situation burgeoning with Zero and the night class student Aido Hanabusa (an occurrence that was slowly but surely becoming something of a problem; or perhaps just troublesome depending on the sole issue of if the Hunter Society caught wind if it). Partially because the Hunter Society was pushing for their precious Kiryuu to partake in more pressing hunts, Something that was bound to happen eventually to his ward. Although he had been hoping for another year before they had really started pushing,

Glancing at the newest summons for the young Kiryuu, he wondered if this particular demand could be fulfilled. After all, no matter his guardianship of Zero they could always revoke his status and whisk the boy away. Why they hadn't done so so far had been because of the circumstances surrounding Zero at the time. They had felt that the trauma he had been through didn't need to be expounded upon with his entering of the H.S. A sentiment that he along with Yagari had argued relentlessly in their favor.

Now that he was coming of a reasonable age they would have to start testing his skills as a hunter. He would also have to begin classes that would further his knowledge and understanding of the world he had been born into. The politics. Not to mention finally harness the potential he had as a hunter they had been so long denied.

Spinning his seat to face the bay window at this back, he applauded his genius on deciding in the purchase of the swivel chair one more time before taking in the moonlit landscape before him. His decision made; Both on the Kiryuu/Aido debacle and the summons on his desk.

Perhaps he'll have a late start tomorrow. A person needs their beauty sleep after-erk! He forgot to tell his babies they had the night off.

His face fell, and a dark aura permeated his immediate area. His sleep deprived babies were gonna kill him.


As soon as Kaname begun his casual stroll out of the Night dorms he had been faced with a bit of a dilemma. Find Aido and Kain or first inform the Disciplinary Committee of their first night off in months? With a smirk the pureblood inwardly chided himself. He hadn't had a chat with the hunter in weeks. Now was a perfect as any. The blonds could wait. Besides, having another help him find the duo would cut his searching time in half.


"Maa maa." Aido waved his hand flippantly as if to wave away the tension thick in the air. Zero huffed a cute pout on his lips, and a blush on his cheeks. Most likely from the witness of his current situation. "Akatsuki, go stand over there. We wish to eat in peace."

Kain groaned. "Hanabusa, please tell me this isn't what it looks like." The plea falling onto his cousin's deaf ears, who was now resorting to physically pushing him away. His heavy footsteps, Kains only show of reluctance. Not like he'd deny his cousin anything anyway; even this date with the hunter. Although, the fact he was chaperoning put a much more serious spin on this particular outing.

Standing a more respectable distance, the fire wielder slumped. Not even caring that Kiryuu still had his eyes on him. Oh yeah. It was definitely what it looked like. This was honest to god courting. Which meant that Kiryuu had invited this to happen. He had to of given Hanabusa a gift. Something not so much special, but personal. It was only the only way it could of started.

Glancing back at the duo he saw that his cousin had managed to coax his love interest into sitting on the red and white checkered blanket (that had been specifically bought for the occasion), and was opening the larger than normal whicker basket to reveal the food within. By the surprised and slightly touched look on the silver haired teen face, the tireless stalking his cousin had ensued the past week did not go unwarranted.

Kiryuu liked ramen. Go figure.


Zero liked ramen.

This fact wasn't well known. Even Yuki, who he admittedly spent most of his time with, didn't know. Anytime of the day if he could, he would eat it. He liked ramen. It's not like he meant to keep this fact a secret. It's just that- he had no reason to really say 'I like ramen'. Its something that doesn't really come into conversation that easily. Not with him anyway.

So the fact that Aido knew. The means he must of taken, short of asking the headmaster, should have been down right unsettling. But it wasn't. Truth be told- it was kind of... endearing.

No one else had tried to get to know him. The bullheadedness of it even added a bit of charm. It's not like he was smitten or anything. Oh no. He was just... he was just trying to do what Kaien had suggested he do when the headmaster had first forced the position of Disciplinary on him. Make nice with the Night class. If making nice just so happened to having a moonlit picnic with Aido while Kain watched on, well- that's just how it was.

He even knew he favored miso.


"-can't believe you haven't watched it." Were the first words to reach his ears. Kaname's frown deepened. When he had first caught the mixed scent of the hunter and the missing cousins he thought he'd have to settle a confrontation. He had sped up his movements so as to diminish any unneeded negative repercussions the fight would cause. When he caught scent of miso broth he practically froze. He didn't know how to take in the new bit of information.

Confused and not in the bit liking the feeling he moved down wind. A silent prowl that would seem over the top given the circumstance.

Just hidden by bush and overhanging branches he watched the scene before him.

"I just don't watch movies." Zero replied, lifting a blue and white porcelain bowl and drinking the broth it contained. The tone he used was defensive. But there was something else. A lilt to it he didn't like.

The hunter and Aido sat on a checkered blanket. Though the blond was more laying then anything, propped up by his elbow facing his date(?), while Zero sat cross-legged in a comfortable slouch, bowl sitting in his lap. A picnic basket all that lay between them.

The picture they made was carefree.

"Don't watch movies?" The blond reiterated in disbelief. "How can you not watch movies?"

They were too easygoing. This- this companionship was friendly on a level they hadn't been in a month ago.

"I don't have the time." Zero replied, moving to put the empty bowl back in the basket. A move that was interrupted when Aido quickly sat up to take it from him and complete the action himself. "...thanks." the aristocrat smiled in return before taking out two confections both plastic wrapped; obviously store bought.

"It's my guilty pleasure." Aido spoke up at the hunters questioning stare. "Money to buy any sort of decadent dessert, and all I want are the cream puffs." he offered in way of explanation, holding out one of the pastries. A hesitancy in his demeanor that Kaname rarely saw- if ever.

"I was almost expecting a sundae." Zero joked taking the confectionary; lightening the mood with his words, distracting from Aido's moment of vulnerability.

"A sundae? More like a milkshake if anything, after being kept alongside the ramen I should think." the blond scoffed ripping open the packaging as the hunter did the same. A smile on his lips. They were too close. Too comfortable.

Kaname didn't know how to take this.

"We should see a movie some time." Aido suggested. The pleasantness of the atmosphere untouched by the rolling feelings within the pureblood hiding in shadows. "A scary one is coming out this Friday."

"What you consider scary has to be something worthwhile."

"It's settled!" Aido cheered standing up and pointing towards the lake. "Aka we're going to the movies Friday!"

Kaname startled as he looked closer to the lakeside. Kain was indeed standing off to the side and had been skipping rocks it seems. How could he have missed his presence?

"Oh god no." the fire wielder groaned slumping onto himself while Zero sputtered with denial.

"I didn't say I was going to go!" the hunter yelped as he stood as well. Aido just laughed and starting talking details with a smile in his voice as he put things away. Kain was also walking towards the duo, the date at it's end, it would appear.




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