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Why was Gilbert weak way back in Chapter 7?

Only question I'm answering directly – because Gilbert was being sustained partly as East Germany, as the two halves become more similar it was more Canada's land that was supporting him. So when Canada fell through the portal, New Prussia, like all the other provinces collapsed as the connection was severed so because he had Germany's land he remained conscious but was exhausted. This is why when he goes to the other side, he's as right as rain (and doesn't suffer a similar thing because Germany was also with him). This means that, wait for it, the rescue party could've followed the thread binding Gilbert as a Province to his host nation, Canada. However to notice such ties, you need to look for them and no one knew to. I hope that helps.

How did Canada spend his time in the other world before everything went wrong (worse)?

"Could...Could you run that past me again Chesh?"

It was during the first few weeks of Canada's entrapment in the Tír na nÓg and of his companionship Cheshire and while he was thankful for it, the overgrown cat was even more demanding then Kumajiro.

"I want some fish~ I need you to catch me some. In this river. Here. Yep. Plenty of tasty Salmon in this stream."

Canada began to rub his temples to ward of the impending headache. "...And why can't you catch any fish yourself? You have a much better chance then I do, you have claws, I got nothing."

The Snow-leopard looking cat scoffed at him. "I'm a cat. I don't do wet unless I must! This fur gets so heavy when I go in the water. You could get fish for me and then I'm nice and dry at night for when you get cold. A win-win scenario, yep!"

It was the weirdest thing to hear a five year old's arguments in deep, gravely voice but he was somewhat right – Canada would be wanting dry warmth at night. It got cold and he had yet to catch any game with thicker fur.

So he stood with a sigh and was soon knee deep in the cold river, stooped over the water, arms dangling and hands submerged. Catching fish with your hands took patience and time, lots and lots of time. This was because first, the fish need to get used to his presence, then once they do, he needs one to swim where his hands are waiting to snatch it up.

After an hour or so, luck was with him and a large example of Salmon was within his reach. So with the skill of a practised hunter (he had to do this many time in his youth after all), he grabbed it and hoisted it of the water.

"Chesh I caught one!" He cried with delight and Katerz's ears pricked up with delight from where he had been napping. However, before the furball could go claim it's meal, the fish spoke.

"Wait! Please young master! If you let me go, I will grant you three wishes!"

Matthew froze, still dangling the fish by it's tail before he said with a gasp. "...THE FISH IS TALKING TO ME!"

Later, once he got over his shock, he wished for three simple things. One, he wished for two fishes each for him and Chesh, second he wished for warmer clothes then what he had now and third...

He wished for a bottle of real, Canadian Maple Syrup.

Bonding time with England and Canada, how were the two after everything?

After the Incident (as Matthew had begun to call it), Francis had insisted upon Matthew and Arthur having some quality Father-Son time together which had then led to Arthur confiding in Matthew his plans for Francis's birthday and asking for his help.

Which Canada didn't mind in the least, he was happy to help with decorations and the like and it was only for the last two items that he began to regret agreeing to help.

Arthur wanted to bake a cake, and worse, wanted to learn how to make pancakes.

Matthew was afraid that his favourite breakfast food, the meal which he held above all others, was about to be corrupted. In a horrible burnt fashion that would make the Toaster incident of '88 look like child's play...

But he had already agreed to help the Brit and France would be upset with him ruining their rebuilt bond, though so would Matthew. He had wanted the Brit to acknowledge him for a while and now he was. Well, if he got instamix pancakes, it shouldn't be too bad...right?


"Okay Arthur." Matthew said as he put on an apron, baking soda close at hand. "We're going to start with the absolute basics today, them as you get more comfortable with that, we can build up to cooking from scratch."

Arthur, putting on his own apron looked up, offended. "Are you saying I can't cook?"

"No." Yes. "I'm just saying that it's always hard when you first learn to make something so it's always best to start with the simplest version and work up. From scratch pancakes can be easily ruined if you don't get the combinations of floor, eggs, sugar, milk and salt just right. They'll end up falling apart or being the consistency of rubber. So that's why we're starting up with this stuff first." He gestured to the side where the box of Aunt Jemima's sat, contaminating his kitchen with it's awful presence. Never before had instapancake powder been in his kitchen. Deep breath Matthew, deep breath, you can do this.

Arthur, looking somewhat placated by the response, rolled up his sleeves and said eagerly. "Alright then my lad, where do we begin?"

"Well, first we collect everything we need. Sooo, a measuring cup, frying pan, bowl, spatula and some butter plus the powder."

Setting out everything on the counter, they then read all of the instructions (for Arthur's benefit, Matthew didn't think that any of the three steps were possible to screw up but he had been wrong before.) before implementing them.

1 cup powder and ½ cup of water and they were mixing the batter. Matthew watched closely over Arthur's shoulder as he whisked it with a fork and gave his approval when everything was properly mixed together.

"Alright, so now we heat up the pan and add a little butter on the bottom to keep the pancakes from sticking. If you smell the butter burning, the temperature is too hot and you need to turn the burner down, if the butter takes a long time to melt, it's probably too low. Use your judgement but you typically want it to be around the medium setting, alright?"

Furrowing his brow in concentration, England did as Canada directed and soon there were two pancakes cooking merrily under England's close watch.

Matthew almost wanted to laugh at England looming over the pan, spatula ready, his glare daring, just daring the fluffy pancakes to burn. Instead, he swallowed his mirth and said "England, don't worry. They will not burn that quickly, and we need to give them time to cook a little. You'll know they're ready to flip when the batter on top begins to bubble."

England relaxed a little, but still hovered, wanting to prove his skill in cooking. When the pancakes began to bubble, Canada showed him how to flip them (not flipping them in the air, but just turning them over with a spatula) and soon, they had finished the entire batch.

While England began to do a victory dance (and Canada made sure the pan was off the burner and the burner was off), Canada stealthy took a picture of the stack of perfectly made pancakes, if someone questioned him when he was in the hospital about why he had been so dumb as to eat England's food, he would show it to them as proof. Together, the two had made perfect pancakes, or at least, as perfect as instamix pancakes could get.

Canada smiled slightly at seeing England so happy, got the syrup out and said. "Well now Arthur, it's the moment of truth. Let's try them, shall we?"

And to his surprise, they were completely edible.

They spent the next few days practising, working up to adding some blueberries and raspberries into the mix until Arthur was at last able to make them completely unsupervised. They had even gotten Prussia to try them who declared them to be alright, though Canada's were better.

To England, those were words were the best praise and he spent the day they cooked the cake (also instamix and nearly impossible to mess up) on Cloud Nine. The night before France's birthday, Matthew sent Arthur home with the chocolate cake they had made and Canada's own present for his Papa, then he made one very important phone call.

"Bonjour, Papa? C'est Mathieu... It's about England... No! No problems, just, please eat anything he presents you with tomorrow without commenting on the fact that it's not cooked from scratch...yes it's I haven't gone delusional from the fumes...He's been trying really hard! Gilbert even said they were passable...Do you want him to ever acknowledge that you are dating? Arthur will kill you!"

PruCan Date (From Chapter 17 or 18 I think?)

Matthew was really excited. He had finally, finally been given a clear bill of health by China and Austria (as the nation's "doctors") for Prussia and also for himself. It had been a few months since both of their rival and a few weeks since Gilbert regained consciousness. Gilbert immediately after hearing the good news had asked him out on a date. Their first one as an official couple.

Matthew was really excited.

All he knew was that Prussia was picking him up early in the morning before they would spend the day out – so clothing: nice but casual and a pair of well broken in shoes. So he sat waiting in the kitchen with a stack of raspberry pancakes in a pair of dark blue jeans, a white wifebeater and an undone light blue button up.

Exactly at 7:30, he heard knocking on the door, and upon opening it, he had a bouquet suddenly in his face. In those stratling seconds, part of him recalled Arthur's lessons as he looked at the Globe Amaranths immortal love and fidelity, nestled in with pink Camellias longing and pink Camellias I'll never forget you. There was also feverfew protection and ferns sincerity surrounded by Orchids love and beauty and in the centre of it all was one red rose Love you surrounded by Maple Leaves and Blue Cornflowers, both their national flowers (though his was technically a tree). Looking beside the bouquet, he saw Gilbert's blushing, his entire face dark red (ah, the dangers of being albino).

"Thank you Gilbert." He said, a blush staining his own cheeks, taking it with trembling hands and dashing off to the kitchen to put them in a vase and some water, leaving the door open behind him for Gilbert. "They're beautiful."

Gilbert toed his foot awkwardly at the door, hands in his pockets and looking at the ground. "So you ready to go Mattie?"

"Of course Gil, though have you already had breakfast? Because I made three pancakes for you."

Gilbert looked torn. Plan for the day (Ludwig did have to get from somewhere). Pancakes. Plan for the dayyyyyyy. Pancakes...He would find some other way to keep them on track, it was only a few minutes anyway, he decided, before sitting down and making quick work of the pancakes.

"Thanks Matt, that was good." He said as he put his dishes in the dishwasher before tugging his Canadian to the door. "Let's go!"


Matthew sipped his hot chocolate as they left the Tim Hortons, it now being early May, it was a little chilly especially because it was early morning. He and Prussia were walking down the sidewalk along the Rideau, Prussia with a coffee in his left right and Matt with a hot chocolate in his right, their hands intertwined and swinging.

Canada had always enjoyed his capital, though he still sometimes had difficulty telling that this was the same lumber town it had been just a little over a century ago. They sat down on a bench opposite the buildings and watched as the city slowly came to life, just enjoying the quiet.

Over the course of the day, they visited the Museum of Civilization, the Canadian War Museum and la Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada (Science and Technology Museum of Canada) before they went to the National Gallery.

They hadn't stayed there long as soon after they had found the abstract section (and had a very amusing time attempting to decipher them), they stumbled upon the Group of Seven paintings and those of Emily Carr. Prussia had begun to turn very red again as he looked at all the wild landscapes and knowing art wasn't really Prussia's thing, Canada decided to let him off the hook. Chuckling, Prussia dragged him out and they went to the nearby Byward market and got some ice cream instead.

So far the day had been great and Matthew couldn't see how it could get any better until Prussia, with an enormous grin on his face dragged him over to a nearby ice rink before handing him a pair of skates.

He stood corrected, he now couldn't see how it could get any better as they skated around the ice. Matthew lapping and tugging Gilbert along – who couldn't really skate as during the USSR, any of those living with Ivan who could were made to play hockey against him. Self preservation really. So after Matthew realized this, he began to help him and soon they were playing tag, weaving in and out of crowds. Laughing, they managed to stumble back to Canada's apartment where they lay on the couch and napped for a little.


Matthew woke up with a blanket over him and the smell of potatoes and bacon in the air. Sitting up, he saw Prussia setting two plate of pirogi and salad on the table and beginning to uncork a bottle of ice wine.

"Gilbert...what's all this?" He said smiling. "I didn't even know you could could cook!"

"My skills are many for awesome." Prussia said with a smirk as he turned around and leaned over the back of the couch, rubbing noses with Canada. "Never doubt me again Liebling."

"Mmm. I'll wait and see how it tastes before I say anything of the sort." Matthew said cheekily, giving him a kiss on the cheek and quickly making his escape, darting over to the table. "Though it does smell lovely."

It was after dinner that Gilbert revealed his pièce de la résistance, an old gramophone in the living room followed by an old Leonard Cohen record. Before grabbing Matthew's hand and guiding him to the dance floor, where they proceeded to slow dance.

Matthew smiled as they slowly went around the room, dancing to tunes from Hallelujah to Dance Me to the End of Love.

" was perfect. How long have you been planning this?" Matthew murmured as they moved together.

Gilbert leaned forward to kiss his cheek. "You wouldn't remember, but way back when you were...recovering, I was thinking about something I read once and it was then I promised myself I would take you dancing. That you wouldn't be a wallflower this time then from there I just kind of planned what I would do around that...and you get today."

Canada hummed thoughtfully before he said, "Well, for our next date then, you can show me around Germany, maybe go to a bird sanctuary and go paintballing. How does that sound?"

Gilbert smiled gently hugging the other closed as they just swayed to the music. "That sounds good Birdie."

Matthew inconspicuously looked over the Prussian's shoulder until they were in front of the chesterfield before he gently pushed him forward. "How about I thank you properly for the fantastic day?"

Gilbert, at first, looked up confused at the looming Canadian before a smirk bloomed across his features. "Oh?" He said, quizzically, reaching for the other's belt loops, "How do you plan on doing that?"

Then he found his lap full of loving Canadian who then proceeded to kiss him, hard.

All in all, a good day.


Liebling (Ger- love)

RusAme Relationship PLEASE!

Today was the first time in a long time that both America and Russia had had free time from their countries affairs and were able to spend it together. Rather then go watch a movie or something like that, Alfred had suggesting they go for a bit of a hike, to show off his topography and all that. So they were now hiking up along Appalachian Trail from Neels Gap to Woody Gap in Georgia, an 11 mile trek (18 km). Needless to say, this was a day long event for them and had plans to have a picnic at the top of Preacher's Rock.

Yet despite having planned this day weeks in advance with Alfred, things were not going to plan. Again. He didn't really mind, after all, it exactly uncommon for that to happen when he was with his American love. It's just, he didn't know why they bother to try and plan things out anymore.

"C'mon Ivan! Your age catching up with you?" Alfred called over his shoulder as he ran ahead of the Russian up the steep incline, far, far away from the actual trail. He seemed to forget that while he could never get lost on his own land, Russia could. Though he didn't mind getting lost in his America, he'd just much rather do so at home.

Muttering something along the lines of regretting letting his Красавчик have 6 cups of coffee before they left, he hurried to catch up to Alfred.

However, the American, on a caffeine high, decided it was about to become a game of tag, much to Russia's dismay and awakened his Golden Eagle Totem.

As the other darted through the trees, jumping high with his hollow bones, Russia stopped and took of his coat, scarf and gloves and put them in the rucksack they had brought with the food and water. Though it was late fall and a bit chilly, he was really going to have to run to catch his foolish beloved and would appreciate it in a moment.

After all, in all his time in the Soviet Union, not once had one of his comrades ever managed to elude his capture in a game of cat and mouse. Alfred would not escape him, and he was foolish to try.

Amused grin in place, he was soon darting in and out of the trees at a speed that would rival many Olympians. Despite the speed he was moving, he knew how to keep his presence largely unnoticed and soon he was running under Alfred who was running and swinging from tree branch to tree branch. However, just as he got to the crest of the hill and Alfred was within his reach (who wasn't paying attention, silly man), the Golden Eagle shrieked a warning and with his loud laugh, Alfred waggled a finger at him and abruptly changed directions so that instead of swinging to the next tree, he instead launched himself off the side of the small cliff.

Ivan's mind shut down and in that moment of sheer panic why did his Красавчик never think before doing something stupid? , he leaped out after him, grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him close. Judging by Alfred's shocked expression, America had just realized what a dumb thing he had just done – both in trying to escape him and also in jumping off the side like that – but Ivan had to revise that opinion when his face split into a large grin.

"COOL DUDE!" Alfred shouted as he set them gently on the ground. "You never told me you had figured out what your totem was!"

Irked that he had momentarily forgotten America had wings (and Ivan called him absentminded!), Russia missed the second part of the sentence and when faced with Alfred's expectant look, he tried to ask him what he had said but instead all that came out was instead:

"Mr-eoooow -owww."

His confusion continued as Alfred picked him up and began to swing him around. "You are too cute Vanya!"

Just what was going on? He could feel his tail twitching in irritation... Tail?

Squirming, he managed to escape Alfred's hold and realized that he had four white giant paws and a fluffy tail. Judging by the spots, he had somehow turned himself into a snow leopard.

"Mrwwww." He whined, not happy about this new development.

And this is why they should never attempt to plan their dates, if it wasn't Alfred, then the Gods were trying to mess up their days together for them. At least there was never a dull moment with his love...


The next hour or so of their hike was quiet, much to Alfred's discomfort. He knew that he shouldn't have laughed or called his Vanya cute when he accidentally called out his totem's power. Especially when he did so to try and save him from falling... but he couldn't help it! He looked so adorable like that!

However, when they at last managed to coax him back into his normal form, Russia had seemed less enthusiastic (his pride hurt at being "cute") about the entire thing then America had been and so had been semi-shunning him since. Which for a very personable person like Alfred, was like torture, especially when the person ignoring him was Ivan.

He pouted, hopefully he would be forgiven before they got to the picnic point, not Preacher's Rock like they had planned but somewhere a bit more private and closer...He hoped that he hadn't managed to ruin their entire day, cause he had something special he wanted to do later there...maybe he should wait for another day.

Realizing Ivan was getting ahead of him as he was lost in his thought, Alfred hurried to catch up with new determination. No. Everything would go as planned, he was the hero after all and so far, besides that little hiccough, everything was going okay – Natalia was still nowhere to be found (He would need to buy something very nice when he went to go visit Toris in the hospital as thanks) and no one had called him or Ivan demanding they return.

This would work. He would make it work.

In the meantime, he relaxed his shoulders and face before he ran forward to grab his boyfriend's hand and swung their hands together. "Vanya! Slow down! There's no rush!"

Ivan smiled gently at him, a sign that he was tenuously forgiven. "But Моя маленькая птичка, you were in such a hurry before."

Alfred scrunched up his face as he tried to recall the Russian he'd been learning from Katyusha and Toris over the past few months combined with what he'd had to learn over the Cold War. "Did...Did you just call me a bird?" He asked tentatively, not sure if he should be offended or pleased by the nickname.

"Da!" Answered Russia. "My little bird."

Well then, that was a challenge. America smiled back and said, "If I'm a bird, then you're my Снежный барс. My Leopard?...Was that the right translation?"

Russia's smile dimmed somewhat and America could've kicked himself "Close enough."

Right then, damage control. "I'm glad! It's better then calling you a bear." Ivan looked at him, startled. "What? You have a bunch of names for me! Красавчик, дорогой and others but all the ones I can think of are too sugary for my taste or ridiculous. I'm not going to go around calling you babe or stud, the best I could think of was tiger or bear which just reminded me too much of your time as the USSR really and communism which makes me slightly uncomfortable as my nation still hasn't really gotten over McCarthyism and..."

A pair of soft lips on his own cut off his rambling and the world disappeared around them as Alfred focused on his boyfriend. As they separated, panting, he said. "What was that for? Not that I minded."

"You were rambling...and your pronunciation is getting much better, I like it when you speak my mother tongue дорогой."

America smirked and leaned forward, his lips just brushing Ivan's as he said "Oh really, Снежный барс?" Then, before the Russian could bridge the gap, he leaned back and with a playful smile, he said "Well, we'd better get going! We're nearly there!"

Walking off, he was amused to hear growled Russian behind him before a warm hand grabbed his own and he heard a muttered "Better be worth it."

Oh. But it will be...I hope. America thought as he after coming over the next hill, he turned to the left and dragged him off the path. When Ivan protested, he simply said "I know a better spot."

After a few minutes, the threes receded and they came to a meadow from where they could see much of the valley below.

"Great view huh?" Alfred asked, suddenly very nervous.

"Yes it is." Ivan said quietly, sitting down, Alfred joining him. After a few moments of silence, Russia turned to his obviously uncomfortable partner, placed his hand over his and managed to get eye contact. "Alfred, Моя маленькая птичка, what's wrong? And don't try to tell me there is nothing, you are practically shaking."

Al wet his lips, it was now or never, he couldn't back down after a set up like that. "Iva- No. Vanya. Russia. We've known each other for a very long time and we've been dating for a while and I'm..." Oh this was too hard, maybe if he used those lines Katyusha had been helping him with... "Мне так хорошо с тобою. Люблю тебя всем сердцем, всей душою." He confessed, before steeling himself for what he was going to say next. "Ivan Braginski, personification of Russia, will you marry me? Just...Just as Alfred and Ivan. No politics or other motives, Ты нужна мне. In my life, by my side. So, Ты выйдешь за меня?" "

Ivan looked at him wide eyed and frozen before, slowly, a blush spread up to the Slavic man's ears and cheeks.

"I-Ivan?" Alfred began to panic, had he broken Russia?

Then he found himself on his back as the Russian tackled him and proceeded to kiss him senseless there in the grass.

Well that was a yes, he thought happily. Also totally worth proper Russian pronunciation, especially if Ivan always reacted like this.


Красавчик (Rus – Handsome. Apparently this is an acceptable nickname for a boyfriend.)

Моя маленькая птичка. (Rus- My little bird)

Снежный барс. (Rus- Snow Leopard)

дорогой (Rus- Darling)

Мне так хорошо с тобою. (Rus- I'm happiest with you.)

Люблю тебя всем сердцем, всей душою (Rus- I love you with all my heart, my being)

Ты нужна мне (Rus- I need you)

Ты выйдешь за меня? (Rus- Will you marry me?)

What happened to the Navi fairy?

When it kept telling him to listen and giving pointless bits of advice as he lay on his 'hospital' bed, Mathias snapped and with his good arm managed to snatch it out of the air before he grabbed the nearest object...

"G-Guys? This isn't funny! Let me out!" The little blue ball of light shouted from his bottle prison as he floated downriver.

How did Canada meet up with Cheshire and Flying Mint Bunny ?

Canada was exhausted, both physically and mentally. Hopefully his plan would work as it was getting harder and harder to hide his other conscience from her, that he had had that of Matthew Williams and that of Canada (with a few billion composing that one). If she caught on who and what he actually was, not only would she immediately bear all of her will down in controlling him in an attempt to subjugate his thousands of consciousness but with his blood, she would be able to reopen the portals and send an army to Earth.

Not. Good.

However, if he made his move too soon, she would notice and the results would be the same...

Luck came soon after his fight with Australia (he had been terrified when his body attempted to kill his cousin) and a powerful explosion ruptured the soul jars the he had his chance. With the breaking, she had to focus all of her mind on subduing the newly freed consciences making her blind to anything else that was going on.

Namely him taking advantage of her distraction and stealing both Chesh's and Matthew William's consciences back and "accidentally" breaking them while knocking over a number of other shelves housing imprisoned consciences creating the perfect diversion. The thing was that Cheshire was being used among her higher officials and there was no way for Canada to get him out.

So while he succeeded in freeing his new best friend, they had ended up like this...sharing a body. At first this was rather awkward until Chesh figured out he could house the majority of his conscience in the body of the enchanted spider which had the added bonus of hiding most of Canada's presence from any of Morgan's efforts to track him down.

Magically at least, despite his altered appearance (ears, claws and a long tail) she could not find him, but physically, despite his best efforts, there were still traces left behind that they could find and track. They had been hunted down to a nearby swamp area, and Matthew knew he was cornered, one wrong move, and he was done. Luckily his scent was lost in the swamp but any movement of his part would result in discovery...He needed some may to completely alter his appearance and scent, and like a godsend, he found Mint.

Or more specifically, Flying Mint Bunny found him. As one of Arthur's former charges, the rabbit was quite familiar with him and upon smelling his scent had proceeded to track him down. So it was there, hiding in the reeds that Mint also decided to fuse with his body and by using the rabbit's power combined with his own (little that it was), he managed to teleport them out of there and far away.

More GerIta! Please?

North Italy shifted the key in the lock with no small amount of satisfaction.

He, Veneziano, had been bestowed the great honour of having Germany's house key.

He smirked. No more sneaking in through the living room to sneak into Ludwig's bed, no more feeling like a thief in the night. He could go through the front door, head held high and be tackled by Aster, Blackie and Berlitz (though that usually happened anyway).

Today, he had come over for lunch, Ludwig's boss had asked him to work overtime to catch up on the work he had missed while being in the Tír na nÓg and he was going to make sure that his boyfriend wasn't missing his meals or sleep again.

However, when he went to Ludwig's office, he was surprised to see the man sprawled on the couch beside the desk, fast asleep, a stack of reports on the ground. Looking at his watch, he was delighted to see it was 3:00, it was time for a siesta~ Shifting the report in Ludwig's hands to the floor with it's fellows, Feli wriggled up underneath the slumbering German's arm and to his side.

However before he fell asleep, he noticed a small smile on the German's face and he twitched slightly. Giving a perverted smirk that would've looked more at home on France's face rather then his own, Feliciano thought that it looked like his love was having a good dream.

May as well join him.

So Veneziano closed his eyes and went to sleep, calling on his totem as he did so...and opened them, staring up at a sunny, very blue sky.

Sitting up, he was amused to see that he was lying half in, half out of the ocean and on white sand. Then, looking around, he was astonished to see that this was the same Island that he and the others had been trapped on in World War Two... then he saw Germany and all thoughts went out the window. The German was running around playing with his dogs in nothing more then a simple pair of black, gold and red swim trunks.

"Ger~many!" He called out, waving enthusiastically.

Upon seeing his love sitting in the water, Ludwig stopped playing with his beloved animals and ran over, happy smile on his face.

"Italy! Are you...actually here?" After all there had been times before this where the Italian had invaded his dreams and others when the boy was actually just part of his dreams. It could get very confusing...

"Yep! It's me~ Do you want to go swimming?" Feliciano asked happily.

Soon enough they were swimming about and dunking each other - which surprisingly enough had been started by Italy. Germany had finally gotten the upper hand on his love by hoisting him above the water to tickle him in retribution when suddenly there was an invasion of dolphins swarming him who somehow grabbed North Italy from his hands and swam away with him.

He stood there puzzled for a moment before he realized that one of them had stolen his swim trunks.

"Italy! Give me my shorts back! This will not be one of those dreams! Verstehen du mich?


Verstehen du mich? (Ger- do you understand me? Informal)

Canada being looked after in WWI (no specific battle in mind when writing this sorry)

The shells burst around him and gunfire whizzed by, seeming to just barely miss him. He looked around him, this town was probably beautiful once, judging by what remained of the stonework. Perhaps this house wall that he now cowered behind once belonged to a small family with one girl and two boys, with high hopes for the turn of the century.

Instead the two boys were sent to go be cannon fodder, to kill and be killed in turn and the girl sent away in hopes of preserving the next generation.

He chuckled humorlessly, it was pointless to think of such things, getting distracted here would only get him killed which would cause a huge amount of paperwork for him if anyone happened to see him die.

Signing to the boys behind him, the twelve of them cautiously darted out into the open then into the next house. This wasn't good, the German bombardment wasn't letting up and he could see through his scope that they were getting reinforcements in. At this rate they'd be outflanked and trapped, they would have to retreat for now...Britain would not be happy with him but he would not lose more lives just to get out of a scolding.

Catching each member of his squadron's eyes he quickly used hand signs, designating groups, rendezvous point and that he was bringing up the rear.

Not giving them any time to complain, he sent the first group then the next. When both were in the clear his group went, this time being the most dangerous as the enemy was now fixed on their position. As they ran across more gunfire opened up on them and with the roar of an overhead shell, the world around them exploded. Ears ringing, he could sense the deaths of the two who had been with him and with a quick prayer, managed to struggle to his feet and make a break for shelter.

Leaning up against the wall, he watched as his wounds from the shrapnel miraculous closed and waited. His men had seen the shell hit their group so if he stumbled into camp with alive and with no injuries, there would be questions none of them could afford.

He shivered in cold, cursing his uniform for being torn up by the explosion and not giving him any protection against the light rain and northern breeze. Sure, he was Canada and wouldn't die from the dropping temperatures but that didn't stop him from being uncomfortable.

Shifting a little, he was surprised when an enormous pain ran up his side and looking down, he was surprised by the spot of blooming red...Had he been shot? He gently moved his shirt and was amazed to see his entire right side to be a gaping open wound.

Then the pain hit him and his legs collapsed from underneath him but he barely registered hitting the ground. He arched his back trying to get away from the pain, ears ringing and eyes blind to his surroundings, his mouth open in a silent scream.

The Imo (a steamer) and Mont Blanc (a French munitions ship) had collided in his harbour in Halifax and there was no time to evacuate, as in less then 20 minutes, the fire of the French ship caught its cargo: 2,700 tons of explosives. The burning increased as all of Halifax was levelled by the blast and a tidal wave and firestorm followed in its wake.

So caught was he in the enormous pain in his side, he failed to hear "Mein Hauptmann! Wir haben etwas gefunden!" and the crunching of gravel.

He could feel them, the dead and dying, the injured, their pain, their misery, their mourning. Over 3000 dead, nearly 10000 injured and more than 200 blinded, his city and area destroyed and burning. It hurt, it hurt so badly...

"Kanada?" When the man got no response, he gently poked the man with his foot. "Oi! Kanada!"

The reaction he got surprised him as the blonde let out a guttural scream of agony then passed out.


When Canada woke, he sat up with a gasp, he couldn't see. Why couldn't he see? Tentatively, he reached a hand up and felt the light bandages wrapped against them. Probably best to move them then, he thought before he shivered violently as he felt the blizzard that had taken hold of the city. He went deeper into his mind to further investigate what had caused his injuries and what he saw disheartened him but at the same time, he felt his people begin to pick themselves up, the Navy had been sent in and some of Alfred's people were there already helping too...

Deciding it would best to investigate the damage more thoroughly, he moved his hands over to his side, he groaned as each movement re-awoke new pains.

"Wurde auch Zeit, dass du aufwachst, Kanada." Echoed around the room as he also heard a door click shut.

Canada jerked in recognition and in that heart stopping second he realized that not only was he in an actual bed (which were in short supply where he had been) but that his ankles were bound.

"P-Prussia?" He blindly looked about trying to find the voice.

"Got it in one, dummkopf."

He heard the creaking of old floor boards before he heard the sounds of a chair dragged across the floor followed by the grunt of someone sitting and the creaking of wood.

There was a moment or two of silence before both of them began to speak at once.

"Where am..."

"What happ..."

Then as one they said. "Um...You first!"

Then there was another moment of quiet before Prussia answered. "You're at my house kid." Probably noticing Canada's panic he quickly said. "Don't worry! None of the higher ups know you're here and they would know better then to search my house for any harboured soldiers...Now, what happened to you?"

Canada looked down to where his hands were and choked out "H-Halifax. It's gone."

He heard a swift intact of breath beside him before Prussia said haltingly. "Gone?"

"Levelled, destroyed, annihilated, take your pick. One of France's ships carrying explosives ignited, I'm not quite sure how yet, and, well, Boom... So many are dead, many more are still buried in the debris..."

Prussia chuckled humorlessly. "I'd believe that, I was the one who patched you up. Never seen such a large injury caused by damage to the nation before."

That reminded Canada, "I'm sorry if this seems rude but why did you help me? We're enemies right now."

The answer was as blunt as any his brother could have made. "So? We're still family in a sense and to leave you in the dust like that with a (to humans) fatal injury would be cruel. Especially since you're my best friend's son."

"A best friend you are at war with." Canada reminded.

"Well, he can be a real schweinehund at times." Prussia said defensively though there was mirth in the tone. "And's not personal, just like it wasn't when Napoleon attacked me. After a while, it gets to a point where you don't really care if you're at war with them or not as in a few decades it's all history anyway."

"If you say so Prussia..."

"Call me Gilbert."

"O-Oh, okay. You can call me Matthew if you like."

There was a creak of old wood as he guessed Prussia got back to his feet before he felt the loosening of the bandages around his face and then the removal of the bonds on his feet. "Alright Matthäus, now that you know where you are and who you're with (the awesome me), no running away. Let's take a look at how the stitches are holding up."

Canada felt distressed when he opened his eyes and despite no longer having bandages on them, could not see anything. He was blind.

At the minute whimper, Prussia looked up and saw the distressed look on the Canadian's face. "Matt, what's wrong?"

"I-I can't see. I guess too many were blinded at once with the blast."

"Oh., in that case, it should probably clear up in a few days. Now I'm going to take a look at your side, let me know if I'm hurting you."

Surprised at how gentle the infamous invader of vital regions was being, Canada nodded his compliance. He felt gentle fingers run over his injuries, burns and frostbite, added some creams before bandaging him back up.

Overwhelmed suddenly by exhaustion (he hoped he wasn't going hypothermic from the blizzards that were hitting his East Coast), he began to fall asleep once more as he heard the click of the door again. He was safe, or at least as safe he could be in enemy territory.


Mein Hauptmann! Wir haben etwas gefunden! (Ger- Captain! We have found something!)

Wurde auch Zeit, dass du aufwachst, Kanada (Ger- about time you woke up Canada)

arschloch (Ger- ass.)

schweinehund (Ger- pig dog. Nasty insult)

Adventures of Portal Reawakening

"Hurry up Wales!" Kathleen shouted through her suit.

Aneiren tried, but the humidity (even with the protective suit!) was killing him, sapping all his strength causing him to slip on the crystals as they climbed.

However, he felt better when his sibling turned to chide him again, in her haste she slipped and slide all the way down the hill.

"Take your time Kathleen" He answered, hiding his amusement. "The crystals aren't going anywhere."


"Love you too."

The Crystal caves were rather unpleasant, though Wales was relieved that he hadn't had the misfortune of ending up having to go to Mt. Etna or Everest.

At last they managed to get to the peak and had located what was likely to be the portal stone. Then they realized a crucial problem... that in reawakening the portals, one of them would be drained momentarily of their power and pass out and part two of that being that one of their suits would have to be discarded in order to do so.

The suits that protected them from the crippling temperature and humidity...

In a stand-off, both stared the other down until they both whipped out their hands in what was quite possibly the most dramatic game of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock, ever.


Aneiren sighed, today really just wasn't his day. Then, taking a deep breath of cool air, he quickly took off his suit and cut his hand, placing it upon the stone. Luckily they had picked right he thought as glowing runes appeared all over and he felt his magic being drawn in.

Then he knew no more.


"You stupid, pitiful excuse for a father, why could you not leave well enough alone? If we both die here, I will not let you rest in peace for a thousand years." Francis spat through his gas mask.

Both England and France were halfway up Mt. Etna, an active volcano. Not like Vesuvius active, as in could erupt any time but rather, active as in there was actual lava flow in addition to ash, smoke and toxic gas. Though they were somewhat lucky in that lava wise the volcano had become somewhat dormant, having erupted violently about 6 hours before.

And with his Broccos guiding them, it seemed that they had to go right through the thick of it in order to reawaken the portal stone.

So England couldn't come with a retort to his long time rival, because at the moment, he really couldn't find much positive to say about himself either. First sharks, now piping hot lava. Joy.

"Can it Frenchie."

"Angleterre, there are times when I really 'ate you."

"Shaddup! Save your breath for...breathing." As despite the masks, the heat in the air was by no means reduced and it was very difficult to actual bring air in and out of his lungs.

Together they stumbled along the slopes, hands out for balance, eyes straining behind goggles to see beyond the smoke, dust and ash.

This was madness...he thought as they ran across cooling lava and through more clouds of ash. Were they there yet? There was ash beginning to get past the filters and into his already aching lungs. Surely they must be close by now...

Hearing, just barely, a grunt beside him, he turned to see Francis stumble and before he could even think about it, he was back there and caught him.

"You alright?"

Nodding his thanks and his answer, France straightened before he asked "Broccos, how much farther are we?"

The badger totem's voice sounded to the left "It's over here! Quickly you fools, something is going to happen soon, my fur is standing on end!"

Making their way through the smoke, they came to the boulder where the badger sat perched, Francis reluctantly removed the glove protecting his hand, instantly feeling his skin begin to burn and took a knife to it, before placing his bloodied palm on the rock.

As Arthur picked up his comrade, he was alarmed when he felt the ground shake below him and the with an ominous boom, Mt. Etna began once more to erupt.



It was now Bruce and Pat's turn, having left behind the over four at the Base Camp, that way if they needed it, they could get help. After all, there was very little space for second chances on this mountain, low oxygen, avalanches, crippling cold, bottomless crevasses, AMS and snowblindness were lying in wait for the unwary.

So, tied together with rope and wearing the warmest clothing they could get their hands on with no skin exposed and with oxygen tanks for higher up, they began the ascent.

It was very slow going, feeling out the snow in front of them with poles just in case and wading in snow that was knee deep and a wind that never seemed to stop blowing. They successfully navigated Khumbu Ice Fall, the Western Cwm and the Lhotse face though urgency pressing them, they didn't sleep. They climbed during the night with the help of headlamps and their totems despite the lowered oxygen levels and the cold making the idea awfully tempting. However, luckily as nations they were able to draw on the land and their peoples strength negating the need for sleep a little (a technique typically used only during war). During the night they passed the Geneva Spur and the Yellow Band, getting to 8000 meters (more than 26 000 feet) in height at the South Col.

Luckily, there the weather was cooperating with them, clear skies and low winds allowed them to proceed where many more had been forced to turn back and reached Camp IV. As false dawn broke, they were at the Balcony at 8400 meters (27 700 feet) and there they stopped for a small rest watching the light grace the south and eastern peaks. From there, they then faced a series of rock steps which forced them into waist deep snow.

Pat, managing to be heard through his oxygen mask and scarf said "If that git ever says we don't love him or never do anything for him, I'm going to point to this day."

Bruce, nodded before focusing on getting across the knife-edge ridge of the Cornice Traverse.

This is where things began to go wrong, Bruce slipped on some of the loose snow on the irregular rock and missteped, sending him falling down the enormous Kangshung face (3050m in height/10000 ft). Pat, cursing, managed to brace himself just as Bruce's weight caught on the line, making it taut.

"Bruce! If you ever want to see your beloved highlands again you better get your sorry ass climbing cause I can't go hauling you up without the rope fraying on th'a rock!" He shouted down at his brother who was dangling in the air like a spider of a string.

Bruce, not being able to hear Pat just shouted "You better not let go!" before beginning to climb the rope as quickly as he was able to.

At last, the two were both up on the ridge again, a few years scared off both their lives.

"I, I mean, If we survive this Pat my lad, I'm going to be buying you your drinks for a month. Alright?"

"Sounds good." Pat panted out, before he commented "We best hurry though, we both probably wasted a lot of oxygen with that stunt."

So hurrying, they quickly got over the Hillary Stop and got to the "Top of the World"


"No kidding..."

They had reached the top with the sunrise, illuminating the awe inspiring view below them.

"Now, how are we going to do this? Bruce asked hesitantly. "So far, not one of us has regain consciousness in less than 24 hours, meaning that one of us is going to have to carry the other back down."


"Neither your totem or mine is good with cold so we can't use that... Can't use magic in front of humans, though it's still winter and climbing season doesn't start until April...only saw one or two humans out here anyway. I think that would be our best bet, a levitation spell and since you've proved more sure footed, I'll open the portal."

Pat thought for a moment before he nodded. "Sounds good. Let's hurry and do it though, I'm freezing!"

Could you please write that family gathering? (nooooo i^i it's madness!)

As a joint effort for Matthew and Alfred's birthdays, Canada's provinces and territories and America's states and islands organized an enormous family gathering so everyone could get to know one another better before the actual party. So for America and Canada this obviously meant France and England. However, the Commonwealth was also invited, but out of the 54 only Australia, Cameroon, New Zealand, Seychelles and Hong Kong were able to attend. Then, because Prussia was dating Canada, all the Germanics were invited and by the same logic, so was Russia and his "family". When Germany said he was going, Veneziano said he wanted to go then by default Romano was also going as was Spain. Denmark then claimed as founder of Vinland he should be allowed to attend, especially as Sweden and Netherlands were going as part of the Germanics. Both Irelands, Scotland and Wales were also coming along, Finland came with Sweden just as Poland stick with Lithuania and China, feeling a bit unnerved by Hong Kong's disappearance before also came. They had also invited Mexico as she was sometimes considered part of North America (and at others Central America) and was their sister but she couldn't make it, instead promising to see them at the party.

Now, among the North Americans' children only one kind of pre-party event is ever considered.


Don't like, then get lost. Do not pass Go, do not collect a hundred dollars. Thank you and have a nice day.

Yeah, camping could be a very serious business here. Taking pity (somewhat) on those that would be coming with them, the camping sites they reserved were in Algonquin park near enough to moving water that the mosquitoes and black/deer/horse flies weren't too bad. They then rented one for themselves far, far away from their "parents" - which turned out to mean the other side of the small lake.

So all in all, they had rented enough campsites, canoes and brought enough food and equipment for Canada, America, Prussia, Russia However, England, North Ireland, South Ireland, Scotland, Wales France, Australia, Cameroon, New Zealand, Seychelles, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Veneziano, Romano, Spain, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Denmark. It was said that one of the packs housed nothing but packs of marshmellows, chocolate and graham crackers, though that had yet to be confirmed.

This was a disaster waiting to happen.

So, June 29th, they all left for the campsites...and were never seen from again.

And now for my own small plot ending :D

One week before Hallowe'en, Matthew sent out invitations to everyone who had principally been involved in his rescue and invited them over for a sleepover from the 30-31st . Everyone ended up accepting so when the 30th rolled around, 19 nations showed up on his doorstep in costumes and with alcohol.

They started up the Brawl game and also soon had a game of poker going after enough alcohol was consumed. Canada was constantly going back and forth between the living room and the kitchen getting more alcohol and snacks. That was until Prussia told him to sit down and enjoy his party, after all, everyone had two functioning legs, they could get off their asses and get it themselves. Then to stop any arguments, he sealed the Canadian's mouth with his own, ignoring the catcalls that erupted around the room (and also of course the "Ewww. That's my bro dude! Can't you go kiss him... elsewhere?")

Poker became strip poker became beer pong became flip cup as the day wore on just as Brawl was replaced with Dance Dance Revolution then Rock Band Prussia wisely decided to turn the games off as someone put on a first person shooter and Ukraine, Finland, Canada and Australia began to have a sniping competition, (Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Simo Häyhä, Francis Pegahmagabow and Billy Sing) it was always the quiet ones...


As he waited for Norway to come join him (they had had to attend a few meetings before going over to Canada's), Mathias chatted happily with Iceland (who already had plans for a gaming night with Greenland and a few others) about the Kraken and how much he had missed his friend...

Iceland, fed up after about ten minutes of this asked him bluntly in a monotone "If I buy you a bear, will you shut up and let me leave?"

Denmark looked at him stunned momentarily before he began to freak out and went running to Norway, just as his fellow Nordic at last was leaving his room (and Iceland quickly escaped).


"What." The Norweigen deadpanned, wanting the day to be over already, which it technically was being that it was now past midnight in Norway.

"I just realized! I promised Kraken and the others mead if they would help me!"


"So, can you help me send some over? It's an equinox."

Norway looked up at the earnest Dane's face and sighed before he said "Fine."


It was about 7pm when, they got a phone call from their only missing guest, Denmark who was bringing Norway.

Retreating into his office where it was quieter, Matthew answered the phone.

"Hello Denmark, what's up?"

"Hei. This is Norway."

"Ah, hello Norway. Sorry about that."

"No need to be. I'm just calling to let you know that neither Denmark or I will be able to attend the party this evening..."

"Oh...that's too bad."

"...we need to go after Sealand."


"Do you need me reiterate?"


"Well, hmh. Sorry we can no longer attend, it would appear that I've accidentally sent Sealand into the oceans of the fae world with 20 barrels of mead. We'll be back in a few hours, I've already alerted my trolls."


That night as Matthew went to sleep, he snuggled up with Gilbert but at the same time, he reached over and grabbed a sleeping England's hand muttering "You're coming with me if this happens again."


Hei (Nor- Hello)

Onkel (Dan- Uncle)

The family gathering I might write as a separate story, this was getting too long already and I have work I should be doing...Ah-hah...ha.

Once again, all totem-y stuff is from the internet. I didn't come up with this.

Russia's Totem- Snow Leopard symbolize independence, camouflage/hiding in plain sight, secrets, the power of silence, mindfulness and attentiveness – to be alert and wait for the right opportunity to strike. Symbolize leadership, intuitiveness, ambition, self-reliance (learned through abandonment and rejection), balance, mystery, sensitivity, observation and introversion (live in own world). Can frequently be seen as aggressive and intimidating but are typically just self-assured and goal-driven.

They make the strangest noises too! www . youtube watch?v=rZIzh_XjGVo&feature=related www . youtube watch?v=TLDFRSkXiXA

The conversation with Chesh is one that I imagined when I was really bored and having a staring contest with my own cat.

So I hope that satisfies those who weren't completely satisfied with the end of the fic, but this is the end now. Definitely. Yep. :D (I'm not kidding :|)