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Matthew had had enough.

Of being forgotten, of being pushed to the side.

Of being used as cannon fodder, a scapegoat or for his ability as peacemaker, then ignored.

Of feeling his self-worth slowly scraping away with each and every encounter.

Yes, he'd most assuredly had had enough of being but a footnote on every nation's notes.

The only problem?

He wasn't sure what he could do about it

He knew that the more conventional ways of getting his peers attention (and he knew them all, after all he'd been in America's shadow for years) would not work. Canada had tried them all, if albeit somewhat unwillingly in some cases: going to war, helping troubled nations, winning some international sporting event or having an enormous recession (and taking everyone else down with him) had failed to help him be noticed. Miserably.

He had fought in both World Wars, the Boer War, the Seven Year War, the War of 1812, and more; along with participating in some way in nearly every peacekeeping mission to date. Hell, one of his own had even come up with the idea of a peacekeeping force. Despite his efforts, no one could remember him.

He constantly sent aid to help other countries when disasters hit or when they were in need. He was consistently was one of the top two providers of regular and emergency food aid. Furthermore, when an Land Mine Ban failed to pass in the United Nations, he had started the Ottawa Process to have them banned anyway. The end result was the Antipersonnel Landmine Ban treaty which Canada had 122 different countries sign and agreed to destroy any antipersonnel mines. Moreover, he and his people had been involved in the formation and implementation of nuclear disarmament, the International Declaration of Human Rights and in the formation of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization), WHO (World Health Organization) and more. Of course, he wasn't providing aid for the sake of attention but it would still be nice to have his efforts recognized.

But nope, that hadn't helped either.

The only international sporting event that he'd "won" involved Hockey or were typically among the sports in the [*cough*winter*cough*] Olympics. There were the odd medals in the summer sports but they were less frequent. The Olympics in 2010 had given him false hope (that had been a good year for him) as after hosting, many nations recognized him and offered him their congratulations. However, within a few weeks everyone had moved on. Again.

The recession idea had somewhat been tested in the 30's and Matt had absolutely no desire to go through that again. EVER. He hadn't been able to stay standing for more than 10 minutes for the better part of the decade. It had sucked. Badly.

However, to be quite honest - if his compatriots could not bother to remember him except in some dangerous situation or for some harebrained scheme, then he didn't really want them to. After all who needs such fair weathered (more like foul weathered though) friends?

He sure as hell didn't.

As such Canada's course of action was clear and much simpler then all the above choices.

Matthew Williams was going to disappear.

And not in his "usual" way either, but he was taking the year off to go visit his provinces/territories and just unwind. To remind himself of his history and of a much simpler time before the Europeans came over to royally fuck it up. Despite the forced assimilation and deaths of many of his First People (and the subsequent loss of their histories and cultures), he still remembered his time before he was colonized, (though the memories were a little bit hazy and blurred together) and wanted to feel that peace again. To live once again as the Inummariit did.

Excited to at the thought of getting away from globalization and back to the wilds, the Klahanie, Canada quickly shut his briefcase and called for Kumajiro before exiting the meeting hall into the cool night. Not once looking back.




Which was too bad or else he might have seen what hit him.


Inummariit (Inuktitut- "real people", for those who live as by the old ways as their ancestors did)

Klahanie (Chinook- the outdoors)